Saturday, February 6, 2016

February 9, 2016

Saturday, February 6, 2016: (St. Paul Miki & companions-Japan)
Jesus said: “My son, in the first reading I gave Solomon a choice for whatever he wanted. He asked for understanding to rule his people of Israel. Because he did not ask for money, victory over his enemies, or a long life, I blessed him with wisdom and lavish gifts of riches. My son, you have desired to do My Will when I asked you to do My mission of evangelizing souls for the tribulation. This is why I have shared My messages with you, and why I guided you in your books, DVDs, and your website. The Holy Spirit has enabled you to write down the messages, and help you in your talks. You did not choose to make any money on your books, DVDs, or any stipends for your talks. Because of your faithfulness, you have been blessed with enough money to build your chapel and kitchen addition, and your refuge needs. Continue to guard your prayer life, and to be obedient to My instructions for your refuge. Give thanks and praise to Me for all that I am doing for you, as you are doing well to carry out both missions of evangelizing, and providing a safe haven for people.”

Jesus said: “My son, I have told you several times that during the tribulation, your refuge angel will bring you daily Holy Communion, if a priest is not present. I showed you one vision of when you saw a young man receive a Host on his tongue. As you open your mouth, the angel would also place a Host on your tongue. If a priest can have a Mass, you could receive Holy Communion on the tongue as you do now. Pray that you can have a priest for every refuge, so you could repent of your sins in Confession. Pray also that you will have your Hosts and wine multiplied for all the time that you are at your refuge. Give thanks and praise to Me for all that I do to protect you.”

Sunday, February 7, 2016

February 9, 2016

Sunday, February 7, 2016:
Jesus said: “My people, today’s vision of a drum being beaten is a sign that I need your attention to be My evangelists of the people. When I performed a miracle of a large catch of fish, I definitely got the attention of My future apostles in St. Peter, St. John, and St. James. After they arrived at the shore, they gave up their fishing business to be fishers of men. As you approach Lent, you are focused on penance, fasting, and prayer. It also is a good opportunity to train yourself in the faith and the Scriptures, so you can go out and evangelize souls to the faith in Me. There is a great harvest of souls, but I need to send more workers out into My vineyard to save souls from hell. I called My apostles to evangelize, and I am calling My faithful to also follow Me to evangelize souls. You also are in need of more priests, so pray for your priests, and pray for more vocations to the priesthood. When you follow Me in this work, you are building up My Church for My greater glory.”

Monday, February 8, 2016

February 9, 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016:
Jesus said: “My people, in the Scriptures and in today’s Gospel, you have read of the many people that I healed, even from a distance, when people had faith that I could heal them. I have mentioned before how I wanted to heal the whole person, which is why I healed the soul first by forgiving the sins of the person. Then I healed the body’s sickness or pain. I even gave healing gifts to My apostles, and they were able to heal people in faith as well. Even today, I have given healing gifts to some of My faithful prayer warriors. You, My son, have prayed over people, and you have witnessed some people being healed in faith. Give glory and thanks to Me because all healing comes through faith in My healing Word.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am giving you another Warning message that shows how you will all receive a life review of your actions at the same time, as you travel outside of your body and outside of time. This vision of a kaleidoscope of your actions is a portrayal of your life review where you will be able to focus on Me as the center of your lives. You will remember all of your unforgiven sins, and you will see how much your sins offend Me. At the end of your life review, you will receive a mini-judgment to heaven, purgatory, or hell. During your Warning experience, you will be told that you can only come into My refuges unless you have a cross on your forehead given to you from My angels. Only faithful people who pray and practice their faith will receive a cross on the forehead. Once you return to your body, My faithful will help others to change their lives so they can receive their cross on the forehead. The reason that I am giving you this Warning message again, is because I will bring My Warning before martial law, and before your lives will be endangered. The one world people want to kill all of My believers, so I am having My faithful set up refuges of holy ground, so they and others can be protected from the evil ones. Give thanks and praise to Me for getting souls prepared for the coming tribulation.”

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 9, 2016

Tuesday, February 9, 2016:
Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you a vision of an exploding volcano with smoke, ash, and rock being thrown high into the sky. In some cases it causes darkness, and it could even affect your weather and the temperature. Even planes had to fly around these plumes as in Iceland. There will be an increase in disasters and bad weather, as these are true signs of the end times. Do not be afraid of these things because once you need to come to My refuges, My angels will protect you from any harmful disasters or virus plagues. I am warning you to be observant of these things, when they happen. Know that when you see them, that My victory over evil is near.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are familiar with the account of Jonah when I called him to warn Nineveh, that in forty days they would be destroyed, if they did not repent. The people and the king took this warning seriously, and they changed their ways, and repented of their sins. They even fasted and sat in sackcloth and ashes. Because they repented of their sins, I did not carry out the punishment that I was prepared to bring down on Nineveh. Jonah was unhappy, but I helped him to get over his disappointment. This is a fitting story to start Lent with prayer, fasting, and repentance. This story of warning is also similar to your warning of America, My son. If America does not stop its abortions and repent of its sins, I will bring My punishment against you. Your punishment will be carried out by the one world people taking over your government. You have the potential to repent and ask My forgiveness, but only a few of you are sincere to change your lives. You have another Lent to use for improving your spiritual life. Remember to look into your Bible study that I suggested in an earlier message.”

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 25, 2016

Wednesday, February 10, 2016: (Ash Wednesday)
Jesus said: “My people, there is a great symbol in wearing ashes, because it reminds you that you came from dust, and unto dust you shall return. This life is very delicate because of your mortal bodies that only live a short time, relative to eternity for your soul. This is why you need to live your life to the fullest for love of Me. During Lent, you are called to your Lenten devotions of fasting, prayer, and almsgiving. You have been blessed with faith in Me, and you need to share your love and your gifts with others. You could share donations with your local food shelves, and some worthy organizations that help the poor. I also recommended looking for some good Bible study DVDs so you could enhance your knowledge and understanding of My Word in the Bible. Remember to fast between meals, and pray the Stations of the Cross on Fridays of Lent. You also should fast from meat on Fridays as well. By making some extra sacrifices or penances for Lent, you can improve your spiritual life of the soul.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are looking at some signs in the world economies that are pointing to a possible recession. You have been watching your stock market getting close to a bear market in lost stock value. A good number of investors are choosing secure investments in Treasury bills where the rates have gone down considerably. Your labor market is not producing as many jobs as before, and you are seeing layoffs, especially in the energy stocks. Europe, Japan, and China are experiencing slowdowns in their economies. Oil prices have dropped the most, even though low gas prices are helping your consumers. Your National Debt is growing at a fast rate. If you put all of these signs together, you can see how America is pointed toward a recession. The one world people could take advantage of this bad financial picture, by crashing your money, and turning off your electric grid. Your Federal Reserve still has a large balance sheet that could cause a bankruptcy, if they tried to sell their Treasury bills too fast. The Federal Reserve may pause any interest rate hikes because of your turbulent markets. They are the buyer of last resort for your debt instruments, but more quantitative easing by printing more money, could cause inflation. Pray for your country’s economy not to fail, because of your large debt and deficits. Trust in My protection at My refuges, when there will be chaos in the streets.”

Thursday, February 11, 2016

February 25, 2016

Thursday, February 11, 2016: (Our Lady of Lourdes)
Jesus said: “My people, the first reading was focused on ‘choose life’, whether you choose the blessing or the curse. Those people, who follow My Commandments of love, are promised eternal salvation in heaven. Those people, who ignore Me and worship other gods, are on the road to the curse in hell. It is by your actions that you are judged, so use this Lent to be inspired to help others as much as you can. In the Gospel it speaks of being committed to pick up your cross, and carry it with Me in all that you suffer. Life’s trials are unknown, and they can be difficult at times. Call on Me to help you through your trials, and they will be less difficult. Unite your suffering with Me on My cross, as I died for all of your sins. When you call on Me, I will give you sufficient grace to carry out your mission.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, in the Northern winter weather you are having a cold spell like you had last February, 2015. If outside faucets are not protected by taking off any hoses, you could see frozen faucets that have to be replaced. You even experienced a frozen water line when it ran through your root cellar that got too cold from an open window. Also, when you are traveling in very cold weather, you need to have some warm blankets and some food, in case you get stranded in a snow storm. You may also need a shovel and a broom to clear the snow off your car. You may want to keep your gas tank full after it comes down to half, to avoid water condensation. By making prudent preparations, you can travel safely to your destination. Also pray your long form of the St. Michael prayer coming and going.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing your markets slowly degrading as some people are shorting your market as in 2008. If this drop continues, you could see some effects on your economy in layoffs and bankruptcies. If you have another recession, your central banks could be in trouble both abroad and in America. You have relied on your technology, but when people cannot buy things, they will have trouble with jobs, and buying food and water for survival. Be prepared to come to My refuges when your lives are in danger.”

Jesus said: “My people, you just started Lent with your ashes yesterday. Now, you need to choose what penances you want to offer up for Lent. Even fasting between meals can be a challenge when you are used to having snacks, especially at night. Even if you give up sweets and desserts, it is hard at first, but after a while you get used to less eating. Continue to work on improving your spiritual life with prayer and fasting. This is the best way to root out any of your addictions.”

Jesus said: “My people, be ready to reach out and help people with their needs by using your talents in fixing things. It is easy to give donations to the poor, but you may have to go out of your comfort zone to help people with food or transportation. You may do other good works by visiting people in hospitals or nursing homes. You may even do extra help for your children or your parents. If you notice that someone has a need, you can volunteer to help them before you are asked to help. By doing good deeds out of love for Me, you will be living your Christian faith.”

Jesus said: “My people, you cannot just be satisfied with doing only your normal prayers in Lent. You need to expand your prayer life by adding some spiritual reading, and possibly some Bible study. When you study the Scriptures, you can have a deeper understanding of My Word. When you read the lives of the saints, you could imitate their ways of growing holy. When you search for a deeper love relationship with Me, you can see how you are sometimes blinded by the world’s distractions.”

Jesus said: “My people, since Lent is all about repentance for your sins, you can take some time to prepare to make a good Confession. Before you go into the confessional, you need to make a good examination of your conscience to remember what offenses you have committed since your last Confession. There are many good suggestions to read that look at the various sins in each Commandment. Once you confess your sins, you need to do your penance from the priest, and be thankful how I forgive your sins in Confession. Pray for your priests that help you in Confession.”

Jesus said: “My people, once you have chosen some penances for Lent, then you need to pray to Me to help you continue your plan for all of Lent. When you do things to help your soul spiritually, you will see the body rebel and complain that it is too difficult to keep it up. This is where the soul has to be stronger than the body in being steadfast to continue your penance, despite any suffering or inconvenience for the body. The more the soul can overcome the body’s weaknesses, the better your spiritual life will be.”

Friday, February 12, 2016

February 25, 2016

Friday, February 12, 2016:
Jesus said: “My people, you live a complicated life rushing around to do your errands and entertainment, but then many of you do not leave enough time of the day for Me in your prayers. Do not let the world and all of its distractions take your focus off of Me, because I should be the center of your life. Lent should be a time to think more of how to please Me with your love, and how you can communicate your love for Me in your prayers and good deeds. This means you need to make more time for Me in your priorities each day. This should be all the time, and not just in Lent. I love all of you, and I provide for your needs. I also watch out for your protection from harm to your body and your soul. Instead of asking My help on certain occasions, call on Me in consecrating everything you do each day over to Me. By making Me more a part of your life each day, I will see how sincere your love is for Me.”

Saturday, February 13, 2016

February 25, 2016

Saturday, February 13, 2016:
Jesus said: “My son, I want you to be careful about what you hear in the world that you do not understand. I call you to research these subjects, and call on Me to assist you in your understanding if these things are true and can be substantiated. In the Gospel you are reading of My call to Levi, the tax collector. I later called him Matthew, and you are familiar with the Gospel he wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. My apostles were with Me during My public life. I led them to go out two by two to spread My Word of love in the Scriptures, and to preach about the coming of My Kingdom, which is My Presence among the people. As I called My apostles, I also am calling My baptized faithful to go out and share My Word to convert souls to the faith in Me, so they can be saved from hell. You are being purified and cleansed during this Lenten Season. I have called you, My son, to a special mission for Me to prepare the people for the end times. You have been faithful to both your mission of spreading My Word, and preparing your refuge. Do not have any fear of what is coming because I will protect you at My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, during Lent you may choose to not eat sweets as a penance or suffering for the body. Keep in mind that you fast between meals, and choose penances in order to restrain the desires of the body so the soul is in control of the body. Some people choose Sunday as a day without your penances. So excuse yourself from eating sweets to be true to your suffering for My sake. You also heard from your friend about more proof that the evolution of man cannot happen by itself. The chance of forming life from nothing, or changing species are astronomical, meaning impossible. The chance of order coming out of chaos is equally impossible by scientific probability. It is sad that your children and adults are being brain washed by atheists teaching bad science that is a denial of Our creation of the world. These atheists are forcing colleges and schools to teach theories as fact, when there is no way to prove Darwinism or the big bang theory. These theories are all means to deny Our creation, and deny My existence. You do not have to believe these lies, even if people do not accept you in school or they mock you in society. I know your heart, and I thank you for believing in Me more than man.”

Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 25, 2016

Sunday, February 14, 2016:
Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel you read of My fasting for forty days, and your Lenten devotions are also for forty days. In the desert you read of the three temptations of the devil. One was for bread, one was for fame in the world, and one was pride. For man in this world, you are also tempted by the devil in similar ways. First you are tested by food where some are gluttons, and some have no food. Your fasting between meals, or giving up certain foods, helps the soul to control the body’s desire for more food than is necessary to eat. A second temptation could be a strong desire for money and possessions. Do not let anything control you, or become an addiction or a god for you. I give you sufficient things for your life, so trust in Me to provide for you without worrying about how you will have food to eat, clothes to wear, or a house to stay. A third temptation is how some people desire fame or social status to be important in people’s eyes. You need to be more humble, and do not be taken up with your pride in having riches or knowledge to show off to people. You are celebrating St. Valentine’s day, so you need to show your special love for your wife or sweetheart. You extend that love to put Me first in your lives, and to love your neighbor and help them in their needs. When you love Me and everyone, you are preparing yourself for the love of being in heaven.”

Monday, February 15, 2016

February 25, 2016

Monday, February 15, 2016:
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s reading from Leviticus, you are being reminded that in order to be holy, you need to follow My Ten Commandments. These laws are formed on My two Great Commandments, which are to love Me with your whole heart, mind, and soul, and to love your neighbor as yourself. This is an appropriate reading for Lent to focus more on being obedient to My laws. The Gospel reading extends this love of neighbor into your actions by feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and housing the homeless. When you help the least of My poor people, you are helping Me in them. You are seeing at the judgment how I will separate the goats on My left, and My sheep on My right. Those people, who reach out to help their neighbor, are the righteous people who I will welcome into heaven. Those people, who neglect their neighbor and are selfish for their own pleasure, will be the goats who will be cast into the everlasting fire of hell.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am encouraging you to drink spring water which has minerals, or mix mineral water with the fresh water. Much of the water that you drink is devoid of your needed minerals for good health. You need enough magnesium, selenium, and other minerals to help your body’s functions. If you drink enough water, you can cleanse your body of the toxins and some fat that needs to be flushed out of your body. Drinking water is better than your flavored or carbonated drinks. You also need to eat healthy food without too much red meat, but with plenty of vegetables. By eating a balanced meal of the right kind of carbohydrates, protein, and fat, you should keep your body disease free. You can control your weight and health with a proper diet. Even when you are fasting between meals, you are giving your body a rest from digesting food. It is important to not abuse your body, but to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. By following My instructions, you can live a good and happy life with very little sickness. At My refuges you will be healed of all of your health problems by looking on My luminous cross, or drinking the healing spring water. Rejoice in My protection and My healing of the body and soul.”

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