Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 14, 2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014: (St. Jane Frances de Chantal)
Jesus said: “My people, I love all of you so much, and I do not want to lose any soul to the evil one in hell. This is why I give every soul so many opportunities to listen to My Word, and be saved. I am truly the Good Shepherd who leaves the ninety-nine sheep in the desert, and I go looking for the lost sheep until I find it. I am also in search of every soul, as I am like the Hound of heaven looking to save as many souls that will receive Me. Once I have a soul’s attention, I show each soul how they need to come to Me with the innocence and trust of a young child. You need to humble yourself before Me, and be willing to admit that you are a sinner in need of repentance for your sins, when you come to Confession. You also need to accept Me as your personal Savior, because you have to come through Me in order to come into heaven. I give each of you a guardian angel to advise you how to live in My love, by following My Commandments of love. Love everyone, as I do, and keep praying to save all sinners from hell.”

Monday, August 11, 2014

August 14, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014: (St. Claire)
Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel you could see how I was obliged to pay the temple tax, and I did so in a miraculous way. It is part of My Church laws to help support your local church and the bishop’s diocese. Those, who teach My Gospels, are worthy of being supported financially for their work, and the upkeep of the church is also included in the donation of the people. There are some people, who are poor, and they can only give a little, but those, who have better jobs, should contribute more than just a few dollars. Your charity to help people and support My Church is really your means of thanking Me for what you have. Those, who have higher incomes, could even afford more charity donations. Do not be selfish, but be willing to share your money with those people who need your help. Free will giving for charity is one thing, but collecting taxes can become a burden on people when taxes are higher than they should be. Be thankful for all the gifts that I have given you, but do not forget to be generous in your church and charity donations.”

Jesus said: “My people, this dark high ceiling in a church represents a division that is coming in My Church, and it will come from some masons in the Vatican. There are New Age elements in My Church that are having workshops that involve statues with curses, Reiki healing, and enneagrams. Many innocent people are being drawn into Eastern transcendental meditation, false centering prayers, and labryinths. These curiosities can lead into demonic possessions or obsessions. Wherever you see these New Age things, or occult meetings in a church, you need to leave these evil influences. At first these false teachings are very deceptive because they are led by demons trying to trick you into a false worship of nature. You should only worship Me and not things of the world. If you are in doubt about any of these things, then pray to Me and the Holy Spirit to help you discern what is wrong teaching from the devil. You will need to leave infected churches, and come to the homes for secret services that are avoiding persecution. Eventually, you will have to seek the safety of My refuges to avoid being martyred.”

Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 14, 2014

Sunday, August 10, 2014:
Jesus said: “My people, the lesson from today’s Gospel is to have a strong faith, so you can deal with the storms of life. The best source of faith should be from your upbringing in your family. The problem with many parents today, is that they are not fully grounded with a solid faith to begin with. As a result many of the children do not feel strong in their faith, which is why many of them do not come to Sunday Mass or to Confession. If the parents are strong in their faith, then the children have a better example to follow. It is sad in today’s society that you have many single parents trying to bring up their family. This makes it hard to give a good example of faith, and provide for the family’s support with a job at the same time. Some children get their faith from the good example of their grandparents. There are various ways to learn the faith, as in Catholic schools, Bible study, or a good CCD class. My people need to keep searching for Me, so they can have a personal relationship with Me, and I can give them peace that they will not find anywhere else. Faith needs to be nurtured, but each person needs to seek a deep faith by growing in holiness. If you do not seek to improve your faith every year, then you could fall back into your old sinful habits. Parents are responsible for bringing up their children in the faith, and if they fail to work on helping the children, then they will have to answer to Me at their judgment.”

Jesus said: “My people, in the end days of the coming tribulation, you will be seeing a major persecution of Christians. I have told you that some Christians will be martyred, but the remaining Christians will be protected at My refuges. You will first see the Warning when all the people on the earth will be shown their life review, followed by a mini-judgment. After the conversions of the Warning, the events will quickly lead up to the reign of the Antichrist for a short time. It is when your lives are in danger that I will warn you that it is time to leave for My refuges. Do not delay, but load your vehicles with your preparations, and leave as quick as you can. Do not be concerned about your money and your possessions because these things will pass away. Focus more on protecting your soul, and work to help convert as many souls as possible to the faith. Your soul and other souls are much more valuable to Me than these passing possessions.”

Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 14, 2014

Saturday, August 9, 2014: (St. Theresa Benedicta, Edith Stein)
Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel My apostles had weak faith so they could not drive out the demon from the boy. I explained to them, that if they had true faith the size of a mustard seed, they would have been able to heal the boy. In another account I told them that this kind of demon required prayer and fasting to cast it out. Even so, in today’s world, My prayer warriors and healers also need a strong faith and a faithful calling of the power of the Holy Spirit for healing people of both body and spirit. With faith you could see miraculous healings, and even exorcisms of the demons with blessed salt and your long St. Michael prayer. Have trust in My power because I can accomplish the impossible for you.”

Friday, August 8, 2014

August 14, 2014

Friday, August 8, 2014: (St. Benedict)
Jesus said: “My people, in America most of you are well-off compared to some other countries. Even still, many middle class jobs have been sent to foreign countries because of the cheaper salaries. This leaves a select number of skilled jobs that makes it harder for your children to find employment to support a family, a house, and a car. As a result your children are living at their parents’ home longer, and they may require more financial help. It also is becoming very expensive for college, and the young people have to be more selective for their education. Parents do not mind helping their children financially, but it can be an extra burden on retired parents if they are still helping their own parents as they age. Even with all of these financial problems, family and friends are still helping each other out of love for whatever life’s problems require. While your people are just trying to survive day to day problems, it is hard for them to even understand the need to prepare for the coming tribulation. Your whole way of living will soon be thrown into chaos, as you will have to deal with the persecution of Christians by the one world people. This is why I am calling some faithful to set up places of refuge when your lives and souls will be endangered by the Antichrist and his followers. Trust in My protection, and remain faithful to Me through these coming trials.”

Thursday, August 7, 2014

August 14, 2014

Thursday, August 7, 2014:
Jesus said: “My people, in the reading from Jeremiah, he talks of how God the Father made a new covenant with Israel. He will be their God, and Israel will be His people. In the Gospel I am making another covenant with all sinners. I became a God-man so I could give My life as a sacrificial offering to My Father for all the sins of mankind. My love is so great for man that I would die to redeem all of mankind. I tested My apostles to see if they truly knew My mission. (Matt. 16:16) Simon Peter said: ‘Thou are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.’ St. Peter was inspired by the Holy Spirit, but he did not understand My plan of redemption. Once I arose from the dead, and the apostles received the Holy Spirit, then they were able to proclaim My death and Resurrection for man’s salvation. This same faith in My love, and the desire to save souls from hell, is also what I am asking of all of My disciples. My followers also need to acknowledge in faith that I am the Christ, the Son of God, and the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. By repenting of your sins and accepting Me as your Savior, you will be on the right path to heaven. You are seeing My covenant with all of you, but there are two parties to every union. My faithful need to agree to live up to their promise to love and obey Me. I will always love you, and you need to love Me in return as My follower.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you this calendar spinning around as the pages of the day keep flipping over faster. This represents how I am speeding up the time already, so you will have less time to spend in the tribulation of the Antichrist. The Warning is coming soon that will initiate the events leading up to the declaration of the Antichrist and the beginning of the tribulation. At My Warning, time will stop, as all the souls on earth will come to Me for their life review and their mini-judgment. Keep prepared for this event with frequent Confession.”

Jesus said: “My people, I want you to spend some dedicated time with Me each day in prayer in your dedicated prayer room. Some people pray in the morning, and some pray at 3:00 p.m. when they start their Divine Mercy chaplet, followed by their rosaries. Try not to pray too late because you get sleepy, and it is hard to pray from the heart without your full attention. If necessary, excuse yourself from your company so you do not forget your prayer time. Daily prayer is your way to keep in touch with My love, as I hear all of your prayers and intentions. By keeping your focus on Me every day, I will see how much you love Me, and you will see your reward in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, once you come to My refuges for your protection, you all will be put to work as in the vision for cutting up wood for a fire. Bring the tools of your skills as a good saw, so you will be ready to cut some wood. During the winter, you may need some wood for heat in a wood burner, and this could be used for cooking as well. If you have some forests nearby, you could prepare for winter by cutting some trees down. You may want to bring along a splitter to break up the wood better. I will multiply your fuel, your water, and your food, at My refuges of protection.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you these babies with their mothers on the floor because you will have children during the tribulation and during the Era of Peace. Have some preparations for mothers having their babies and some baby food, and baby clothes. There will not be any abortions at My refuges, or during the Era of Peace. The life of these little ones is precious to Me, so encourage your mothers to have their children. My angels will provide for any of your needs, even if it requires them to multiply what you have.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have asked My faithful at their homes and at My refuges to store some canned food, MREs, and even some dried food for the coming world famine. You will be seeing some poor growing conditions of either dry ground, or areas with too much water in floods that will ruin your crops. You will have succeeding weather conditions over a few years, and you will see the beginning of a world famine. Trust in Me to multiply your food when you are starving.”

Jesus said: “My people, call on some faithful priests to be ready to come with you to My refuges. Have some vestments, lectionary books, Mass books, hosts, and wine for Masses at My refuges. You could have daily Mass with some priests. Even if your refuge does not have a priest, My angels will provide you with daily Holy Communion, and daily Adoration around the clock. This will be a powerful multiplication of My Eucharist so I will always be with you.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you lists of things to bring in your backpacks or your suitcases. For the spiritual things, bring your rosaries, Mass books, Bibles, blessed salt, and other spiritual books as the Liturgy of the Hours. For your backpacks, bring matches, eating utensils, some changes of clothes with heavy coats and boots in cold areas, some food as MREs, some water, a deer knife, wind-up flashlights, and toothbrushes with toothpaste. These things will be multiplied as you need them. Also bring sleeping bags, tents, and bicycles if there is room in your van. I will give you a warning when it is time to leave for My refuges, and My angels will lead you to the nearest refuge with a shield of invisibility to protect you.”

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 14, 2014

Wednesday, August 6, 2014: (Tara’s Mass, Transfiguration)
Jesus said: “My people, I took St. Peter, St. John, and St. James up Mt. Tabor where I was transfigured in My Glorified Body along with Moses and Elijah. God the Father said: ‘This is My Beloved Son, listen to Him.’ This was a preview of My Resurrection, which is why I did not want My apostles to talk about this vision until after I had raised from the dead. This vision also was a help for the faith of My apostles, and it showed them that I truly am a God-man. This is a mountain top experience beyond anyone’s dream. In the church on the mountain, there are two side altars honoring Moses and Elijah. This is a special scene also for your Eternal Father prayer group, because this is the picture of the Transfiguration that you place on the altar. The Masses you had offered for Tara were anticipated,
and now she is with Me in heaven. She is praying for her family and friends.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am an all-loving God, and I even died to save all mankind from their sins. At times you can understand how it is difficult to get people to love Me, repent of their sins in Confession, and give their will over to Me. You are a spiritual soul that can only find peace in Me. You also have a human nature that craves the comforts and desires of this world. Man is tempted by the devil, and man’s pride can hold him back from giving his will over to Me. It is not easy to give up this world, so you can do My planned mission for your soul. It takes time and hard work to win souls over to Me. Struggling to live like a saint, is against your human nature, but you will have a great reward in heaven for all that you do to win souls for Me. It is not easy to get people to live a holy life, but it is very rewarding to see people come to Me through your efforts. Keep praying for the conversion of all sinners, who could be lost to hell without your help. By the example of your love for Me, people can see My peace in your life, and they may desire such a peace for themselves. Keep trusting in Me to help everyone, for without Me, you are nothing.”

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 14, 2014

Tuesday, August 5, 2014: (Dedication of St. Mary Major in Rome)
Jesus said: “My people, this incident with St. Peter was unusual when I invited him to walk on the water, but it is a good example of how I want all of My followers to walk in faith. Just as I encouraged St. Peter to have more faith to endure the storms of life, so I also invite all of My followers to trust in Me to help them in their daily trials. You may come up against some impossible situations, but with Me, all things are possible with faith and prayer. When you face demonic problems, you can pray your St. Michael prayer of exorcism, and call on Me to send you My angels of protection. I know all of your worldly needs, but I will only provide what is necessary, so your soul is protected. You have many worldly goods that are not necessary for your soul’s salvation. Right now, you are only trusting Me a little, as St. Peter did, but at the time of the tribulation, you will have to give Me your full trust when you will be led to My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, the farms in the middle and East of your country have been getting adequate amounts of rain, as the vision of a lush farm shows you. The Western states have had a steady drought without many sources of water. You need to pray for your farmers so they can bring some good crops to market, so you have enough food to eat. Many of your crops do well when there is an adequate amount of rain. Farmers all over the world are experiencing the same problems with unusual weather. There are some areas that are starving for food, but it is difficult to transport the food to where it is needed. There is enough food for everyone, if people would share it by their available transportation. Food and water are your life’s necessities, but these things are taken for granted in America. In third world countries it is much harder to find both water and food. Without available access to water, people have to travel great distances to find water. Even the animals have to migrate for available food and water. Because some countries have excesses, they should be willing to share what they have with countries that are not as blessed. The more you share food and your faith with others, the more rewards you will have in heaven. When you share your goods with the poor, you will be making the most use out of all My gifts to you.”

Monday, August 4, 2014

August 14, 2014

Monday, August 4, 2014: (St. John Vianney)
Jesus said: “My people, in your recent workshop on the Book of Revelation, you were acquainted with the seven trumpets. One of the disasters or plagues, dealt with ‘Wormwood’ which relates to ‘Chernobyl’ and to the meltdown of the nuclear plants in Fukushima in Japan. The radiation from these plants is still polluting the Pacific Ocean. This radioactivity can be seen as making the water bitter as in the Book of Revelation. These nuclear events are a taste of the plagues that will afflict the Godless people in the coming tribulation. Just as Jeremiah prophesied about the Babylonian Exile and the destruction of Jerusalem, so these trumpets of the angels are a sign of the coming fall of America. This fall will then lead up to the coming into power of the Antichrist, that will signal the beginning of the tribulation. Have no fear, My faithful, because I will protect you at My places of refuge, that will be protected by My angels.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have talked about a deadly pandemic virus that would be purposely spread among the people to reduce the population. This concept of reducing the population is a plan of Satan, who hates man, and he has the one world people carrying this out because they worship Satan. This statement about reducing the population is also in the Georgia Guide stones, which is part of their ten commandments that contradict My Commandments. For those who want to learn more about AIDS and ebola as laboratory creations, there is a book called ‘Emerging viruses, AIDS and ebola’ by Dr. Leonard Horowitz. This book shows you all the background for how these viruses were made and distributed. When the swine flu became pandemic, these evil ones behind it, tried to force everyone to have a flu shot which actually impairs your immune system. This same scare with ebola, will precipitate the same mandatory flu shots that will again compromise your immune system. It is better to refuse these flu shots, and take Hawthorn, herbs, and vitamins to build up your immune system. If you see a contagious deadly virus that is transmitted in the air, then I will advise My faithful to come to My refuges, where you can look on My luminous cross in the sky or drink the healing spring water to heal any disease. This pandemic virus is one of the conditions to come to My refuges. Other signs are a world famine, a bank failure, a division in My Church, and mandatory chips in the body. You may even see people persecuted because they refused these flu shots. Have trust in My protection, as your lives will be in danger, when I will call all of My faithful to My refuges.”

Sunday, August 3, 2014

August 14, 2014

Sunday, August 3, 2014:
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel you read about how I multiplied the bread and the fish so the 5,000 people could have something to eat. I was so generous that the apostles even collected twelve baskets of fragments. This miracle is a prefigure of how I am shared and multiplied in My Eucharistic Hosts. I am showing you the Blessed Trinity because We are always Present together, and We are never divided. This is a mystery for you to understand, but when you receive Me in Holy Communion, you also receive God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. I am truly Present in each consecrated Host, but many do not believe in My Real Presence in the Host. Even if some do not believe, I am still Present just the same. Give praise and thanks for this gift of Myself to all of you at every Mass.”

(God the Father Mass) God the Father said: “I AM WHO AM is showing you how the Warning is at the door, and your preparation with Confession, can lessen your mini-judgment. My Son, Jesus, has shown you that many souls will see the flames of hell as their mini-judgment, and if they do not repent and change their lives, this will be their final judgment. This will be a huge wake-up call to many sinners to see where they would go, if they did not love Me, or repent of their sins. Even after this illumination of people’s consciences, there still will be many souls that will refuse My love, and they will desire the world’s pleasures more than desiring to be with Me in heaven. Many evil souls will choose to go to hell by their own free will. These souls do not want to hear My Name because like the demons, they will refuse to serve Me and praise Me. My faithful souls are My joy because they love Me, and they let Me lead them. Being prepared for My Warning by Confession, will be your best preparation, because you will be reviewing your unforgiven sins. If your sins have been recently confessed, then you will have only a few sins to review. I am pouring out My blessings on your people at your meeting today, that is in My honor. Thank you for being faithful to your Lord and Master. I love all of you so much, and I loved your procession of prayers.”

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