Friday, March 3, 2023

March 8, 2023

Friday, March 3, 2023: (St. Catherine Drexel)

Jesus said: “My people, all of the people on earth are like they are playing out their lives on the stage of life.  I want My faithful to remain true to Me in all that you do.  You are the actors on this stage, and you have all of heaven and the souls in purgatory who are the audience watching your every action.  So be careful so you do not embarrass yourself in front of all of us.  Your lives should be a good example for others to follow.  During Lent you should pay attention to your prayers, fasting, and penances that can help keep your soul on the right path to heaven.” 

Jesus said: “My people, I want My faithful remnant to follow the Church that I have established from the time I was on the earth.  I am warning you that a time is coming when there will be a split in My Church.  Some may call it a schism.  You will see some leaders in My Church try to be inclusive by joining all religions into a one world religion.  Refuse to follow this New Age one world religion because this will bring a new Mass without the proper words of Consecration over the Host.  This will be the abomination of desolation when I will not be Present in a Host without the proper words of Consecration.  You will eventually be called to My places of refuge where faithful priests will use the proper words to Consecrate the Hosts and I will be Present there.  Stay true to My Catholic traditions and My angels will protect you at My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is good that you can teach your great grandchildren how to pray.  When they are young, it is easier to teach things to them about Me.  I love the little children, and I want you to protect them from harm and abuse.  Most of all pray to stop the killing of My babies in abortion.  I love all of you and I want you to be child like in your love for Me to enter heaven.”


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