Saturday, February 4, 2023

February 7, 2023

Saturday, February 4, 2023: (Memorial Mass for Rosemarie R.)
Rosemarie said: “I thank all of you for coming to my Memorial service.  I love all of my family and friends.  I also thank everyone who helped drive me to various places.  You know how I walked to places when I could.  I love the Lord so much and I always wanted to be with Him whenever I could.  Now I am with him forever.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing a sign of weakness when your military was ordered to hold off shooting down the Chinese spy balloon until it was over water.  You also need to stop arming the Ukraine, and send arms to Taiwan who is in more danger from China.  You are facing more threats from China than from Russia.  Be thankful that this balloon did not send an EMP bomb that could destroy your electric grid.  It is hard to prevent wars, but your military needs to be ready for attacks from both China and Russia.  Pray for peace through strength.  Be ready to come to My refuges if you see World War III coming.  I will protect you and provide for your needs at My refuges.”

Sunday, February 5, 2023

February 7, 2023

Sunday, February 5, 2023:
Jesus said: “My people, those people, who are faithful to Me, are the salt of the earth.  By your good example, your light of faith shines out on everyone.  I love all of My people, and today you have sun and a much warmer temperature.  Your priest was preparing you for Lent when you will be fasting and praying more for yourself and others.  You may give up things like sweets, but you could also plan to read the Bible more.  Continue your rosaries and Adoration every day for your spiritual strength against sin.  Your priest also mentioned giving food for the poor, or donations to your local food shelf.  All acts of mercy will bring you My graces.  You can also pray for vocations to the priesthood, and for souls of the deceased in purgatory.  Show your love for Me and your love for your neighbors.”

Monday, February 6, 2023

February 7, 2023

Monday, February 6, 2023: (St. Paul Miki and companions)
Jesus said: “My people, you have read  the astronomical odds of having the earth provide everything for your life to exist on the earth.  You have to be at the right distance from the sun to have enough heat for water to remain liquid.  Your atmosphere has enough oxygen and nitrogen for you to breathe and for other biological functions.  You have an iron core in the earth so it can repel the radiation of the sun from the earth.  Your ozone layer stops the UV radiation that could burn you up.  Even your bodies are wonderfully made for your survival.  You have reason to thank Me for all that I provide for you to survive.  I also enable people to find work to provide for yourself and your family.  I spiritually feed your soul with My sacraments.  You are mortal and you will die because of Adam’s sin.  Remain in faith and you can come to heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing continuing signs of more disasters, this time from two earthquakes.  The more severe earthquake in Turkey has already claimed 3,600 lives with more being counted.  The smaller earthquake in Buffalo, N.Y. is almost at the same place where Buffalo received 100 inches of snow in two days.  Even your daughter felt this earthquake in the morning.  This is a continuation of the earlier weather disasters.  Be prepared for even more disasters as they have been happening quite frequently.  These events are an indication of punishments coming on the evil of the world.”

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

February 7, 2023

Tuesday, February 7, 2023:
Jesus said: “My people, you read about the fifth to the seventh day of Creation when I created man in My image, and how I rested on the seventh day and made it holy.  I told Adam and Eve to multiply and subdue the earth, as you rule over the animals.  In the Gospel the Pharisees clung to the strict following of the Law of Moses.  They made the washing of hands, etc. into traditions instead of mere precepts.  I told them that I made the inside in the soul as well as the outside.  They need to love one another and not lord their position over the people.  Do not perform outward actions just for show, but you must love Me and your neighbor from your heart in all that you do.  You need to focus your life around Me and My Commandments, and do everything out of love of Me, instead of greed for what you want.  By imitating My life on earth, you will be on the right path to heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have many divisions in policies between the Republicans and the Democrats.  You are seeing how the Democrats are destroying your country with the open Southern border and the overspending in your US budgets.  The Democrats will complain that the Republicans  are endangering a default if they do not raise the National Debt Limit to pay for the Democrats overspending.  There will be fights over the Appropriations of the Departments of your government.  There will be cuts in the spending budgets, but it will be hard to get the Senate and Biden to pass them.  This will be a showdown between opposing policies, and it will be difficult to find common ground.  Pray that your country will find a compromise to keep your government running.”

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

February 19, 2023

Wednesday, February 8, 2023:

Jesus said: “My people, the Pharisees were critical about what foods they could eat.  I told them it does not matter what goes into a man that he eats, but it is the evil things that come out of a man’s speech that defiles him.  All of these evil things come from the intentions in your heart and they are approved by your free will.  This is why you need to come to frequent Confession to cleanse all of the sins on your soul, so you are always prepared to meet Me at your judgment.  You also need to have self-control over your sinful actions and control of any addictions.  It is through addictions that the evil ones can control you.  So break away and stop any addictions or occasions of sin.”

  (David Gray Mass intention for memorial of death) At a Mass after Holy Communion, I could see David wanted to give a small message.  David said: “I thank you for this Mass and your prayers.  I am in purgatory and I still need your prayers.  I am watching over Carol, my wife, and I love all of you.  I am inviting you to come down to our house for a remembrance.”

(My computer went out of this program two times as I was typing David’s message.  This seemed to be a sign to me.)

Thursday, February 9, 2023

February 19, 2023

Thursday, February 9, 2023:

Jesus said: “My people,  in the first reading from Genesis, I took a rib from Adam to make a partner in Eve.  She would be the first mother, and I gave her so the man would not be alone.  This completed My creation because I already had provided a male and female of all of the animals.  So a man will leave his parents and cling to his wife, and the two will be as one flesh.  In the Gospel you saw a mother who had a child who was possessed by a demon.  She had a strong faith when I told her that it is not right to give the children’s food to the dogs.  She said even the dogs eat the scraps from under the children’s table. (Mark 7:27-28) For such faith I healed her daughter from the demon, even though she was far from Me.  You remember the Roman Centurion’s servant was healed even when the person was far away as well. (Luke 7:6-8) When people have a strong belief in My miracles, I can heal their sick people even from a long distance.  So have faith in Me that I can do the impossible for anyone who believes that I can heal them.”

  Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, you saw some of the Satanic display at the Grammy Awards and they are planning another evil display at the Super Bowl halftime.  My people there are open displays of the devil portrayed at important events.  You have heard that some stars sell their soul to the devil for fame and fortune in this life.  The price is that they have to commit suicide at the end of their lives.  This is why you need to pray the long form of the St. Michael prayer to counteract the evil influence of these demonic displays.”

  Jesus said: “My son, I thank you for praying your storm prayer to call on Me to lessen these winds  so you do not see any deaths or severe damage.  You have prayed this storm prayer before other storms, and I hear you calling out for My protection of your people.  When praying for weather protection or to multiply your food, I want you to pray with a firm belief that I can do this for you, and with your sincere faith, I will grant you a blessing to answer your prayer.”

  Jesus said: “My son, you are able to see Republican House committees that are investigating possible criminal collusion with your worst enemy in Communist China.  You have read books and you have seen testimony that the Biden family has taken millions of dollars from Red China and these are serious charges that could be impeachable grounds for crimes against your country.  Pray that justice will be brought against the Bidens.”

  Jesus said: “My people, it is not surprising that Biden allowed this Chinese spy balloon to travel all across your country before  it was finally shot down in the Atlantic Ocean.  China has a fleet of these spy balloons and they are being sent over other nations as well.  You remember how your U-2 flight over Russia was shot down for spying.  Your military needs to take immediate action like Russia did, and you can take these balloons down to stop the spying.  Pray that your people can do the right thing about any future balloons.  They could be sending EMP bombs to destroy your electric grid, or viruses in these spy balloons.”

  Jesus said: “My people, you are sending billions of dollars of military weapons and money to a corrupt dictatorship in the Ukraine.  Your country is not threatened by Russia, but because evidence is coming out about your blowing up the gas line between Russia and Germany, Russia could declare war against America.  You also need to be concerned about China taking Taiwan by force, and this is more reason to arm Taiwan where such a takeover by China  would be a major threat to your supply of computer chips that run your economy.  It is hard to trust Biden if he would fight China over Taiwan because he took millions of dollars from China.  Pray to protect Taiwan, as China is threatening a military takeover.”

  Jesus said: “My people, you just witnessed a China-US creation of Covid 2 viruses that are threatening your lives.  Your Pharmaceutical people have produced toxic vaccines that do not stop the Covid virus and the spike proteins are used to actually kill people.  The more boosters people take, or are forced to take by mandates, the less your immune systems will protect you.  These pharmaceutical people are getting millions of your tax dollars to ruin your military and medical people who are forced to take these shots.  This is why many young people are dying of heart problems.  Refuse to take any mRNA vaccines that are designed to kill you and reduce your population.”

  Jesus said: “My people, Lent is a time of prayer, penances, and a time for coming to Confession to heal your soul of your sins.  I mentioned before that you could do more fasting from food and meat on Wednesday and Friday.  Fasting is a way of training your body’s desire for food to keep it under control.  Fasting unites your body and soul into a control over your appetites and passions that you can restrain.  Plan some extra spiritual reading during Lent, and you can give alms to the poor by donations to your local food shelves.  Help people with your acts of mercy and your prayers for the poor and for the souls in purgatory.  Remember your four rosaries every day along with Mass and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  By doing all of these things out of love for Me and your neighbor, you can have a Lent that will profit your soul.”

Friday, February 10, 2023

February 19, 2023

Friday, February 10, 2023: (St. Scholastica)

Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading from Genesis, you read how the devil uses your weakness to sin, caused by Adam, to tempt you into sin.  You need to keep your focus on Me and call on My graces to avoid sin and the temptations of the devil.  I know you are weak to sin by your earthly appetites and passions.  Even if you fall into sin, you can be forgiven of your sins in Confession.  In the Gospel at the Decapolis (Mark 7:31-32)  this was a region of the Gentiles.  I was confronted by many Gentiles who worshiped their own gods.  A deaf-mute was brought to Me, and I touched his ears and his tongue, and I said ‘Ephpheta’ which means ‘Be opened’.  Then the man was able to speak and hear his voice.  These miracles helped the Gentiles to believe in My words, and some were converted to My Way.  Trust in My miracles and My graces to lead a holy life in preparation for your judgment.”

  Jesus said: “My people, I thank those people who come to daily Mass, and some even come to adore Me in the monstrance.  I have led some faithful to set up refuges for the coming tribulation.  You will be seeing persecutors of My believers, and it is starting with the remnant who attend the Latin Mass.  Some liberals are calling you terrorists to give you a bad name.  When your lives are threatened, I will be calling My faithful to My refuges where My angels will place an invisible shield over you.  Once you are at My refuges during the tribulation of the Antichrist, I will have a priest or My angels bring you daily Holy Communion.  You will need to have a monstrance on hand at My refuges.  This is so you can place a large consecrated Host  into a monstrance so you can have Perpetual Adoration at every refuge.  You will need to assign hours of Adoration around the clock so I am exposed with you in all of your activities.  You are approaching Lent and you could include Adoration hours now as one of your extra ways to give honor and praise to Me.  Be thankful that you have My Real Presence with you at all times.”

Saturday, February 11, 2023

February 19, 2023

Saturday, February 11, 2023: (Our Lady of Lourdes)

Jesus said: “My people, because Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they were put outside of the Garden of Eden so they could not eat from the Tree of Life. (Gen 3:24) ‘He drove out the man; and at the east of the Garden of Eden he placed the Cherubim, and the flaming sword, which turned every way, to guard the way to the Tree of Life.’  Now  Adam had to till the soil for food.  This is why all of you have inherited Adam’s original sin and your actual sin.  In the Gospel you read about a second multiplication of seven loaves and a few fish that fed 4,000 people.  They collected seven baskets of left over fragments after everyone had eaten their fill.  These multiplications of bread are a precursor to Holy Communion that was given at the first Mass at the Last Supper.  You see the offering of the bread and wine that is transubstantiated into My Body and Blood that you see repeated at the Consecration of every Mass.  Rejoice that I left you My Real Presence in receiving Holy Communion.”

  Jesus said: “My people, you are allowing China to spy on your military with their military spy balloons.  You are allowing China to also buy up your farmland next to your military fields.  You are allowing China to use your deficit of trade payments to build up their defenses against you and Taiwan.  Instead of buying things from China, you should be bringing back your jobs to America, and stop them from stealing your secrets in manufacturing defense weapons.  It is your big corporations that are producing your products in China and they are using slave labor to make things cheaper.  China is your worst enemy, so stop paying them for making weapons against you.  Pray that you can stop all of the evil things that Biden is doing to take your country down.  Be prepared to come to My refuges when the evil ones will persecute My faithful.”

Sunday, February 12, 2023

February 19, 2023

Sunday, February 12, 2023:

Jesus said:  “My people, this vision of large empty holes in a cemetery is an exaggeration of the subject of Christian burials.  Many people are not having funeral Masses, and they just have a grave side service  with the cremated remains.  Some scatter ashes and there is not even a gravestone to remember someone’s life.  Your body on earth should be respected more in death, instead of just trying to save some money.  You find money for all of your earthly pleasures, so spend some money for a proper burial service.  Most souls do not go straight to heaven, so they are in need of Masses and prayers to get them out of purgatory.  So do not forget to have a Mass offered for the person’s soul when they die.  It would be better to give reverence to someone’s body by not cremating it.  You also need to have a headstone or plaque to mark where a person is buried.  On special days during the year, you can come and pray for the person’s soul when you have a place to go in the cemetery to remember them.  Honor a person’s body and their life among you by giving people a proper burial without cremating the body.”

Monday, February 13, 2023

February 19, 2023

Monday, February 13, 2023:

Jesus said: “My people, in Genesis you see how Cain could have offered the best of his crops to Me, where Abel gave his best animal for sacrifice.  When Cain saw Abel’s offering was better received by Me, then Cain was jealous, and he took out his anger on Abel and killed him in the field.  Cain was punished by being forced to be a wanderer without being able to grow crops from the soil.  This is why you need to look at your lives if you are living out your love for Me and your neighbor in your actions, and not just in your words.  In the short Gospel I told the people that I would not give them a sign because My life and My actions are a sign of My obedience to My Father in heaven.  I want to please My Father as Abel did, and not to please the Pharisees.  Lent is coming soon, so focus your mind and actions on fasting and prayer more now.”

Jesus said: “My people, when I told you there would be one disaster after another, you could not imagine how this would happen.  Little by little you are finding out about deliberate sabotage of your infrastructure by the one world people.  In the news you heard about sabotage of your railroads to cause train wrecks (1700 last year).  You have heard about dozens of fires at your food processing centers.  You had a glitch that stopped airplane flights for a day.  You had problems with your diesel fuels.  You heard of some incidents where your water supply was poisoned.  You also had sabotage on your electric substations causing power outages.  With all of these threats, the one world people are trying to bring you down, and it is affecting your travel, food, fuels, and your water.  Lately, you are concerned about four spy balloon incidents.  The Covid viruses and vaccines were also designed to reduce your population.  Have no fear, My people, no matter what events the evil ones are causing, since I will be protecting you even if I have to call you to the safety of My refuges.  My angels will protect you at My refuges and I will multiply your food, water, and fuels for your survival.  I will be with you always in My Eucharist in your Perpetual Adoration when I will be providing you daily Holy Communion from a priest or My angels at My refuges in the tribulation time.”

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