Friday, April 8, 2022

April 13, 2022

Friday, April 8, 2022:
Jesus said: “My people, in a few days you will be celebrating Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday as you will begin the Holy Week services. You will be reading how I suffered and died on the cross to bring you salvation and the forgiveness of your sins. This is a difficult moment, but you can join your suffering with Me on the cross to help your problems. My son, you and your prayer group will be having the Seder Supper which is the Jewish Passover service. My Passion is read every year on Palm Sunday. After Holy Thursday, you celebrate Good Friday, and then Easter Sunday with My Resurrection. There is sorrow in My death, but it is why I became a God-man, so I could offer up My life to bring salvation to all souls who believe in Me, and who seek the forgiveness of their sins. I love all of you, and I enable all souls to be saved through My sacraments. Rejoice in My Resurrection when I offer you eternal life with Me in heaven. Those believers, who are faithful to Me, will see My Era of Peace, and then you will join Me in heaven with both your body and soul. Fear not any evil now because I will conquer the evil ones, sin, and death.”

Jesus said: “My people, be prepared to spend some long hours in your churches this coming week. The reading of My Passion on Palm Sunday is quite long, and it is usually read with different parts for several people. Holy Thursday will take more time for the washing of the feet for twelve people. Good Friday will have the Veneration of the Cross, long readings, and the distribution of Holy Communion. Midnight Mass for Easter Sunday will also have longer readings and the acceptance of new members in the sacraments. There will be a lot of singing and celebration of My Resurrection, as all of My believers will one day be resurrected on the last day, as your soul will be united with your body again. Many people are waiting in hope for this day in heaven to see Me truly as I AM.”


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