Saturday, March 5, 2022

March 11, 2022

Saturday, March 5, 2022:
Jesus said: “My people, I am giving you a sober message about the coming ‘Great Reset’ that will lead up to the coming Antichrist and the tribulation. You will see events move quickly, and America will soon be in martial law as the one world people need to prepare everything for the Antichrist’s takeover. You will soon see My Warning along with My time for conversion of six weeks. After the Warning I will call My people to My refuges, so be prepared to leave your homes within 20 minutes. Your refuge practice runs have prepared you for what is to come. Trust in Me to protect you and provide for your needs. Be patient because I will shorten the tribulation, and I will defeat the evil ones and cast them into hell. I will renew the earth and I will bring you into My Era of Peace.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing in front of you how the numbers of people coming to Sunday Mass are decreasing. This is a sign of how I am not a part of people’s lives because they ignore Me, and do not love Me. I died on the cross to save mankind, but people do not realize how much I love everyone. The sins of the flesh in fornication and adultery are running rampant, as well as the sins of abortion and birth control. I will be giving people a chance to convert their lives with My coming Warning. People will be shown what it is like to be in hell or purgatory. So if they refuse to repent of their sins, and refuse to love Me, they will know why they are going to the eternal flames of hell. I call on My faithful to be good examples to your family by coming to Sunday Mass and frequent Confession. Even more so in Lent, you should be focused on prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Keep praying for your family’s conversions because you do not want them going to hell.”

Sunday, March 6, 2022

March 11, 2022

Sunday, March 6, 2022:
Jesus said: “My son, you have seen the destruction by Russia all around the Ukraine. Many of the people are leaving on trains, and those people, who are staying, have no electricity, and no means of heating their homes. The women and children are leaving, and the men from 18-64 are staying to fight Russia. This vision of the sunflower is a sign of another tragedy because it is the Ukraine’s national flower. Many countries depend on the Ukraine for wheat, soybeans, and sunflower oil. With the war going on, there will be some countries finding it hard to get enough food to survive. It is hard to harvest crops with the men fighting in the army. Pray for the Ukraine and other countries to have enough food to eat. Even in your country, you are seeing shortages and high gas prices. Pray for this war to stop.”

Monday, March 7, 2022

March 11, 2022

Monday, March 7, 2022:
Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel I am giving you examples how to help your neighbor. You need to help feed the hungry by donating food or money to your local food shelf. If someone is thirsty, you can give them a drink of water. If someone needs financial help, you can share from your own money. If someone needs something moved, you can help move it somewhere. If someone is sick or in prison, you can visit them. If someone dies, you can attend their funeral, and help with the arrangements. Those people, who are willing to help their neighbors out of love for Me, will be rewarded in heaven, but those people, who do not help their neighbor, are on the road to hell. When you help your neighbor out of love and compassion, you are helping Me in them. Even now you are being urged to pray for the people who are suffering in the Ukraine.”

(St. Thomas Aquinas, Latin Calendar) Jesus said: “My son, this vision of Adoration is a sign that St. Thomas wrote the hymns for Adoration when you sing the Latin words. So when you have Adoration, you are reminded of St. Thomas as you sing his hymns. St. Thomas Aquinas is a doctor of the Church and many know about his Summa Theologica and his powerful Theological works. When you have Adoration next time, you could sing the Latin hymns in St. Thomas’ memory. I am happy to see so many faithful who come to adore My Blessed Sacrament as often as you can. This is how I am with you to the end of time. Show Me your love in adoring My Blessed Sacrament.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are concerned about the Ukraine war, but there are two other events worse than this war. You are aware of a possible nuclear war, and a new bleeding disease from China that may have a four week or more incubation period that has been sent out with the Olympic athletes. Neither of these events will kill billions of people. I will bring My Warning or illumination of conscience before many people could die. I am having mercy on all souls to give them a chance to convert and save their souls. You will all have a life review, and you will be warned not to take the mark of the beast or any shots. You will also be told not to worship the Antichrist, nor look at his eyes. You will have six weeks for conversion without any evil influence. Work to help evangelize your families and friends to become believers during the conversion time, or they will not be able to enter My refuges. After the six weeks of conversion, you will remove any internet device out of your home. You will not take any cell phone, or any such device to My refuge because they will not work there. I am telling you to avoid using these devices because the Antichrist could get you to worship him since he will control the airwaves. My angels will protect My believers with an invisible shield as you come to My refuges and when you are at My refuges. Your guardian angels will lead you to the nearest refuge with a flame to follow. Only My believers will be allowed into My refuges because My angels will not allow anyone to enter without a cross on the forehead. You will be healed of any disease by looking on My luminous cross in the sky. My angels will put a shield over every refuge to protect you from any bombs or comets. The evil ones will suffer plagues and fires according to the Book of Revelation. Once the evil ones are cast into hell, I will renew the earth and bring My believers into My Era of Peace.”

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

March 11, 2022

Tuesday, March 8, 2022: (St. John of God)
Jesus said: “My son, time is running out both for you and for the evil ones. I am giving you a sense of urgency to get your 7th DVD talk ready this weekend so you can send it to Queenship Publishing Company. Put aside your other activities for this weekend so you can use your camcorder to record your new talk. Do not worry about more preparations, and use what you already have prepared. The point of this new DVD is to get people ready to come to a refuge, and show people what to do and what to have ready. You can add a few recent messages to prepare people for the coming ‘Great Reset’ which is really a preparation for the coming tribulation of the Antichrist. You will see My coming Warning, the six weeks of conversion, and then I will call My believers to My refuges with My inner locution. When you are called, you need to leave your homes within twenty minutes and follow your guardian angels to the nearest refuge. The last refuge practice run was requested to make sure you have everything ready for the people to come to My refuges. Have no fear because My angels are protecting My refuges even now.”

Jesus said: “My people, you can see how evil Putin is because he is threatening to use his nuclear arsenal on any country that helps the Ukraine in this war. If Putin ever carried out his threat, there would be a nuclear winter from all of the bomb fall out. He is having difficulty defeating the Ukrainians, so he is bombing civilian homes, cutting off their electricity, and destroying their fuels. This is producing many refugees who are seeking a safe place to live. As this war is dragging out, there are other people who are trying to bring America into this war against Russia. Trump kept you out of wars by strength. Now you are seeing Biden bringing you into possible war by weakness. Some people are pushing for a no-fly zone, or sending jets to Ukraine to fight the Russians. The goal of stopping Putin is part of the one world people’s tactic to bring America into the war to bring you down, and make you a takeover target. Be prepared to come to My refuges when nuclear missiles are threatened or used. Before many lives could be lost, I will bring My Warning, and I will call My believers to the safety of My refuges. Pray that this war does not get larger. Be patient before I will bring My victory over the evil ones.”

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

March 17, 2022

Wednesday, March 9, 2022:
Jesus said: “My people, I pray that all of My people would follow the example of the people of Nineveh. When Jonah warned them that their city would be destroyed in forty days, the people turned from their evil ways, and they repented of their sins. They humbled themselves by sitting in sackcloth and ashes, and prayed to the Lord to spare them from His wrath. When I saw how the people repented of their sins, I relented of the punishment I was about to bring on Nineveh, and I did not carry it out. So it is with the people of today. I call on all of you this Lent to make sacrifices and penances, as you also repent of your sins in Confession. Continue to fast between meals and avoid meat on Fridays of Lent. When you focus on Me in daily Adoration, you are making Me the center of your lives, as I am your Creator and Savior. Keep praying for peace in your world that this war in the Ukraine stops and does not spread to other nations. Be prepared to come to My refuges after My Warning.”

Jesus said: “My people, I thank all of you for your prayers for Joanne and the people suffering from war in the Ukraine. Events are moving slowly at first, but soon you will see war spread into Europe and from China into nations on the Pacific Ocean. These events are the preparations for the Antichrist who will soon declare himself at the start of the tribulation. I showed you a tunnel as a sign of the coming Warning when everyone will come to Me for your life review. You will see My judgment for every soul. Then you will have six weeks of conversion and you will have one last chance to convert your families into believers. Tell them that those people, who do not believe in Me and do not repent of their sins, will be on the road to hell. After the conversion time, I will call My believers to My refuges. At My refuges My angels will protect you throughout the tribulation, and I will provide for all of your needs. I will bring My victory at the end of the tribulation, and I will cast all of the evil ones into hell. I will renew the earth, and I will bring My faithful into My Era of Peace.”

Thursday, March 10, 2022

March 17, 2022

Thursday, March 10, 2022:
Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel you are seeing how gracious and forgiving I am. Those people, who ask, will receive. Those people, who knock, will have the door opened for them. In many ways you call on Me in prayer to help you with things in your life. I do answer your prayers, but not always in the way you desire. I weigh what is best for your soul or for the souls you are praying for. So at times I may say no, or I will postpone an answer for the right time. You can come to Me at any time, and I will always hear your prayer. Pray for good things that will help you or another in your spiritual life, and they will most likely be answered for you. If you know how to give good gifts to your children, imagine how much more that I can give good gifts to you. Trust in Me and I will see to your daily needs, because I know what you need before you even ask.”

Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel it read knock, and the door will be opened to you. Sometimes you knock on My door at church, and I open the door to let you into My heart with your request. Other times I knock on the door of your heart to let Me in. When you receive Me in Holy Communion, we are united in our two hearts, as you have My Real Presence with you. I love all of My people, and those people, who do let Me in, will be rewarded later in heaven. You can also come to Me at Adoration of My Blessed Sacrament, and you can bask in the Light of My graces. When you show your love for Me, I will return My love for you many times over. Stay close to Me in life, and you will share in My heavenly reward.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My son, you had another short power outage for one hour, but now your power is restored. This is another sign that your solar system was inverting power from your batteries. You have been hearing some messages that speak of a possible nuclear war. Such a war could take out your power grid, and you will need your solar system to work for lights at night. This was again a reminder of your recent refuge practice run. You are being prepared for being at your refuges where My angels will protect you from any bombs or viruses.”

Jesus said: “My people, you need to be ready to leave your homes for My refuges after the Warning and the six weeks of conversion. I will call My people to My refuges before any nuclear missile attack. Once you are at My refuges, My angels will protect you with a shield that will stop any viruses or bombs from harming you. Only My believers will be allowed into My refuges with a cross on their forehead. Trust in My angel protection, and the multiplication of your food.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing daily pictures of the bombing of hospitals and civilian homes in this Ukraine war. The Ukrainians are putting up a hard fight, but the Russians are sending in hundreds of cruise missiles that are destroying many cities. Your NATO countries are sending in weapons and food for the Ukrainian people. Russia does not intend to stop with the war because they want to restore the old Soviet Union. Many prophecies speak of Russia attacking the rest of Europe. This will create a world war with China, Russia, and communist countries against America and your allies. This is all part of the ‘Great Reset’ that will usher in the tribulation.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing your gasoline prices rising quickly as deliveries of oil and natural gas sources are being interrupted. When you fill up your gas tank, you keep seeing oil prices increasing as well. America was producing enough oil and natural gas to be independent, but now Biden has stopped the Keystone Pipeline, and he added more regulations that are discouraging more drilling. Your leaders are against fossil fuels, but you are seeing the brutal truth that your solar and wind sources cannot replace your oil and natural gas. Beware of Biden’s plans to get oil from more enemies as Venezuela and Iran. Biden will need to allow your energy people to have less regulations, or you will not have enough energy sources to run your economy. Pray for a solution to your energy needs.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have been short on computer chips to make your cars, but if China takes Taiwan, your chip supply will be less than 50% of what you have now. Here again you will be paying for outsourcing your strategic supplies needed for your military. If these wars expand, you will need to come to My refuges for your protection. Pray for your people to become believers so they can enter My refuges. The time of the Antichrist’s tribulation is coming soon after My Warning. Be prepared to leave your homes for My refuges when I call you with My inner locution.”

Jesus said: “My people, if your enemies destroy your electric grid for a long time, I have warned you that 90% of your people could die of starvation. My refuges will be protected and you will have enough food, water, and fuels multiplied so My faithful will survive the Antichrist and the evil ones. I will bring deer into your refuges for meat. You will depend on My angel protection around the perimeter of your refuges. I will provide more buildings and supplies for your people to survive. Pray before My Real Presence in the Hosts from your priest or My angels. This will give you strength to stand up to the evil ones.”

Jesus said: “My people, I will defeat the Antichrist and the evil ones when I will end the tribulation by sending My Comet of Chastisement in the Atlantic Ocean. This comet will spread fire and tsunamis all over the world that will kill the evil ones. My faithful will have shields of My angels that will protect you from the comet’s destruction. Once the evil ones are cast into hell, I will renew the earth, and then I will bring My remnant into My Era of Peace where there will be no evil, and you will live a long life. Give thanks and praise to Me for protecting you from harm and rewarding you in My Era of Peace.”

Friday, March 11, 2022

March 17, 2022

Friday, March 11, 2022:
Jesus said: “My people, you saw a Bible study presentation of My account of Creation in Genesis, and how everything I created was good, beautiful, and with perfection. Once the devil entered, he caused Adam and Eve to sin, and this original sin is inherited by all of mankind. This is why you are afflicted with sickness, and death has entered as a consequence of sin. As you watch the Russian army attack Ukraine, they are destroying My beautiful Creation with all of their bombs and missiles. You also are seeing the beginning of the ‘Great Reset’ of the one world people, as they want war and chaos to prepare the way of the Antichrist. Have no fear because I will protect My faithful at My refuges. I have brought you salvation by My sacrifice on the cross, and I will defeat the evil ones, and bring you into My Era of Peace.”

Jesus said: “My people, your problems with inflation have become a lot worse since Biden stole the 2020 election. His party is spending trillions of dollars more than necessary for all of their programs. This is the real cause of inflation because you are printing more money than is needed. In addition the Democrats are having a war against fossil fuels which is faulty in thinking that you can replace fossil fuels with solar and wind. It is the regulations on oil and natural gas, put in place by Biden, that has really raised your fuel bills even more than your food increases. You need fuels to run your economy, so having more production in your own country is more reasonable than getting oil from your enemies. You also are seeing a disaster with your open borders that will cost more to house and feed the people coming across illegally. Pray that your mid-term elections can change the direction of your government. Be prepared for a possible world war that could result from the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, and be prepared to come to My refuges for your protection.”

Saturday, March 12, 2022

March 17, 2022

Saturday, March 12, 2022:
Jesus said: “My people, you heard in the first reading to obey My Commandments of love. Avoid the gutters of sin that take you far from Me, and break our love relationship. You need to come to Confession to cleanse your sins, especially in Lent to renew your love for Me. The Gospel reading calls you to love everyone, even your enemies. By loving both your friends and your enemies, I am calling you to be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect. By loving everyone you are bringing yourself closer to Me, and you are preparing yourself to meet Me at your judgment, when I will welcome you into My love in heaven.”

(Funeral Mass for Dr. Dominic DiVincenzo) Jesus said: “My people, Dominic has had a productive life in his practice and with his loving wife, Barb. He thanks everyone for coming to his funeral, and I met him as he was greeted by his deceased relatives. He will be praying for all of his loved ones.”

Sunday, March 13, 2022

March 17, 2022

Sunday, March 13, 2022:
Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading you read how Abram was given the Promised Land of Israel by God the Father. In the Gospel you read of My Transfiguration before St. Peter, St. John, and St. James. Moses and Elijah were on either side of Me as I revealed My Divine nature. God the Father said in a cloud: ‘This is My Beloved Son, hear Him.’ (Luke 9:35) I told My apostles not to reveal this until after I would rise from the dead. My son, I want to thank you for recording your 7th DVD talk that I requested you to do this weekend. Now, you need to talk to your Publisher about copying and distributing this new DVD to as many people who want it and can play it.”
To order the DVD contact: Queenship Publishing Company, P.O. Box 220, Goleta, Ca. 92116. Tel: 800-647-9882. www.queenship.org.

Monday, March 14, 2022

March 17, 2022

Monday, March 14, 2022:
Jesus said: “My people, I am merciful and forgiving of your sins, so all the more reason you should come to Confession at least once a month. Even your venial sins and sins of omission pile up and darken your soul. So cleanse your soul by coming to Confession. Clean out your events so you can make it to church for Confession at the right time. I love all of you so much, but you can show Me how much you love Me by keeping a clean soul. Keep praying for peace in the Ukraine, and also pray that this war will not spread into Poland, the Baltic nations, and the other countries of the old Soviet Union. Beware of China and Russia who are trying to grab land by force, because of your weak Biden.”

(Cerita Carmona intention) Jesus said: “My people, Cerita was a holy woman from Cuba with many spiritual gifts. She thanks you for having this Mass offered for her intention. She will need a few Masses to leave purgatory to be with Me. Other people were having Masses offered for her intention, so she will be with Me soon. Keep praying for her, as she will be praying for her family and friends.”

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