Tuesday, September 7, 2021

September 8, 2021

Tuesday, September 7, 2021:
Jesus said: “My son, you have been out evangelizing people so they could be converted for over 25 years. Now the time to bring people to Me is growing short before the coming Warning and the tribulation of the Antichrist. Your mission has been to help save as many souls as you can, and the time to save people from hell is running out. The devil and the media are controlling the minds of many people, but My power is greater. So call on Me and the Holy Spirit to help you every day to have people understand that they are both body and soul, and made to My image with a free will to choose between heaven or hell. My Warning will wake up every person to realize how I will judge each life with your life review and your mini-judgment when people will have a real taste of their future destination. If you love Me and repent of your sins, you will be on the narrow road to heaven. But if you ignore Me and refuse to repent of your sins, you will be on the broad road to hell. In heaven you will enjoy being with the One you love forever. I have shown you hell where the demons are tormenting souls and the souls there are like black embers who are suffering the flames forever with no hope of escaping. Those people, who are on the road to hell, will have a taste of this suffering, so they can see what their life is choosing. My faithful will have a chance during the six weeks of conversion to try and convert these souls when there will be no influence of the devil. Pray for the conversion of souls and reach out to give them My Blessed Mother’s brown scapular, so she can keep them from suffering the flames of hell when they wear and believe in the brown scapular’s promises.”

Jesus said: “My son, every time you give a teaching or share My messages in a setting for trying to save souls, you need to prepare yourself for spiritual warfare. When you are updating My messages, or explaining My words to you, start with a prayer to the Holy Spirit so He can speak through you. I have told you before that it is the Holy Spirit who helps you to write down My words. I showed you before when you rewrote one of My messages that you had lost, that it was word for word on the message you found later. The commentator in your interview asked you how you knew these words are from Me, and you told her how you tested the spirit to see that it is really from Me. She was also curious if My words of prophecy had come about. You know that you have had many confirmations of the truth of your mission, and things I have given you have come about. You are in the end times and this is the pre-tribulation time. You are on the brink of more serious attacks against My faithful, because Satan hates any proclamation of My words that lead to holiness for people. You love Me so much that you come to Mass every day for My miracle of My Eucharist. You show your love for Me in your daily prayers, and I respond by giving you My messages at Holy Communion at Mass, and at Adoration every night. I reach out to save souls, and I pray people are listening to My words. Your people need to come to frequent Confession to keep a pure soul. By staying close to My Sacred Heart and pouring out My Precious Blood on people, I can heal people of their sickness and their sins.”


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