Tuesday, November 3, 2020

November 4, 2020

Tuesday, November 3, 2020: (St. Martin de Porres, Election Day)
Jesus said: “My people, this time machine is a fictional story, but the spinning wheel relates to many visions of the Warning which you have had over the years. Your life review in the Warning definitely goes back in time to show all of your good and bad things you did in your life. Many of the bad things people have confessed in Confession, but you will have unforgiven sins that are either recent or were not confessed for some reason. It is these sins that you will feel guilty about, and you will have a desire to confess them when you return to your body. You will see how I will interpret some of your actions as sinful that you did not realize how they offended Me, and they are sins to confess. You will receive your mini-judgment of where you would be judged on that day. If you see hell, then you need to improve your life in order to be saved. If in purgatory, you can improve your level higher by changing your life for the better. This trip back in time will be very revealing, and it will give all of you a chance to reflect on your spiritual destination when you will die. This Warning is giving all sinners a chance to reform their lives and be saved from hell. Give thanks to Me for this great gift of a new life, if you choose to be with Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, I told you that a victory for Trump could only come from many prayers for this vote to go for your President. You all are praying hard, but you need more people praying. You are seeing more violence happening in your streets because the communist mobs are fighting for a takeover of your country. Keep praying that your country will remain free and not turn to socialism. This move to desire socialism is the first open attack for a communist takeover. My Warning will come if your lives are in danger. Then I will call you to the safety of My refuges. Trust in Me to protect My faithful no matter who wins your elections.”


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