Tuesday, July 7, 2020

July 8, 2020

Tuesday, July 7, 2020:
Jesus said: “My people, this large building is the place I will call My people to come for their protection and sustenance by My angels at a refuge. Have no fear of the evil ones who will be trying to kill you, because the power of My angels is more than any weapons the evil ones could use against you. You will have a shield of invisibility with the help of your guardian angel, so you will not need weapons to defend yourself. Your only weapon will be My Blessed Mother’s rosary. Once you leave your homes for My refuges with your backpacks, you will not return to your home. Do not take any mark of the beast or a computer chip, and do not bring your cell phone or electronic devices, because they will not work at your refuges. The Antichrist will put his face all over the media, and do not look at his eyes because he could hypnotize you to worship him. This is why after the six weeks after the Warning, you are to remove all cell phones, TVs, computers, and any device connected to the internet from your home. So do not think of buying any more such devices, because you will be discarding them. You may wonder why I am giving you so many messages about refuges and the end times. That is because you are so close to the tribulation, when you will need to be in a refuge for your protection from the evil ones. I will warn every one of My believers in their Warning experience, that they will need to flee for My refuges at the appointed time. I will give all of My faithful an inner locution when it is time to come to My refuges. This is why I have been calling My special warriors to set up refuges for My faithful. Only a few are answering this call, so I will need to expand all of My refuges to hold all of My faithful believers.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have two concerns. The one is how many people and children who are dying from random and drug related shootings that have resulted in a number of deaths in your large cities. Another concern is a large number of corona virus cases that are increasing in your Southern states. Even though there are a lot of cases, the death rate is considerably low. It is hard to determine why these states are having such an increase in cases. It may be that each area of the country must develop enough antibodies to bring this virus into check. There are very few cases in the original hot spots as New York, because the antibodies are stopping the spread of more infections. Every time you have a new pathogen, it takes your bodies some time for the people to build up an immunity. Pray that these new virus cases will subside. Pray also that your people can prepare themselves for the next fall virus that will be worse than the first.”


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