Tuesday, May 5, 2020

May 5, 2020

Tuesday, May 5, 2020:
Jesus said: “My son, when you were looking in the basement for any evil things, your friend sensed something wrong with your battery setup. After you have done some research on what gauge wire you need for a 200 amp set of batteries, you noticed how your 4 gauge wires were only good up to 85 amps. You need 4/0 gauge wires to safely handle 200 amps for constant use as during the tribulation time. You need to change your wires because this is what caused your battery lead to corrode. This could be an unsafe wiring setup with only your 4 gauge wires. So check with your solar man and your granddaughter’s husband to get your wiring changed as soon as possible. You want to have a safe system when you will need it.”

(Requiem Mass for Fr. Ralph Fraats) Fr. Fraats said: “My dear friends, I thank you for having a Mass offered for me as your intention. I was always happy to be with John and Carol when you visited me at my house. I was glad to share my rugs and things with you. I had to give everything away because you cannot take things beyond the grave. I also enjoyed our boat rides together as well. It was nice of you to visit me a couple of times at the mother house. I was pleased with our friendship. I have a new home with my Lord, and I will be praying for both of you and your family. When you look at my gifts, you can remember me.”


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