Tuesday, March 17, 2020

March 17, 2020

Tuesday, March 17, 2020: (St. Patrick’s Day)
Jesus said: “My son, I am showing you this small round window as a sign that you will have a window of opportunity to prepare for a worse virus that will come back in the fall. The round window is also a sign of My coming Warning that will come in a time of chaos. Even if the Warning does not come in the fall, I will call My faithful to My refuges if you see a lot of people dying in the fall. You are already hearing of a possible martial law or a mandatory quarantine in your homes. If your airplane flights are cancelled, and your state borders are closed, this will not allow you to travel to any more talks. You can still put your messages of the fall virus out on the internet. It is important to warn the people that your summer window of opportunity is time to stock up on food, and possibly get to Confession before the fall version of a worse virus. This virus is a laboratory creation that the evil ones are using to try and remove your President, and take over your government. Any martial law control could easily be the means for a takeover which could definitely be a time to come to My refuges. I will give an inner locution to everyone when it is time to come to My refuges. Give praise and thanks to Me because I am more powerful than the demons and any virus that I could cure so easily.”

Jesus said: “My people, look how you have been put in a kind of quarantine by closing your colleges, schools, churches, restaurants, and even airplane travel all out of fear of spreading the corona virus. It is hard to measure the cases and deaths of the seasonal flu vs the corona virus because it is harder to find similar data for the seasonal flu. The deaths from the seasonal flu are about 20,000 this season while the deaths from the corona virus are about 554 at this date. It is hard to see the rate of spreading cases for both viruses, but your health people are scaring your people into home quarantines. You need to do some research on the comparison of the seasonal flu with the corona virus to see if all of your precautions are limiting the cases and deaths. So far you could say the corona virus is more deadly, and it is hard to know when these cases will stop. You are already seeing vaccines and other medicines being made to heal this new corona virus. Pray that you will get through this spread of this virus, so you can open things again at your stores, schools, and factories.”


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