Tuesday, April 2, 2019

April 4, 2019

Tuesday, April 2, 2019:
Jesus said: “My people, in many instances I took compassion on the sick people, and in this case I healed a lame man who had suffered for thirty-eight years. I did not force Myself on people, but I asked them if they wanted to be healed. I was not only concerned about their health, but I healed the sin on their souls as well. You are made up of body and soul, and I desired to heal the whole person. When you pray over someone, you also must pray to heal the soul and the body. My son, you can identify with the lame man when your bone spur was causing you to limp in pain. When you took four pills of your Calcium Aspartate, the pain went away the next day, and you were able to walk through the airport halls. It is not easy to endure pain, but you can offer it up to heal souls with your redemptive suffering. Trust in Me to help you on your missions to speak and get to your venues.”

Jesus said: “My people, the ‘Unplanned’ movie showed you how a baby was suctioned out of the womb in pieces. The people there had to count all the pieces to make sure they had everything. The doctors are responsible for carrying out the abortions, as they get their blood money from their patients. The mother is also responsible for killing her child, just for convenience, or to remove shame for being pregnant usually outside of marriage. You are seeing that this is a multi billion dollar business that the owners do not want to give up. All of the workers, doctors, and supporters have blood on their hands. It is the American people who voted for abortion, but the judges approved it, and you are all liable for punishment. If you do not change your laws, and you continue this slaughter of My babies, then My justice will fall on America with more severe natural disasters, and an eventual takeover of your country. All of the money being saved by aborting your children, will be taken away from you when your dollar and stock market are crashed. You cannot put a price on a life, and you need to respect the preciousness of the gift of life. When you see little live babies, how could you think of killing My miracles of creation?”


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