Tuesday, March 5, 2019

March 6, 2019

Tuesday, March 5, 2019:
Jesus said: “My son, in the vision you are seeing My tabernacle in an old church, and a nun dressed in her habit. This reminds you of the days when you were taught religion by the nuns, when you were in grammar school. In the Gospel My apostles were saying how they gave up everything to follow Me. When you hear My Word and act on it, it takes a strong faith to come out of your comfort zone to spread My Gospel. I call on many people to be converted and follow Me. You may have been taught the faith, and have it memorized in your head. But you need to move this down into your heart, so you are acting out of love to go out and teach My Good News to the people. You have the seed of My Word of love planted in your heart from reading the Scriptures, but it takes spiritual courage to put My Word into action, when you try to evangelize people to the faith. Now, when you bring My Word and My messages to the people, they will have an opportunity also to put My Word into action in their hearts and souls. By coming closer to Me, people can have a deeper love relationship with their Creator. You have Lent starting tomorrow with Ash Wednesday, so make your plans on what you can give up for Me, that will improve your spiritual life.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have warned you in many messages of a coming division in My Church between the schismatic people who follow the New Age crystals, and the faithful remnant. It is only the faithful remnant of My Church that the gates of hell will not prevail over. Those people, who worship any person or thing other than Me, will be condemned to hell by their disobedience. When the Christian persecution comes, I will direct My faithful to My refuges of protection. If you have a faithful priest, you could have daily Mass at your refuge. Pray for your families that they could be converted and saved at My Warning. You do not want to see any of them lost in hell. Your constant prayers for them, will give them a chance to be saved. In the end only the people, who love Me and repent of their sins, will be saved.”


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