Tuesday, July 17, 2018

July 18, 2018

Tuesday, July 17, 2018:
Jesus said: “My people, throughout history you see armies battling for control of certain lands. As you had armies fighting in Israel, even so you are having battles in war still today in the same lands of the Middle East. You have more deadlier weapons with your machine guns, missiles, planes, and tanks. It is the devil who is inspiring evil men to continue fighting, and the selling of weapons to both sides. It is the one world people who are funding these wars. If there were no wars or threats of war, then your defense contractors would be out of a job. This is why the evil ones stir up wars so weapons are needed. Pray for the stoppage of your wars, as you pray for peace. No one really wins these wars, and many innocent people are killed because of your leaders.”

Jesus said: “My son, you were recently given several boxes of special logs for burning in your fireplace. You had a cheap price for the commercial logs, because your neighbor was cleaning out his basement. When you had one of your practice drills overnight with your prayer group, you burned logs in your insert fireplace. This new insert gave you 70% of the heat generated, instead of only 10% of the heat without the insert. You also saw your second set of twelve solar panels and twelve batteries being installed. You now have electrical outlets going to all of your pumps so your new panels could be cleared of snow and generate any needed power in the winter. You still are having a problem installing your solar charge controller, but you will soon have the needed parts to complete the job. Now, you will have a backup system for winter power, when the snow covers your other panels on the second floor. I will see to your needs at your refuge so the people will have some needed electricity to run your sump pumps and water pump.”


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