Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March 21, 2018

Tuesday, March 20, 2018:
Jesus said: “My son, when you read how the people with Moses complained about the manna, you were thinking about the coming people to your refuge. The people with Moses suffered from seraph serpents that bit them, and some died because of their complaining. This is a lesson to your refuge people, not to complain about the food. Moses asked God to help the people, so Moses was told to mount a bronze serpent on a pole, and hold it up. Those people, who were bit by the snakes, looked on the bronze serpent, and they were healed. At your refuge, you will have a luminous cross in the sky, so when you look upon it, you will be healed of your illnesses. This lifting up of a bronze serpent on a pole, also refers to Me when I was lifted up on the cross, when I died for your sins. When you look on My crucifix with the corpus, you see that I love all of you enough to die for you in saving your souls from sin. This miracle of My death and Resurrection, gives you all hope that you will be resurrected to heaven, if you follow My way. So pick up your own cross, as you will carry it through life to your death. This world will have many trials and sufferings from your human condition, but trust in Me to help you through everything. Offer up all of your sufferings to unite them with Me on My cross, and you could help other souls with redemptive suffering, as I did. I will never test you beyond your endurance, so continue to trust in My help each day with your trials. When you come to the gates of heaven, I will say: ‘Enter’ for you have done everything well My servant for love of Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, in the darkness of night it is hard to find your way without any light. When you see the light of day come in, you can see clearly what to do, and where to go. I am the Light that you need, especially against the darkness of evil. Your world is becoming more corrupt, and more evil in its lifestyles. You are seeing people living together without marriage in fornication, in homosexual acts, and now even transgender lives. I made them male and female in the Garden of Eden as husband and wife in marriage with Adam and Eve. Now you are living in sexual sins, and there is no shame. Just as I brought the Jews into exile because of their worship of idols and pagan gods, so I will bring America into exile for your evil ways. Killing My little ones in abortion, is the main reason that America will suffer a takeover as your punishment. Pray to stop your abortions, or you will suffer the consequences.”
For Mary Goode: Jesus said: “My people, this mother had to endure some suffering at the end of her life, but she is free from purgatory with this Mass intention. She loves her family very much, and she will be praying for them. She thanks all the care givers and helpers in the latter part of her life.”


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