Saturday, March 17, 2018

March 21, 2018

Saturday, March 17, 2018: (St. Patrick’s day)
Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel you are seeing how the Jewish religious leaders did not take Me as a serous prophet, because I lived in Galilee in Nazareth. They did not know My parents were from the line of King David, and that I was born in Bethlehem. I did not proclaim My mission to them, nor did I tell them of where I was born. I kept My Messianic mission a secret, and I avoided places where the Pharisees lived. I did speak out in the synagogues, which is why My hometown people wanted to kill Me when I spoke of being God’s Son. As I showed miracles of raising people from the dead, and multiplying the bread and fish for thousands, it was hard to confine the number who believed in Me. You can see when I cured people on the Sabbath, how the Pharisees wanted to kill Me. You can also read in St. John’s Gospel how I claimed to be God’s Son, and the people criticized Me for blasphemy. You will see in the coming readings how the religious leaders did not like their authority threatened by My large crowds. This is why they sought to kill Me. This was My mission to die for all the people, but this only would take place at the proper hour, and not before. You are getting closer to Holy Week when Judas would betray Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you hell, but your people have turned everything upside down where good is bad, and bad is good. You have listened to the lies of Satan, and you are following man’s corrupt laws instead of being obedient to My laws. In man’s eyes you think it is all right to have abortions, and to live together in fornication without marriage. It is difficult for the children who are brought up without loving and worshiping Me. Many of your children are not coming to Mass on Sunday, because they do not think it is necessary for Me to lead their lives. Even some people come to Mass, but they do not show Me love the rest of the week. My faithful need to stand up against the evil ways of your society. Continue to let Me lead your lives, even if your peers have lost their faith, and do not love Me. When you see your young people not coming to church, their parents are not giving them a good example to follow. Despite your prayers for your children, sometimes they will fall away from the faith you taught them. This lack of faith is another sign of the end times. I am asking My faithful remnant to be patient until I will bring My Warning down upon all sinners. This may be the last opportunity to help save the souls in your family, who have turned away from Me. You will have to guide them back to Me, and back to Confession, when they will be more open to your words. Keep praying for your family to return to the faith of their roots in Me.”


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