Tuesday, September 19, 2017

September 20, 2017

Tuesday, September 19, 2017: (St. Januarius)
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing more destruction and death in the Carribean Islands from Hurricane Maria. Your people need to pray for the victims of these storms, as you are seeing a very active hurricane season with two category five storms now. As the people are seeing the damage from these storms, you can remember other storms that you have encountered in your life. Keep in mind how I calmed the storms miraculously for My apostles, and in today’s Gospel I raised the widow’s son back to life. You have called on Me to calm your own storms with the Storm Prayer in your Pieta prayer book. I am a calming force in your lives when you call upon Me to help you. I am always at your side to call on Me for help in enduring your trials. When you have faith in Me, I can heal all of your ills and imperfections. Trust in Me every day, and I will help you to achieve your sainthood in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have told you before that you will be seeing one disaster after another. Today, you are even seeing two disasters at once; a 7.1 earthquake near Mexico City, and Hurricane Maria as it is causing damage to the Caribbean islands. Some disasters are happening in America, but major earthquakes have been occurring in Mexico. They are also receiving punishment for their sins as well. Keep praying for all the souls who are being killed by these natural disasters. Your sins are being reported to Me, and My judgment is being carried out in these disasters. Those people, who say these disasters are not from Me, as a punishment, do not know My workings of justice. These things are not a result of global warming either.”


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