Monday, July 17, 2017

August 2, 2017

Monday, July 17, 2017:
Jesus said: “My people, on this theme of killing newborn children, you have seen history repeating itself, even until today. Egypt’s Pharaoh was fearful that the Hebrews’ population was dangerous because it was increasing more than their own. He sent out an edict to kill all the Hebrew male children at the time of the Book of Exodus. At another time Herod wanted to kill Me because I was a newborn king, and a threat to his Kingdom. So Herod ordered all the newborn boys of Bethlehem to be killed. In more modern times you saw Hitler trying to kill the Jews and others in the ‘Holocaust’. Today, you are seeing boys and girls being killed by the millions in abortion. Even for a while in China they killed the girl babies because parents could only have one child in the cities, and they preferred boys. Life is too precious to be killing children, the unborn, or the elderly. Pray to stop abortion and euthanasia that are being legalized in your court decisions.”

Jesus said: “My people, this triangle in the vision represents the Blessed Trinity. You are seeing the earth through the Blessed Trinity’s eyes, and there are black souls in mortal sin all over the earth. There are white spots thinly spaced all over the earth which represent My places of refuge. The white light comes from the angels who are shedding their light, which is protecting each refuge even now from any natural disasters. When I call My people to the safety of My refuges, your guardian angels will lead you with a small flame to the nearest refuge. Once they arrive, some counselors will calm the people so they can each be assigned their work for the day. Some people will be preparing the fuels needed to keep the refuge warm in the winter and heat for cooking the meals. Some people will be assigned to preparing food for the rest. Some people will be washing clothes and setting the tables. Others will help with the bedding and hygiene needs. You saw how some will help dig holes and move your outhouse over them. You may have some electricity from your solar panels, but be ready to use your lamp oil for lighting the lamps at night. You will need water for drinking and bathing. My angels will multiply what you need, so trust in Me to help you to survive this trial. The angels or a priest will provide daily Holy Communion which you could even survive on if necessary.”


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