Saturday, June 24, 2017

July 1, 2017

Saturday, June 24, 2017: (The Nativity of St. John the Baptist)
St. John the Baptist said: “My faithful children of God, you are reading about my miraculous birth from my parents St. Zachariah and St. Elizabeth. My coming birth was announced by St. Gabriel the Archangel to my father, and he was made mute until after my birth because he did not believe the impossible could happen. The Blessed Virgin Mary came to help my mother, and as she arrived with Jesus in her womb, I leapt in my mother’s womb to announce the coming of the Messiah in Jesus. I was called John as the angel told my parents. Later, you see me baptizing sinners in the vision, but I baptized with water, and I called the people to ‘repent’ of their sins. I was told that when I saw the Spirit of God in the Holy Spirit come down upon the Holy One of God, I would baptize the Messiah. This was my mission to prepare the way for Jesus’ coming. I would decrease while Jesus must increase. This means that Jesus should always be the most important person to follow in your life. After I baptized Jesus, I told the people that He was the ‘Lamb of God’, and His disciples started to follow Him. Later, I proclaimed the coming of Jesus to all the people. I was imprisoned by Herod because I told him that it was unlawful to marry his brother’s wife. My fellow faithful also need to speak out about the Good News of Jesus’ Resurrection regardless of any threats by the evil ones. Remember that you are to obey God first before any edict of man. So do not be afraid, but trust in the protection of Our Lord for your individual missions. Give praise and glory to God every day.”

Jesus said: “My people, when you live on the Gulf coast, you know you are vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms. Places around New Orleans are dependent on their pumps to drain any waves that come ashore. These areas are suffering mostly from the heavy rains and flooding. There was some damage from a few tornadoes. It will take some time to assess the damage, but the people are struggling to get back to normal. You need to pray for all the victims who suffered flood damage. This storm was the first to hit the U.S. mainland. Each storm takes a toll on the people near the coast. You should be thankful that this storm did not have hurricane force winds. There will be more disasters this year as a punishment for your sins. Pray for the conversion of poor sinners.”


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