Monday, June 26, 2017

July 1, 2017

Monday, June 26, 2017:
Jesus said: “My people, you can learn from Abram how to be obedient to My Word. When I called him to leave his home and go to a foreign land, he did not question My Word, but he left at once to follow Me. This is how I desire that all of My children would follow My directions. Just as I called you to set up a refuge, you accepted this new mission and carried out the projects that I gave you. You also need to be obedient to Me in the spiritual things as well. I call you to help people to see the need to convert their lives to following Me. You also need to keep your own spiritual house in order. This is why you need to be obedient to a spiritual director so you are not just doing things out of your own desire. Obedience to a higher power in Me and a priest, will give you comfort and assurance that you are on the right path. In the Gospel I am reminding My people that I am the only true judge of everyone. It is enough for each of you to guard your own soul and your own actions. You may notice how others are acting around you, but do not judge them because you do not know everything in their lives that are directing them, as I do. You can advise your brother or sister how to live a better life, but do not look down on others as if you are better than they are. Treat everyone equally as I treat you with no discrimination. You all are at a certain progress in faith in your own lives. Be willing to accept advice from people without your pride getting in the way. You need to love everyone and help souls to come to heaven when you can. Give praise and thanks to Me for all that I do for you in your life.”

(Blessed Fr. Solanus Casey’s tomb) Jesus said: “My people, it is not an easy life to live as a Franciscan. It truly is a detached life from worldly things, and you are called at times to do menial tasks. You need to give your will over to Me, and follow My way for your life. This is a total giving of oneself over to Me, so I can lead you on a path to heaven. This is hard for most people to give up their own personal desires, and follow My ways. There are saints who have renounced their own family wealth or their personal wealth, so they could be totally dependent on Me. There are even some saints who have survived on only receiving Holy Communion for their food. People are praying for Blessed Fr. Solanus Casey to be canonized a saint by the Church. He is a saint in heaven, but the Church is slow to canonize saints, which can require three miracle healings.”


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