Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March 24, 2017

Wednesday, March 8, 2017: (St. John of God)
Jesus said: “My people, the only sign that I gave the people, was the sign of Jonah. Because at the preaching of Jonah, he told the people of Nineveh that their city would be destroyed in forty days. The people, in fear of destruction, repented and changed their evil ways. Even the king sat in sackcloth and ashes, and he decreed a fast for man and beast. When I saw how they were sincere in their changed ways, I relented of the destruction I had planned, and I did not carry it out. My people of today have the same decision. You can repent of your sins and reform your evil habits, then you will be saved as the people of Nineveh. The other option is to remain in your sins and evil comforts, and you could face My wrath of destruction as in Sodom and Gomorrah. Lent is a time to work on your bad habits, and get your spiritual lives in proper order by following My Commandments and confessing your sins in Confession. Once you make amends with your Lord, I will give you the graces to start a new life again, with Me as your focus. Rooting out your evil addictions is not easy, because of your weaknesses. This is how you pick up your cross and bear it for Me to be saved. Following a holy Christian life is against your human nature, and against the bad ways of your society. I am giving you a higher calling to live like a saint, and you will have your reward in heaven. Even if you should fall into sin, you can pick yourself up and be forgiven in frequent Confession. Keep faithful to your Lenten devotions of fasting, prayers, and almsgiving, and your spiritual life will be better and stronger against temptations of the devil.”

Jesus said: “My son, this is the second severe wind storm in two weeks, and you are seeing worse destruction with downed trees, power lines, and many power outages in your area. I was just telling you that you could see an increase in natural disasters. When your relatives are without power, it is only right to offer them a place to stay when it is cold outside. Depending on how extensive these power outages are, your power may take a longer time to be restored. You again are seeing why you were asked to have alternative electricity and heating capacity, and your oil lamps for light. Your brief power outage earlier with a car hitting a power line, helped you to make sure your batteries are now able to power your house some. When your people lose power all over your country, then you will be ready to offer people a safe haven for less than 3½ years. Trust in Me to provide for your needs at your refuge.”


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