Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 24, 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017: (The snow was so bad we did not have morning Mass-church was closed.) Jesus said: “My son, today you had a heavy snowstorm of two feet and higher in drifts. You spent yesterday and today removing the snow from your driveway, and cleaning off your cars that were outside. You noticed high drifts of snow on the side of your house where your exhaust pipe is located for your heater. When you were down in your basement, you could smell a foul odor, and you were suspicious of a gas leak. You were smart to get your carbon monoxide tester, and when you put it in the basement, your readings were dangerous at >200 ppm of carbon monoxide. As you called the gas company, your wife suggested a plugged exhaust by the snow drift. The gas man helped you clear the exhaust pipe of snow. Then you opened the door to the outside for fresh air, and you used fans to dissipate the carbon monoxide fumes. If you did not notice the odor, your meter would have beeped in your bedroom where you keep it. Now, you know to be careful when snow is high and drifting, to make sure your exhaust pipes are not covered. It may be better to have the pipes up higher. Be thankful that your guardian angel was helping you to notice this problem. Other people have had a similar problem, and it is good to check the carbon monoxide levels when you use indoor heaters. Opening the door for fresh air helped when you were burning kerosene in a previous power outage.”


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