Friday, March 10, 2017

March 24, 2017

Friday, March 10, 2017:
Jesus said: “My people, people have a hard time holding their temper when people hit you, or when bad things happen. At times people may be tempted to swear in a moment of anger. It is not easy to control your emotions in such situations. Some people are better than others in restraining their anger. This is one area to work on during Lent, so you can stop your swearing, and do not hit things or people in a moment of rage. You may also need to restrain yourself when you meet bad drivers on the road, when you are driving your car. During each day you may be tested with your emotions, but keep them under control, and stay calm during life’s difficult situations. With a good daily prayer life, this will help you to control any anger and swearing. Trust in My help in all that you have to deal with.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you a monk praying his prayers in silence, because Lent is a time of prayer. The monks spend their days in prayer throughout the day. My faithful, who live in the world, do not pray as much as the monks, because they have family and work obligations to provide for their needs. My son, I know you are faithful in praying your rosaries, your Divine Mercy Chaplet, and coming to daily Mass and daily Adoration. Your prayers convey your love for Me, but I love your personal informal prayers the most, since they come from your heart. When you come to adore Me at Adoration, I ask you to spend 5-10 minutes in silence so you can listen for My words in contemplative prayer. You ask Me many things, but you need to listen in silence so I can answer you, and help you in discerning how you could work on your problems. It is how you pray from your heart, and listen for My words, that most pleases Me. Trust in Me every day in faith, and I will satisfy your needs.”


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