Thursday, September 29, 2016

October 13, 2016

Thursday, September 29, 2016:(St.Michael, St.Gabriel, St.Raphael)
St. Michael said: “I am Michael and I stand before God. You read in the Book of Revelation how I was appointed by God to cast Satan and the bad angels down into hell on the earth. Hell was meant to be eternal, just as I told you when the priest said the opposite that hell was not eternal in his homily. Anyone who suggests that Satan does not exist, or that hell is not eternal, are telling you heresies, and they should not be listened to. You are also seeing a battle on earth, as Satan and the demons are waging war on your souls. This is why the good angels are assisting you in fighting the demons and their temptations. Carol’s father told you that we are preparing for a major battle with Satan and the Antichrist. You all will be tested by the coming tribulation as the Antichrist will be allowed a short reign.
But fear not because Jesus will bring His Warning first to give all souls one last chance to repent of their sins. The good angels will be protecting the faithful at God’s refuges during the tribulation, so do not worry about the demons little power. Jesus will be with you in Holy Communion every day, and the good angels will be shielding you from the demons and the evil people. Some people, who do not come to God’ refuges, may be martyred, but no one will be killed at God’s refuges. The faithful have been marked with a cross on the forehead by the angels, which will let the faithful into the refuges.”

Prayer Group:
St. Michael the Archangel said: “I am Michael and I stand before God. You are seeing the demons preying on unsuspecting souls with their temptations and addictions. Some people are not prepared spiritually to do battle with these evil ones. I am the angel guarding America, but when people give in to their mortal sins, it is hard to help them. You need to wear your protection every day with your rosary, scapular, and St. Benedictine Blessed crosses. You also could protect yourself with Mass and your daily rosaries. Recognize that you are living through the coming tribulation, so you could come to Confession frequently to keep your soul pure.”

Jesus said: “My people, I told you that you would see more disasters, and you are seeing some hurricanes, floods, and now even a train accident that saw some injuries and a death. It is not clear what caused this accident, but something happened to the engineer, because the train came in too fast without stopping. Pray for those people who were hurt, and for those who will be inconvenienced by this station shutting down.”

Jesus said: “My people, when the dollar was the more powerful reserve currency, countries had to buy dollars to make their transactions. Soon the dollar will be a smaller per cent of the world’s reserve currency basket when the Chinese currency will become the third largest portion. The Euro is the second largest. This means that countries will be selling some of their dollars that are no longer needed. China is also selling your Treasury Notes instead of buying your debt. This change in currencies could reduce the value of the dollar, and it will be harder to find buyers of your increasing National Debt. Your country is becoming a larger risk because of your $19 trillion debt, so you may again see a lower grade for your bonds. Be prepared to come to My refuges when you could see your dollar crash, and a possible martial law declared.”

Jesus said: “My people, some European banks are on the verge of crashing because they have many non-performing loans tied to the derivative market. The Deutsche Bank has so many debts that it would be impossible to bail out. You saw some major financial failures in 2008. If you see a derivative crash, this could endanger the finances of your world banks. Again, this could cause a martial law that could last a long time. Be prepared to come to My refuges if you see any crashes or martial law.”

Jesus said: “My son, you have been working hard to finish your projects. You have your outhouse ready for construction, but you have been having rainy days. Your barrels have now been insulated, and you put some holy water in the barrels that are in the garage to keep them from freezing. You could store up a little extra pasta for some quick meals for the people. You will need trust in My protection, and faith in My multiplication of your food, water, and fuels.”

Jesus said: “My son, you were surprised when one of your inverters stopped working that controls twelve of your solar panels. When the solar worker opened the inverter, you saw a quarter pail of water come out. Once he sealed the input line from your panels, and dried things out, your service was restored without any expense to you. The man said it was unusual for that much water to drain down into your inverter. This was like a flashback to when you had a problem with the flies. You need to bless your system with holy water to prevent any more problems. You were fortunate this happened in good weather so it could be easily fixed.”

Jesus said: “My son, I have been directing your projects for the last year or so, and I have been encouraging you to finish your projects quickly before events could soon endanger your lives. If all of your service lines that come into your homes were shut down, many people would die of starvation and exposure to cold weather. You remember how Noah was also criticized, but these critics died in the flood. Be grateful for My warnings and preparations, so My faithful people could find food and bedding at My refuges. Pray for My faithful that they will find protection and their needs at My refuges.”


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