Friday, July 22, 2016

August 4, 2016

Friday, July 22, 2016: (St. Mary Magdalene)
Jesus said: “My people, at the tomb where I resurrected from the dead, I met Mary Magdalene and I called her by name. I loved Mary, and she loved Me for forgiving her sins. I am the Resurrection and the Life, and I call all of My people by name. I created each one of you, and I want you to love Me as I love you. Come to Me as a repentant sinner, and I will forgive all of your sins.”

St. Kateri Takakwitha came to me: “My son, I am well aware of your love for your daughter, Catherine, who has my namesake. You have asked me to watch over her and intercede for her to Jesus so her soul, and all the souls of your family could be saved. Keep praying for these souls so Jesus will answer your petitions. You are also asking Me to intercede for your friends Amy and Don, who seem to be frustrated with so many health and family problems. I will reach out to help them and guide them through their troubled lives. You know of My Indian heritage, and I will help protect them from any spirits that are on their lands. I also will assist Jocelyn since she also has some Indian heritage. God bless all of you for coming to My tomb on your pilgrimage, and I will be guarding you on your travels.”


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