Saturday, April 23, 2016

May 4, 2016

Saturday, April 23, 2016:
Jesus said: “My people, there are going to be unbelievers in your travels who do not want to hear My Good News. Do not be discouraged, but pray for them. Those people, who believe in Me, have a gift of faith which cannot be taken away from them. When you come to know and love Me, you have a peace in your souls that completely satisfies your soul. With Me you have everything that you need in this life. When the Jews refused to believe My apostles about Me, the Gentiles were only too happy to receive Me. You need to have people with an open mind, in order to receive My Word. This is true when you are evangelizing souls. Those people, who reject you, are missing out on My love. But go forward to those people, who receive you, and bring My Word and love to those people who appreciate My gifts. My love must be shared, and My believers have a joy in their hearts that is contagious to open souls. Rejoice in My love, and give thanks and praise to Me for your gift of faith.”

Jesus said:
“My son, you have been My helper in your travels to spread My messages of love and conversions. You have also been generous in sharing your inheritance with others in need. I have given you more than you ever dreamed of, but you see it was for a good purpose in setting up your refuge. You are helping your family and other people with refuges and health needs. Be grateful that you can help others because this money may not be good for much longer. You have seen how I helped you because of your faithfulness to your mission. Continue to share My Word as you continue to go out and give your talks. My angels will be guiding you, even when you may go out of your comfort zone.”


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