Wednesday, February 24, 2016

March 9, 2016

Wednesday, February 24, 2016:
Jesus said: “My people, those people, who want to be first, must serve the rest. I did not come to be served, but to serve all of you by dying on the cross. Do not be taken up with pride either with earthly things, or that you are better than others spiritually. The Gospel ends by saying that those people, who exult themselves, will be humbled. Those people, who humble themselves, will be exulted. Learn from this problem of pride, so you are not taken in by Satan’s temptations to be better than others. You are all equal in My eyes, whether some are more intelligent, or others have more money. You all have talents that are not measured in terms of money, but you need to use your gifts to share with others.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are continuing to see tornadoes in the South, and snow, rain, and freezing rain in the North. In general you have had a warm winter early, and less snow than usual from a strong El Nino in the Pacific Ocean. Your winds tend to be more violent as you change from warm fronts to cold fronts. You have been saving on your natural gas bill, and your gasoline prices because of the low oil prices. Your markets have been going up and down just as your weather temperature has also been going in a similar manner. Your snowstorms have been coming twenty inches all at once in some areas. Your weather patterns have changed dramatically, but there still are drought signs in California. As you look around, you are noticing more evil occurring with more people living together without marriage, and same sex marriage accepted by your Supreme Court. Euthanasia is the next evil that is being accepted in more states. Euthanasia has been accepted in several countries like Canada. These sins, along with abortion, are calling down My punishment against America. America needs to repent and change its ways, or you will see even worse and more disasters.”


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