Monday, February 15, 2016

February 25, 2016

Monday, February 15, 2016:
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s reading from Leviticus, you are being reminded that in order to be holy, you need to follow My Ten Commandments. These laws are formed on My two Great Commandments, which are to love Me with your whole heart, mind, and soul, and to love your neighbor as yourself. This is an appropriate reading for Lent to focus more on being obedient to My laws. The Gospel reading extends this love of neighbor into your actions by feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and housing the homeless. When you help the least of My poor people, you are helping Me in them. You are seeing at the judgment how I will separate the goats on My left, and My sheep on My right. Those people, who reach out to help their neighbor, are the righteous people who I will welcome into heaven. Those people, who neglect their neighbor and are selfish for their own pleasure, will be the goats who will be cast into the everlasting fire of hell.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am encouraging you to drink spring water which has minerals, or mix mineral water with the fresh water. Much of the water that you drink is devoid of your needed minerals for good health. You need enough magnesium, selenium, and other minerals to help your body’s functions. If you drink enough water, you can cleanse your body of the toxins and some fat that needs to be flushed out of your body. Drinking water is better than your flavored or carbonated drinks. You also need to eat healthy food without too much red meat, but with plenty of vegetables. By eating a balanced meal of the right kind of carbohydrates, protein, and fat, you should keep your body disease free. You can control your weight and health with a proper diet. Even when you are fasting between meals, you are giving your body a rest from digesting food. It is important to not abuse your body, but to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. By following My instructions, you can live a good and happy life with very little sickness. At My refuges you will be healed of all of your health problems by looking on My luminous cross, or drinking the healing spring water. Rejoice in My protection and My healing of the body and soul.”


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