Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October 22, 2015

Wednesday, October 7, 2015: (Our Lady of the Rosary)
Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading, Jonah was disappointed that I did not destroy Nineveh for all of their sins. He may not have known how the people repented and changed their ways. He had carried out the mission that I gave him, but now he was even angry with Me for not bringing any punishment on Nineveh. He was also angry when the gourd plant died, and he had to suffer the hot sun of the day. This account is actually about My mercy and forgiveness, when these people turned from their evil ways, and repented of their sins in sackcloth and ashes. This blessing of no destruction, was a reward for heeding My words in changing their ways. My people may also be disappointed that I am not bringing destruction upon the sinners of this world. You can trust Me that the evil ones will receive their punishment, but not right at this time. It is My Warning that will give all sinners a chance to repent and change their ways. Then you will see a brief test of evil in the tribulation. After this trial, the evil ones will be cast into hell, and My faithful will have their reward in My Era of Peace.”

Jesus said: “My people, euthanasia, or doctor assisted suicide, can be dangerous in taking lives that is equal to murder. Older people, who come to a hospital for treatment, could see themselves in danger of being killed, either by accident or on purpose. At a certain age, eventually there is a plan to not treat older patients. It may be safer to not come to a hospital in those cases. There are other states who are approving medical marijuana use, and Colorado has even recreational marijuana allowed. This drug kills brain cells, and it is dubious to use it for medical reasons. When your people legalize drugs like marijuana, you are inviting more accidents in your cars, and bad effects of these drugs to harm people. Some politicians have plans to make money by taxing this drug use. They are not seeing the danger in destroying lives. It is better not to legalize drugs when they can harm people. You should vote down any calls for euthanasia, or the legalization of marijuana use.”


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