Monday, August 3, 2015

August 12, 2015

Monday, August 3, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, in the Exodus in the desert I provided the Israelites with water and manna that they made into bread. Because they did not have vegetables or meat, the people complained to Moses. I sent them a punishment of poisonous snakes because these people called My food ‘wretched’. Moses later raised a bronze serpent that healed the people of their snake bites when they looked on the bronze serpent. I then sent the people quail at night for meat. People tend to complain when they do not get their way, or when things are not to their liking. In some severe cases, your complaints may be justified. In other cases, I provide you the grace to endure your trials, and the general necessities to survive. It is at times when the uncertainty of how to solve a problem, or you only have limited access to the food items that you like, which causes you to complain. I send you rain that helps to grow your crops, and you complain. You have to live in faith that I will provide for your needs, when you face a need for a job, or when you need enough food to eat for your family. I understand your complaints, but you need to be grateful and give thanks to Me for what you do have. In the tribulation time, you will be tested at My refuges because of a rustic living condition without much electricity. You will need to learn how to endure this trial of just having your bare necessities. So do not complain, but be thankful that My angels will protect you from the evil ones. You will have the Manna of My very Body and Blood in My consecrated Hosts. Some saints even survived on only eating My Hosts. It is better to be giving Me praise for My gifts to you, than to be complaining of your dislikes for things, or your inconveniences.”

Jesus said: “My people of America, you have seen how China in recent years has built up its military, even its own navy. They have been taking over islands, and even creating new islands so they could claim more air space as their territory. Your ships and planes have been challenging these claims, and it puts both country’s planes and ships in close proximity. These are dangerous exercises that could cause an incident with one miscalculation. In a time when there are more threats in the world, your President is even cutting your men in uniform, and your ships and planes. Keep praying for peace between your country and China, because you are also doing a lot of trade with China. There are other threats of war in the Middle East that could break out at any time. A time of major incidents is already in the making for this fall. It is I who will choose when they can happen after My Warning.”


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