Tuesday, May 26, 2015

June 4, 2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015: (St. Philip Neri)

Jesus said: “My people, when I make a person’s body and soul, I throw away the mold because each of you are made different with your own set of talents that are unique from anyone else.  You need to acknowledge that I created you with the use of your parents in the creation process.  Even when you have your own children, you are united with Me in bringing another soul and body into the world.  You are all a part of My human family, and I give a call to you to ‘follow Me’ in whatever vocation you choose.  I do not force My love on anyone, but you all hear My call to your mission in life.  There is always a cost to follow Me, and it means you are giving up your own free will and earthly desires to follow My Will.  Choosing a spiritual life of working with Me in all that you do, can be difficult when I take you out of your comfort zone to help people.  Yet, you will have your reward both here and in heaven.  My apostles left their livelihoods, and followed Me immediately without looking back.  You are answering My call when you accept Me as Lord and Savior over your life.  When you follow Me in My requests, you are in harmony with My Will, as all of nature is in harmony with Me.  You are called to love Me and your neighbor, and your reward will be great in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, water was freely flowing in the Garden of Eden, but now your weather is more erratic with floods in Texas and droughts in California.  Your water is becoming more of a concern, as many of your lakes are drying up or going down.  Those of you who live near the Great Lakes, or on large rivers, are fortunate to have enough water to drink and bathe.  Other places are limited in water, and are on water restrictions.  You are seeing a need to store some food and water for the time of famine that is coming.  The distribution of food will be limited when you will need a chip in the hand to buy it, but do not take any chip in the body.  Your refuges will need to stock up on food and water, so it can be multiplied for those who come to My refuges.  Trust in Me to provide for your needs, even during the time of tribulation.”

Mass intention for Joan Sadie Allen (Kathy’s mother): Jesus said: “My people, even though Joan may have had some different ways about her, she still was the mother of her children.  You need to respect her for bringing up her kids.  Deep down she had love for her children, despite her actions.  I know there was some concern for her soul, but the family’s prayers have saved her.  She will be in purgatory for awhile, so she could use your Masses and prayers.  Many souls have been saved from hell because of the prayers from the prayer warriors in the family.”


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