Monday, March 30, 2015

April 2, 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015:

Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel of St. John you are reading how Mary anointed Me with a bottle of expensive genuine nard.  Judas Iscariot complained that it could have been sold, and the money given to the poor.  I told him that she was anointing Me for My burial.  When I raised Lazarus  from the dead, many came to see him, and they were leaving the Jewish synagogue to believe in Me.  The Jewish leaders were afraid that I was taking away their people, and their authority was being threatened.  This is another reason that these leaders wanted to kill Me, and they also wanted to kill Lazarus as well.  Later on, they accused Me of blasphemy when I claimed that I was the Son of God.  For this reason they wanted to kill Me with the approval of the Romans.  This Holy Week is all about Judas as My betrayer, My scourging, and My crucifixion.  The most important event is My Resurrection on Easter Sunday, when I brought My victory over sin and death.  Rejoice, My people, because I have brought salvation to all of mankind for the forgiveness of their sins.”

Jesus said: “My people, life is not just like an amusement park where everything is fun without any problems.  Instead, you need to work for a living, go to school for your education, and possibly get married.  There are big decisions in your life to choose a college, find a way to pay for it, choose a wife or a husband, choose a place to live, choose a place to work, and other material things as a car, and a house.  Life is not easy when you are bringing up children, helping them through school, and keeping a good job if there are lay-offs.  Providing the money for the family, usually is the husband’s responsibility.  During life you also have to deal with any health problems, possibly help your parents as they age, or you may even be tested with deaths in your family or among your friends.  Those, who are older, have experienced many good times and sorrows.  The closer you stay with Me spiritually, the easier your life could be, unless you are asked to be a suffering servant.  When you call on Me to help you through life’s trials, I will be right at your side, helping you.  The more I call on people to be evangelists, the more you may have to endure living outside of your comfort zone.  I will give you the grace to accomplish your mission, but you need to have faith in Me for leading you on the right path.  Those people, who follow Me, will have their reward in heaven.”


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