Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 8, 2014

Thursday, October 2, 2014: (Guardian Angel feast)
St. Mark, my guardian angel, said: “I am Mark and I stand before God’s face. Today’s feast of the Guardian Angels is one chance for us to be recognized as your constant helpers. As you sit in your pew and look around at all of your daily Mass people, they all have their guardian angels watching over them. Even as you come back to your seat after receiving Holy Communion, you have other angels around you giving praise to Jesus in your body. There are also angels on the altar giving praise and glory to God in the tabernacle. You remember that it is the Presence of Jesus that is no longer at Holy Name’s empty tabernacle. I watch over you in your actions and your words, and I prompt you for prayer and other ways to help you in your holiness. Jesus is happy with you for continuing your Adoration of Him at your prayer group meetings. Remember to honor St. Meridia, your prayer group angel, at your meeting tonight. We angels of God are all around you as we each have different tasks to carry out for our God. Continue your daily prayers, as this is your time to give God your praise and worship, just as we do constantly.”

Prayer Group:
St. Therese said: “My dear son, I am thankful that you have my relic displayed at all of your prayer group meetings. You also have My picture in your bedroom. I am happy to see you and bless all of you. You know of my Little Way, and I want you to treasure my Jesus in your hearts. You saw some red roses recently, and I want you to keep praying for the stoppage of abortion in your country. Continue to pray my 24 Glory Be novena for all of your intentions.

Jesus said: “My people, as you see your beautiful great grandson, think of how many babies are killed in abortion that were not allowed to be born. What makes women think that they can abort their babies and deny them a chance to live? Each conception has a soul, and you are denying My plan for this life when a baby is killed in the womb. It is better to give a child up for adoption than to kill him or her. Your country will pay a heavy price for all the babies that you are killing each year. These mortal sins need to be confessed in Confession.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing a few cases of suspected ebola virus in your country. Your disease control people are treating this lightly, instead of quarantining sick people, especially those people who came from Africa. All passengers from Africa with ebola symptoms should not be allowed on planes that could spread this disease. It is not established if they can cure ebola, let alone keep these people isolated. You need to pray for an ebola cure and a containment of this disease.”

Jesus said: “My people, with all the cases of ebola in Africa, you are already seeing an influence on the African economy. Such an outbreak of ebola could also spread in America, and you could see a dramatic effect on your own economy. I showed you a football
stadium being used to handle a pandemic virus. An unchecked spread of ebola all over the world could cause a world recession. Pray that this disease could be controlled and cured.”

Jesus said: “My people, other news events have covered up some of the recent news of this conflict. It is hard to get recent assessments of the bombing in this area. Without troops on the ground, ISIS could continue its attacks. Keep praying for peace in this conflict.”

Jesus said: “My people, I know instantly when a life of an unborn baby has been taken, because the guardian angel of each aborted baby comes before Me. These angels are My witnesses of all of America’s abortions. How long do you think I will allow this killing to continue? I told you if you did not stop killing My babies, that I would do something severe to stop it. America’s punishment is coming for allowing these mothers to legally kill their children.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have warned you in previous messages that when you see a lot of deaths from a pandemic virus, that this would be a sign to leave for My refuges. Even though the amount of ebola cases are few now, there could be an outbreak of deaths that could be severe in crowded cities. Be ready to leave for My refuges where you could be cured by looking upon My luminous cross in the sky, or by drinking the healing spring water.”


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