Wednesday, August 27, 2014

September 10, 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014: (St. Monica, Tara’s Mass)
Jesus said: “My people, today’s feast of St. Monica shows you the persistence in prayer that she had for her son, St. Augustine. In his younger years he was involved in a sinful lifestyle, and his mother was praying for his conversion for thirty years. Your wife can identify with her persistence in prayer for forty-six years, until her father was saved by a deathbed conversion. Praying for souls can be their salvation from going to hell. These confirmations of prayers answered, is why you need to have Masses and prayers said for all souls who have died. Be persistent in your prayers also for living souls that are living in sin. By praying for their souls, you can help intercede for them, so they can be saved from hell.”

(Jennifer, Judy Shanahand’s daughter, funeral Mass) Jesus said: “My people, it is sad when a spouse has to bury his wife, or a mother has to bury her daughter. Many heard at the eulogy of how she was such a beautiful mother of her four children. It will be difficult for the husband to bring up his four children without their mother. The family and friends will have to give them needed support to get by. Death can come at any time, but it is harder while the children are still young. Jennifer had to suffer the last few years because of her illness. She is grateful for all the help that she received during this time. Between this suffering on earth and today’s Mass, she is now with Me in heaven. She loves all of you, and she thanks everyone who came to her funeral. She wants the family to call on her intercession for prayers in any of their life’s difficulties. She will be watching out for all the family in her prayers for them.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have been seeing a lot of disasters and heavy rainstorms as you went to Puerto Rico. Many of the local streams were overflowing their banks as the storms were taking down trees and dislodging boulders onto the roads. The rain also caused some power outages. In some homes there were several lights that gave a little light to take showers. The small lights were enough to see a little in the dark. Offer up any pain or fever that you suffered from Puerto Rico. I will help heal any sickness.”


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