Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April 10, 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014:
Jesus said: “My people, My Good News of My Resurrection gives hope to all of My faithful who are suffering through the agony of this life of tears and sorrow. Death seems like an affliction that all of you must endure, and this brings you to My judgment of your soul. In death, your spirit is separated from your body, and your spirit may have to suffer some time in purgatory to be purified. At the final judgment, you will be rejoined with your body at the resurrection of the just, or the resurrection of condemnation. The just will be resurrected with a glorified body in heaven. But the evil ones will be resurrected with a body that will burn forever in the flames of hell with an ugly appearance. This is why you need to evangelize souls, and pray constantly for your relatives, because you do not want to see any of them lost in hell forever.”

(Mass for Lydia Remacle) Jesus said: “My people, the graces of this Mass are being shared with your deceased relatives in purgatory, because Lydia’s spirit is already with Me in heaven. She has already made her transition from her earthly body to just her spirit body, so she is no longer present among you. She may be allowed to share a few signs with you, but not like her husband, Camille. You can still pray to her as an intercessor for your intentions. She will be watching over her family from heaven. Many of your friends remembered her well while she was alive. It is hard to mourn a mother, but she is in a better place than her earthly body of knee pains and stroke symptoms.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision is a gruesome scene of some dead bodies in some dirty water. You have seen a severe earthquake in Chile of 8.2 and there was a small tsunami that came ashore. There were several aftershocks of as much as 6.2. Your news has not yet reported how the area of this quake was affected. You are also seeing warmer temperatures that could cause some flood waters from melted snow. Be prepared for more earthquakes and storms that could cause the drowning of people as seen in the vision. As you start seeing more signs of spring, you usually see multiple tornadoes at this time. If the one world people could cause a lot of bad snowstorms with the HAARP machine, imagine what they could do with some severe tornadoes. Pray for My help to assist the victims of your disasters.”


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