Friday, April 4, 2014

April 10, 2014

Friday, April 4, 2014: (St. Isidore)
Jesus said: “My people, you do not need to be given a sign for the end times because there are signs all around you. One of these signs is that the numbers coming to Sunday Mass are falling. The hearts of the people are growing cold to Me, as many are falling away from their faith. I have mentioned before, when I return, will I find any faith in the people? Another sign of the end times is the increase in evil. You are seeing fewer people getting married, while more people are living together in fornication or homosexual sin. You see the evil in your movies and TV programs. Eventually, after the Warning, you will need to get rid of your TVs and computers so you do not look at the Antichrist’s eyes. Once I tell you to come to My refuges, you will leave all of your homes and your electrical devices behind. Prepare your backpacks, tents, blankets, and some food and water so you can put them in your vehicles to come to My refuges of protection. I will have your guardian angels put an invisible shield over you on your way to My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, the Blessed Trinity is a mystery which is almost impossible to understand by man’s knowledge of things. This vision of My Light being broken down into different Light components of different wavelengths, is just a little peek into the majesty of Three Persons in One God. All Three of Us, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, make up the One true Light of God. You cannot separate Us into three parts because we are always One in this Light. When you receive Me in Holy Communion or visit My tabernacle, all Three of Us are present to you. I have shown you visions of heaven, and when you were there, you felt like you were one with Us. Even on earth, I call you to give your will over to My Divine Will so your will becomes one with Our Will. When you give yourself over to Me, then I can give you the graces to carry out your intended mission that I have given you. Keep united with My love, as I love all of you so much that I died to save all of your souls. Show your love for Me in your prayers and your good deeds in helping your neighbor.”


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