Saturday, February 5, 2011

February 10, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011: (St. Agatha)
Jesus said: “My people, many times in the Gospel readings you see Me drawn to go off into deserted places or into the mountains to pray. Prayer is when you are talking to Me from your soul. By being in quiet places, you can be away from the noise of the world in music, talking, or traffic. In this quiet time now you can listen to My words to your heart, and I can hear you more clearly. In this quiet time with Me you can refresh your spiritual lives that are torn with many demands for your attention. I am the Good Shepherd who brings you My Word of Scripture in the Bible. You have other shepherds in My Church as the pope, bishops, and My priest sons. Even My laity that is baptized and confirmed, are priests, prophets, and kings that are in the line of Melchizedek. All of My faithful can shepherd souls to conversion and help save souls from hell through the power of the Holy Spirit. For those who have fallen away from Me, do not give up on their souls, but pray for their conversion and give them good example in your prayer lives. When people see you coming to Mass, Adoration, and saying your prayers, they can see where you get your spiritual strength. Be on your good behavior at all times so people can see that you live what you believe in your life. Guard yourself from any occasions of sin, and ask My help whenever you are tested by the evil one. By your devotional prayer, and good works, you are following Me through the narrow gate to your eternal reward in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, this crucifix on the ground is My calling to everyone to pick up your own cross and suffer carrying it in union with My own suffering. I have told you that I will give you My peace for My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Those, who do not invite Me to help them, are carrying twice the burden as My faithful.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have heard a great conversion story and the fruit of his conversion. Many of you think that a conversion can only occur once in your life. Throughout your life you may become comfortable with different sins that can turn into habitual sins. You may be saying your prayers for various petitions, but you should be open to pray for a conversion of one of your habitual sins. You know deep down in your soul that you need to make improvements by dealing with your habitual sins. Take one sin, pray about it, and ask My help to break this habit. When you are tempted to commit this sin, say ‘Jesus help me.’ Make this simple request and I will answer your prayer. Continue to make a conversion in your life of each sin that needs to be rooted out of your comfort zone. You will get many attacks from the devil to put off any conversions, or he will tell you that it is too hard to do. All things are possible with Me, and many conversions can be accomplished in your life if you let Me help you. I love all of you and I want to see your souls perfected over time. Making conversions are very difficult with habitual sins. Saying a novena for this intention may help you in your progress. You can also use a Lenten penance in giving up one of your sins. Be humble and take away your pride, and you will find your conversion may be easier than you thought.”

Sunday, February 6, 2011

February 10, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, you are truly the salt of the earth, and I call all of My faithful to go out into the world to share My Light of the Gospel in seeking to evangelize souls to follow Me. When I said what if the salt loses its flavor, I am referring to what if one of My faithful loses his or her way, then he or she cannot spread My message. So it is important that you stay close to Me in daily prayer and if possible daily Mass. In this way you will not lose any of your gifts of faith, and you will be enabled by the Holy Spirit to spread My Word as My Light disperses the darkness of sin. To protect yourselves from the evil ones, you must wear your weapons of the rosary, the scapular, the Benedictine cross, and possibly holy water and blessed salt. When you go out in your mission trips, you use My blessed salt in your van for protection. Blessed salt is very powerful against the demons, as is your relic of My True Cross. When you pray for a healing of people, remember that you are praying through Me and the Holy Spirit to heal both the body and the soul. Healing of the soul in conversion is even more important than any bodily healing. I love My faithful and all peoples, even those who do not love Me. I give this as an example that I want you to love everyone also, even those who persecute you or try to harm you. Each person has a soul, and I do not want that person to be lost to the evil one. I am sending you out as My apostles two by two so you can go out to all the nations with My Word. Then people can be given the opportunity to be saved and invited to know and love Me. I give you all My blessing of protection and a blessing to strengthen your faith so you can be a witness of My love to all people in the world.”

Monday, February 7, 2011

February 10, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, in the beginning of creation I provided the sun for light, the water for drinking, the oxygen in the air for man to breathe, and the plants and animals for food. During the tribulation when you are at My refuges, I will provide the deer for meat, water, and your daily Communion as bread. Your community will have to provide all of your hygiene needs and the things that you use by using your individual talents. This is why in the vision you are seeing these vats for washing, bathing, and making things that you need. You will be living as in older days without many of your present comforts. This will only last less than 3 ½ years until I come and vanquish the evil ones, and bring you into My Era of Peace. Have patience and pray as you will be preparing for your entry into heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen many doctors, hospitals, and even drug stores encouraging people to get the latest flu shot for Swine Flu and the latest seasonal flu. I have warned you in the past not to take the flu shots because they will damage your immune system instead of protecting you from the flu. It is hard to find any evidence of just how much the shots protect you from the flu, but there is some evidence of side effects that affect a fair percentage of people who took the shots. Some may not have immediate symptoms, but continuous shots have caused memory losses. I told you how the evil ones are preparing to place a deadly virus in the chemtrails that will sicken those who took flu shots more than those who did not take them. It is better to have Hawthorn pills, vitamins, and herbs to build up your immune system. When many are dying, you will need to wear your masks, and call on Me to have your guardian angel lead you to My refuges. At the refuges look on My luminous cross and drink the healing spring water, and you will be protected from these flu viruses and any other ailment. Give thanks and praise to Me for healing any diseases, and protecting you from the evil ones who want to kill you.”

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 10, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, on the sixth day I created man and later woman, as most animals have male and female species. As you look at the human body and all the intricate parts of a working body, you are amazed at My creative skills. Just look at one part as the eye, and how it functions to provide your sight. Man in all of his scientific research cannot produce a human body. You may be able to manipulate DNA genes and add artificial limbs, but you cannot even come close to making a working human body. You are wonderfully made in the womb, and this is why human life with a soul is so precious, and should not be killed. Many atheists challenge My act of creation with the big bang theory and Darwin’s evolution theory because they do not understand My power over everything. Many of these things are only theories because they have not been proven. My creation is a fact because it is self-evident to those who can see things in front of them. Be grateful for the gift of your life and all the other parts of My creation that you need for survival. Your soul is your most precious gift because it is the spiritual life that will never die. This is also why you must guard it from sin and the devil who wants to possess you in hell. I love you, and I am a jealous God as well for your soul to love Me. I do not force Myself on you because I gave you free will to love Me by your own choice. Come to Me and I will lead you to your reward in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, your society is very dependent on your transportation in cars and trucks, and also on the fuel that runs them. For the most part oil is used to make gasoline which is a limited fossil fuel. This is why places of oil have become politically important for the ability to keep your vehicles running. As fuel costs rise relative to the dollar, this can affect many parts of your economy, as transporting goods could drive up prices as well. Hybrid cars and other fuels can improve fuel mileage with less dependency on so much oil. Renewable sources of fuel combined with electric hybrids may offer you the best compromise because fuels like ethanol would be hard to replace all the gasoline that you use. Many emerging economies like China and India are also putting demand on the world’s oil supplies. By being able to make your own fuels from farm products or natural gas, you would be less dependent on politically controlled oil countries. America has many problems with its debts, but a sound energy plan is needed to support your economy. It will be your huge deficits over the years that will bring down the dollar and your country. Once this bankruptcy is forced on the people, there will be chaos and riots in the streets. Once martial law results, My faithful will need to move to My refuges of protection. Trust in My help to get you to My refuges since the one world people are about to bring their one world government into power with the Antichrist at the head.”

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 24, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, there is pride in man in his own accomplishments, when he should be giving glory to Me for such things. The vision of the tower of Babel is a sign how man was trying to reach heaven with a tall building. It was man’s arrogance for power that I humbled him by causing many languages to be spread among the people so they could no longer work together on building this tower. Even today, the same is true with your skyscrapers and inventions when you rarely give Me glory for your accomplishments. The pride and greed for power and money will be leading to America’s demise because of your overspending and irresponsible management of your deficits. Because of your sins of abortion and your sexual sins, your punishment will be the loss of your rights, and you will see a takeover by martial law. Be prepared to go to My refuges when martial law occurs.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is not by accident that you are seeing record snowfalls and record cold all over America, especially in the Northern states. In the vision I am showing you exactly how the weather is being formed over the Pacific Ocean and it is swept in by the controlled jet streams into the center of America. Also deep cold waves are coming down from Canada. The storms are coming in one after another, as even the weather forecasters think that this activity does not follow normal weather patterns. It is difficult to prove that the HAARP machine is causing this irregular weather, but I am trying to confirm My previous messages with this vision. Forecasters talk of various oscillator highs over Greenland, but these weather currents can also be manipulated by moving the jet streams in various waves. When you have a microwave machine that can control weather, form earthquakes, and affect mind control over people, then you see why it is so important to alert people about the workings of the HAARP machine. The one world people will use any device at hand to cause major natural disasters that will allow a martial law declaration for total takeover of America. Be prepared to leave for My refuges when I tell you to leave.”

Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 24, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011: (St. Scholastica)
Jesus said: “My people, have no fear of the demons when you invoke My Name of protection. But do not become involved with the occult in black magic, New Age, witchcraft, sorcery, tarot cards, or transcendental meditation that can invite demons into your body. Avoid evil potions, Harry Potter movies and books that can influence you to obsession or possession by demons. By calling on My healing and not spirit guides, you can be healed in faith both physically and spiritually. You can wear your blessed sacramentals of your rosaries, scapulars, relics, and holy water or blessed salt to repel any demon attacks. Possessed people should have an exorcist priest pray over them, or a deliverance prayer group binding any evil spirits to the foot of My cross. I have power over all the demons, but in your prayers some demons require prayer and fasting, as with some serious addictions. Recite your St. Michael prayer and invoke My Name if you should be attacked by demons. Ask Me to send angels from heaven to do battle with any evil influences. You have Me, your guardian angel, and the saints to call on for help in guarding you from sin and temptations of the devil that you suffer every day.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, the protest marches in Egypt have called for Mubarak to step down from power. The concern is whether the military will assume power in the vacuum of no leadership. If the military starts ruling, there may be a conflict between the protesters and the military which could turn violent very quickly. Pray for no loss of life in this conflict so there is a steady transition of power.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a tall tree shows how much it is dependent on a sound root structure. The first roots of My Church started with the prophecies and prophets of the Old Testament. Today, you have a hierarchy headed by My pope son, the cardinals, bishops, priests, and other clergy. The root structure is made up of My faithful remnant in the laity. As the faith of the people grows weak, the root structure that supports My Church also grows weak. Pray that the lukewarm will be inspired by My prayer warriors to hold fast to their faith.”

Jesus said: “My people, for some time your dollar has been controlled and interest rates have been held at artificially low levels. The Federal Reserve has been printing so much money that the true value of the dollar has been so diluted that many countries will soon avoid dollars. The reserve currency of the dollar to buy oil will soon be superceded by other currencies. If America cannot find buyers for its Treasury Notes, then you will soon have to print so much money that it will cause hyperinflation and soon bankruptcy. When you cannot buy food or fuel, you will see riots and looting followed by martial law. Then you will only be safe by coming to My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen threats of bankruptcy in many European countries, and their bailouts are only temporary. Another financial crisis will happen in America that will have rippling effects on the world economies. Because your money does not have any intrinsic value, it can fail very quickly when your debts are impossible to fund. This currency failure will be the beginning of the takeover of America. Again, My refuges will be your best protection.”

Jesus said: “My people, the one world people are planning major uprisings in many countries so under martial law they can take over many countries to form the unions that will be given over to the Antichrist to control. He will bring peace out of chaos, but soon he will bring about an evil tyrannical dictatorship where he will try and control people with chips in the body. Refuse to take any chips in the body. When this tribulation begins, My faithful need to be at My refuges because the evil ones will try to eliminate Christians and patriots to form their new world order. Have trust in My protection for I am more powerful than all of these evil ones.”

Jesus said: “My people, when you pray for the success of spiritual conferences, you know that you will need heavenly power to hold back any evil attacks on conferences that will help to save souls. You have seen your own novena to St. Therese answered in helping you complete your recent DVD talk. This is why novena prayers for this upcoming conference are so important for all of your participants to pray. Instead of just nine days, you can pray your novena prayers for all the days before this conference.”

Jesus said: “My people, many of your strong, faithful prayer groups are losing members to deaths of various causes. Because your members tend to be getting older into retirement, it is harder to add new members to replace those who have died or are in nursing homes. I have told you when I return, will I find any faith on the earth? Pray now to have your prayers doubled because fewer and fewer prayers are being prayed to offset the increasing evil in the world. This evil will culminate with the short reign of the Antichrist during the tribulation. Trust in My protection at My refuges and do not lose hope. Once you see the Antichrist come into power, know that My coming is soon when I will cast this evil lot into hell and bring My faithful into My Era of Peace.”

Friday, February 11, 2011

February 24, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011: (Jim White’s funeral Mass)
Jim said: “I want to thank you, John and Carol, for visiting me before I died, and sharing with my family. I wanted to take issue with my nephew’s comment on me being grumpy. My world comments were addressing how evil things have become, and the Lord will be coming to address these evil ones. I do have hope when many will change after the Warning. I have tried to be a spiritual helper in keeping my family in prayer and on the right road to heaven. I will be praying for all of My family as I love all of them so very much. I love you, Maureen, and I am no longer in pain. I will be in purgatory for a short time. Thank you for all of your prayers and Masses for my intention. Support each other in your faith and continue to attend Sunday Mass and monthly Confession. Call on me to pray for you in your times of need.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen in history how England’s meager air force was able to defeat a German air force that was four times as large. In America today, you have a different evil force which is trying to take you over, but not by a military takeover. You are dealing with the demon inspired central bankers and one world people who are doing everything to ruin your Republic. Their first attack was to control you financially through the Federal Reserve. The second attack was to create massive deficits through wars, stock market crashes, and overspending by your government. Your debts are so large that it is almost equal to your country’s national output. These evil ones also want to erase the middle class by purposely sending your good manufacturing jobs overseas by controlling corporate leaders. They also want to destroy the moral fabric of America by dividing families, using pornography and drugs to break down the people, and even by using the occult and New Age teachings. You not only are dealing with ruthless killers, but you are in a battle for souls. Many of your churches are losing members as your national morality is being corrupted by evil and spiritual laziness. There is still hope by forming or enlarging your prayer groups. Prayer is your best weapon against the evil ones who are trying to take over America. Many are preparing refuges of protection for dealing with the evil tribulation of the Antichrist. Call on My angels to help you in this battle against the evil ones. Stand up and fight the immorality all around you. Even as Germany was defeated, so I will intervene in the battle against the Antichrist to bring about his demise. Trust in My greater power that will defeat evil and bring My people into My Era of Peace.”

Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 24, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading you are seeing the result of the sin of Adam and Eve when they were banished from the Garden of Eden and had to work for their food by tilling the soil. This is contrasted with the vision under the Vatican where you see St. Peter and many popes were buried. I came to die and redeem mankind from the sins that were inherited from Adam and Eve. With My sacrifice you are freed at Baptism from original sin, and I have given you Confession for your actual sins to be forgiven. You have Me in My Eucharist to strengthen your soul as symbolized in the bread that was multiplied in the Gospel. I formed My Church on St. Peter and My apostles to spread Christianity to all the nations of the world. Be grateful that I have protected and preserved My Church from destruction. Many kingdoms are fortunate to last five hundred years, but you have seen My hand in helping My Church throughout history for over two thousand years. My hand of protection will always be with My faithful remnant even throughout the tribulation. So have hope that you will be protected from the demons and the Antichrist at My refuges.”

Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 24, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, this vision of removing a television from the house can be interpreted as another sign of the coming Warning experience. The Warning will come before the Antichrist declares himself. In the Warning experience you will see your life review, and you will be warned not to take the chip in the body, nor worship the Antichrist. After the Warning you will want to remove your TVs, computers, and radios so you will not see or hear the Antichrist, so he cannot try to force you to worship him. Also, after the Warning you will be advised to leave soon for My refuges for protection from the evil ones. The Warning will also be an urging to get to Confession as you will be able to remember all of your unforgiven sins. You can be prepared for the Warning by frequent Confession so you will have fewer unforgiven sins to review.”

Jesus said: “My people, this prescription sign in the vision covers several issues dealing with medicines. The first issue is a concern about avoiding flu shots that are being used by the drug companies to eventually break down people’s immune systems. This will make people vulnerable to the pandemic virus that will be spread by the chemtrails. At the same time, I have recommended masks to wear and Hawthorn pills, vitamins, and herbs to take to help build up your immune systems. Other warnings are a concern about imported medicines from China that could be of questionable quality. Eventually, you may have to stock up on six months supply of your herbs and vitamins when your government will have a new plan according to the World Health Organization that will require licenses to sell vitamins and herbs. Once you come to My refuges, you will have My luminous cross and the healing spring water to protect you from any diseases. But until you leave for My refuges, you may need to help your health needs and be concerned about what people are putting in your food or medicines.”

Monday, February 14, 2011

February 24, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011: (St. Cyril and Methodius)
Jesus said: “My people, this rope bridge across a ravine is definitely unsteady as you cross to the other side. This is a little like the ups and downs that you are faced with in life’s trials. At times you may have to deal with problems with your car or your house that need fixing. At other times you may have problems with your health or that of a relative or friends. Also, you have been attending several funerals of your friends. All of life’s problems can cause you stress, but you must keep peace in your soul, and cross these bridges when you have to. Pray for My help in giving you strength to endure your trials, and for My grace to protect you from any temptations of the evil one. Just as Cain allowed himself to be jealous of Abel’s favor with the Lord, do not let things or people bother you so much that it could lead you into sin. Follow your heart of love and do not give in to the urges of the body.”

Jesus said: “My people, the evil central bankers and the one world people are using their public relations people to tell you how imminent their takeover is going to be. They are so prideful of their power, but they are weak against Me and the population that could be turned against them. The evil ones are proceeding with their plans to make the dollar worthless so bankruptcy, pandemic viruses, and world famine could bring about martial law. These evil ones can even create man-made disasters as well. Their intention is to try and place chips in everyone to control them as robots. Refuse to take any chips in the body even under pain of death because they will control your free will. Their other plan is to exterminate all Christians and patriots before and after martial law is declared. My faithful will need to leave for My refuges before the military starts enforcing mandatory chips in the body. Once martial law takes over, America will become part of the North American Union and all of your rights will be taken away. Then all the continental unions will be given over to the Antichrist so he can declare his coming into power. Fear not these evil ones because I will then intervene with My supernatural power that will cast all of these evil ones into hell after they suffer My plagues on earth. You will be seeing the chapters of the Book of Revelation carried out before your eyes, as I will then bring about My Era of Peace as your reward for remaining faithful to Me. So be calm and patient as you prepare to come to My refuges where you will find food, water, shelter, and healings. My angels will protect you, so you will have no need of guns. Have some food on hand until you leave for My refuges. Gold and silver will be used briefly for barter, but food is more valuable to store.”

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