Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, I have told you that the tribulation will be an evil that you have never seen. Part of this increase in evil is that more demons will be allowed to leave hell and torment the souls on the earth. You may have to grab your backpacks and leave as you see the UN military ransacking houses right on your street. In this case you may not have the cover of night which is why you may have to sneak out your back door even in the daylight. If you leave when I first warn you, you will have time to wait until nighttime. If you do not leave right away, you may have to leave in a short time when you see these men coming. Call on Me and My angels to guide you to the nearest refuge because you may have to leave on bikes or on foot if you have to leave in haste. Those, who stay in their homes, could risk martyrdom, but those, who leave at My direction, will be protected at My refuges.”

Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, you have been blessed with having My Mass present to you, even daily for those who desire to come. The rain on the Mass represents the devil’s attempts to take you away from Me with sin and the world’s distractions. But his temptations only last a while and My sun comes out to protect you. The other vision of a galaxy of souls circling around My Host in the monstrance represents how I will draw My faithful remnant to My places of refuge. It also is a little like heaven where everything revolves around Me, and is focused on Me. Many people do not fully believe that I created the universe and that I control all of the movements of the stars and the planets. For those, who do believe, you are the ones that also see My hand in all of your lives and how you are dependent on Me for everything. Give praise and glory to your Lord and continue to accept Me as Master of your life in following My mission for you. Give thanks to Me for all that I do for you and My unconditional love for you. I only ask that you love Me and share My love with your neighbor as well. By keeping focused on Me in daily prayer, you can see how your life revolves around Me in all that you do.”

Tuesday, February 2, 2010: (Presentation of Jesus in the Temple)

February 2, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, today you honor Me at My Presentation in the Temple which is a Jewish tradition to bless the first born males. This goes back to when the first born males of the Israelites were spared in Egypt, and the Egyptians suffered the loss of their first born males who died in the last of ten plagues. This was the turning point in Pharaoh releasing the Jews to leave Egypt. This is also a day of tradition in the blessing of candles which prepares you for the blessing of the throats tomorrow on the feast day of St. Blaise. Blessed candles also will be used and needed when you are faced with the three days of darkness, as they will be the only allowed source of light. There are many traditions that you honor in your faith that give reverence, honor, and glory to Me. You should honor and accept My Real Presence in My Blessed Sacrament which means genuflecting or bowing to Me in Holy Communion or in My tabernacle. It is more reverent to receive My consecrated Host on the tongue than in the hand. Having a large crucifix on the altar also helps you to remember how I died a cruel death to save all of your souls. Coming to Sunday Mass is not only a tradition, but it is part of My Third Commandment. As soon as you neglect this reverence for Me, you are on the wrong path to letting your love for Me weaken in your faith.”

Jesus said: “My people, those, who live in the Northern states are acquainted with the long cold winters and the need for a fuel source to keep warm. For many years you have been spoiled with relatively cheap fuels of natural gas, propane, wood, and oil. When you had an ice storm and lost your electricity for over a week, you saw the value of having an alternative source of fuel in wood and your kerosene. Even at My refuges, I have advised My people to have at least two sources of fuel for heating. At My refuges I will even multiply your fuel if necessary to keep you warm in the winter or to heat your food. Trust in Me to provide for all of your needs throughout the tribulation time. Many miracles will be performed both as protection and ways to provide your food.”

Wednesday, February 3, 2010: (St. Blaise)

February 3, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, I know this life is difficult to endure physically with your aches and pains, and spiritually with your daily confrontation with the devil’s temptations. But I give you My graces in My sacraments and the Mass. You also have the Scriptures in the Bible to follow and imitate My life. All of your struggles on earth are focused on your desire to one day be with Me in heaven where there is constant love, peace, and the absence of evil. You have to suffer a purification of your earthly desires either here on earth or in purgatory. Those, who refuse to accept Me and give in to Satan and pleasures, risk losing their soul for all eternity in the flames of hell. So I ask you to have your soul prepared every day to meet Me at your judgment. By having a soul cleansed of sin through My forgiveness in Confession, you will truly be pure and ready to meet Me. In near death situations or at the Warning, you will have a mini-judgment and you will be given a second chance to save your soul. But at death you will face a judgment to heaven, purgatory, or hell. Work to be worthy of being with Me in the joy of heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, in previous messages I have advised you to leave for your refuges under cover of night. In general I will give you enough warning to leave so you can wait to leave at night. Certain people may wait too long after My warning to leave, and it is these people that may need to leave in the daytime when they see the men in black pulling people out of their homes. If you leave at night, you could take your vehicle to travel. If the evil ones are coming close, then you may have to leave on foot or with bicycles out of your back doors. This is a message of clarification for the recent vision on leaving in the daylight. This is another example of leaving when I tell you to leave or you could risk being captured and martyred for your faith. Once you are well down the road to My refuges, then your angels will shield you by making you invisible to your persecutors. Give praise and thanks to Me for protecting you and providing for your needs.”

Thursday, February 4, 2010

February 4, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, this asteroid in your vision is relatively small, but at the speed that it is traveling, there is still a chance of damage from the remaining fragments after entry into your atmosphere. You have recently read articles of how only a small amount of money is spent on searching for near miss objects coming toward the earth. Many times you find out about such objects after they have passed you, as the recent object that was only 80,000 miles away. Any such objects that strike in the ocean could send a considerable sized tsunami that could inundate coastal cities with a wall of water. Do not be surprised if such an event happens with little or no warning.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, your people have still not realized how precious each life is that I bring to the earth. In addition to taking life because it is a convenience or an embarrassment, you are denying the plan that I had for the life that you killed. America needs to wake up and stop supporting the death culture in abortion, euthanasia, and wars. Even your scientists are developing diseases to drastically decrease the world’s population as they follow the plan of the one world people. Work to stop abortion, euthanasia and wars to fight the demons who are encouraging these killings.”

Jesus said: “My people, because abortion is so prevalent in your society, all of heaven is celebrating every birth of a child in this life. Taking care of children has become a difficulty because many babies are taken to day care centers so the mother could go to work. It is unfortunate for these children that see a babysitter more than their parents. Your society is so preoccupied with money and possessions that your children find it hard to express themselves. You are being out populated by the Muslims because they are more concerned for their children in large families. It is unfortunate that some are used for suicide bombers. So treat life as precious because your time on earth is short.”

Jesus said: “My people, in your travels you have seen how sound, lights, heating, and cooling have changed a lot even in your old churches. The ornate woodcarving and paintings are becoming a lost art, as well as stained glass windows. Modernism has crept into My Church to try and take away all of the old traditions. People at times come to church looking to be entertained instead of coming to be with Me in a personal relationship. This is why the faith is weak because you bring your technology into My churches. See My Word and the Mass as unchanging, and far superior to anything that man could do. Keep close to Me in your soul and do not let the worldly distractions take you away from Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, there is a lesson in this disaster in Haiti, and you should realize how quickly everything that you have could be lost in an instant. This is why money, possessions, and homes are not to be your gods because they are all passing away. My Word and My sacraments will live on forever, so put your faith in heavenly things that will last forever. Your desire to be with Me in love is far more satisfying to your soul’s peace than anything that this world could offer.”

Jesus said: “My people, this evil man of peace is causing signs in the sky with various technical means to claim that he is about to declare himself and lead a peace movement to stop wars. He also is claiming to be a grand master and a simple man with charismatic powers to control people’s minds. Beware of looking at this Antichrist and avoid listening to his words that will attempt to get you to worship him. Before he comes to power I will bring My Warning to wake you up to who I am and how you need to be serving Me by helping others. Avoid any chips in the body and be ready to come to My refuges during this evil one’s reign.”

My father said: “I am happy that my family is taking care of their children and having a good influence on their spiritual lives. In heaven everything is focused on Jesus, and I am proud of your ministry to help souls. It would be a good thought to have pictures of us around the house so you can better remember us who have passed on. We are here to help you, and you could call on our prayers as you pray to your son, David. Thank you for remembering me everyday at Communion time. We are part of the Communion of Saints that are always united with you. Keep working on improving your spiritual life, as heaven is always encouraging you to do your best for Jesus.”

My mother said: “John, you were always meaning well to help my conversion, but it was difficult for me to grasp at first. Once I worked for Mary and Jesus, my life was full of more joy. Dad and I are together once again and we both want to be more a part of your lives. Thank you for thinking of us at our graves, and I too would like to see our pictures around your house. We love you so much.”

Friday, February 5, 2010: (St. Agatha)

February 5, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, the pride of man is one of his greatest weaknesses that Satan exploits for sin in many people. Your scientists are destroying My creation with all of your genetically modified food and even modifications in animals and man himself. You are changing your genes beyond My original plan by splicing parts together. All the changes, that you are making, are upsetting My balance of nature, and I will need to correct these faults when I renew the earth. Man’s power and his inventions are here today and gone tomorrow. Your words against My creation of everything are against My plan, and My faithful need to stand up against those who are atheists and Satan worshipers. As you see evil and the Antichrist gain in power, remember to trust that I will protect you against the gates of hell. My refuges will protect you, then I will vanquish these evil ones after a short reign. Do not let pride control you because all that you control and do are like chaff that the wind blows away. Be faithful to Me and you will have your reward.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing unusually heavy snowstorms coming through Washington, D.C. for the last few storms. These people do not have much snow removal equipment, so many people could be stranded for several days. These storms have been too consistent over the same area to happen by chance. You know how the HAARP machine can direct bad storms over the same area by controlling the jet stream currents that direct the weather. Enough debilitating disasters as ice storms in Oklahoma and heavy snow in Virginia, are causing local emergency situations. Creating such emergencies are part of the one world people’s plan to upset your government and give room for possible military takeovers. Pray that your people can recover from these storms fast enough so that the military is not needed. Trust in My help and My angels to protect you, and be able to avoid taking chips in the body from the evil ones. Have no fear because I am at your side.”

Saturday, February 6, 2010: (St. Paul Micki & companions)

February 6, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, during life you encounter many difficult tasks that may appear impossible to overcome. If I send you on a mission that appears difficult, as these mountains in the vision, then rest assured that I will give you the grace to accomplish that mission. For with Me all things are possible. Keep faithful to your prayer life, and struggle through with trust in My help. Your most important mission is to save souls from hell, and you need to reach out to invite people to have a personal love relationship with Me, their Lord. The more people can give their will over to Me, the better I can use them to carry out their mission. It is when you close Me out of your life, and you do your own agenda, that you run into more problems in life. You are tested every day, but when you walk with Me, your life will be easier and less burdensome without any addictions.”

Jesus said: “My people, this roulette gambling table is an example of how some people are gambling with their lives and their souls by how much they abuse their bodies. If you have addictions to drinking, drugs, and smoking, then you are risking cancer in your liver and your lungs. If people are so addicted, then they need some intervention to deal with the withdrawals of drying out. Anybody, who enables their addictions, is not helping them to stop, but may be allowing them to abuse themselves to death. It is one thing to pray for them to stop, but it is another thing to have tough love to help them stop their addictions. If these people continue their bad habits, then they are truly shortening their lives. Not only will they be held accountable for abusing their bodies, but their souls are being led to the devil’s ways of the world as well. These people may even need exorcisms to rid the demons that are attached to these addictions.”

Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 7, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, every time that you receive Me in Holy Communion you are joined with the Communion of Saints which means the saints and angels of heaven as well as the souls in purgatory. So you had glimpses of your relatives that are deceased in the vision in order to emphasize this union with them through Me. Call on your relatives to help you in life with their prayers. They love you and they want to help you to get to heaven. Some people get spiritually lazy in taking care of their spiritual life, so any help, that you can call on, will be better for you. Many do not realize that there is a battle for souls going on in this life. So as the apostles pulled in the fish, so My faithful need to pull in the lost sheep so they are not lost to hell.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you many messages about refuges and how necessary they will be for your protection during the tribulation. Some people do not realize how evil it will be during the reign of the Antichrist at the tribulation time. These refuges will be oases of grace and protection during that time. The evil ones will try and force mandatory chips in the body on everyone that is not at a refuge, and these chips will control their minds. Refuse to take any chips in the body, and refuse to worship the Antichrist or even look at him nor listen to him. The Antichrist will have powers of suggestion to try and force you to worship him. My angels will guide you to safety at My refuges where you will be invisible to the evil ones. These refuge messages are true, and many people, who receive messages, will soon have this revealed to them as well. This preparation for the end times is your mission, but it is also My mercy to protect My faithful. Have no fear of this time. Some will be martyred for their faith and come straight to heaven. The rest of My faithful will be led to the safety of My refuges where I will provide for all of your needs.”

Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, in today’s economic hard times it is difficult to keep a good job and pay all of your bills. This vision of some added small construction is a bit of a risk to build something new with all of the constraints of ongoing expenses. Sometimes in other areas of your life, you reach out to change your bad habits which is a risk to keep your bodily desires in check. As Lent approaches, building bridges to cross over to a holier life, is not only a risk, but something all of My faithful need to do to root out your sinful vices. Whether it is smoking, drinking, overeating, or using birth control devices, avoiding these sinful habits, that can damage the body or soul, are very good choices to improve your spiritual life. See the need for fasting or avoiding sinful things during Lent, and you may even continue this after Lent is over. The real challenge is to take a risk and start living a better life when you should have been living this way from the beginning. As you prepare for Lent, think of one of your sins and how you could fast from it during Lent. People take risks to improve their home’s condition, so now you need to take a risk to improve your souls’s condition as well, and you will be preparing for your home in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, as you come into the time of tribulation that is led by the Antichrist, you will see a very vicious persecution of the clergy and My prophets. In the beginning the evil ones will purposely arrest and kill the cardinals, bishops, priests, and any religious leaders. The Antichrist and his followers will know who My prophets are, and they will seek them out to be killed as well. As the persecution continues, the evil ones will seek to eliminate all those people who believe in Me. This is why I am preparing My faithful to go to My refuges for protection which are My Blessed Mother’s places of apparition, holy ground places as monasteries, and even caves. You will need to protect My priests from being killed by taking them to My refuges with you. Have some Mass kits, wine and bread so you can have Mass and My Eucharist. For those, who do not have Mass, I will have My angels deliver Holy Communion to you on your tongues daily. Trust in My protection as I will provide you food, water, and shelter.”

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 9, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you this scene of people working in their yards because I am with you at your side every day. Some people do not realize that they can call on My help at any moment when you are having difficulties. If you have a loving relationship with your Lord, you know that I am always with you. I know all of your trials and pains as you experience them, but you must come forward to Me with your petitions in prayer, if you want Me to help you. Even those, that I healed, were always asked what they wanted. I also wanted to heal the whole person, both their spiritual life and any physical infirmities. Those, who have faith that I can heal them, could be healed if it is according to My Will. Reach out to share your faith with others so they will know enough to call on Me for help in their prayers. Have trust in Me daily as you walk with Me in your daily prayers.”

Jesus said: “My people, when you are in your car, you use your mirrors to see cars behind you or to see the side where you want to change lanes. Your mirrors also show you where you have been as you travel along. I want My people to be at peace in their souls, and in order to be peaceful, you need to put aside all of your fears, worries, and anxieties. First of all, you only live in the present moment and not in the past, nor in the future. Do not be worried about future events, because many things, that you fear, do not normally happen. Even the hard things of deaths in the family, sickness, or trials in your jobs can be consoled by My loving graces. When you look back at the difficult moments in your life, I was always there to help you. So have no fear of the future because I will get you through those things in the same way. When you put your full trust in Me, you will have peace in your soul with no worries. You also need to share your peace and confidence in Me with others around you who seem to be stressed by their life’s trials. When they see you at peace, even amidst many difficulties, then they will have peace too and trust in Me as well.”

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