Thursday, December 10, 2009

December 11, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, in this vision the bicycle works fine until the chain comes off the track. But once the chain comes off, then it cannot push forward by pedaling. This is true also in life. While you are with Me without sin, you have a smooth life. But once you get off track in sinful habits, you have difficulty in finding your way. I know that you are human and weak to sin, so I have given you My sacrament of Penance to forgive your sins and return you to My graces. One condition of this sacrament is that you should make a firm amendment not to repeat your sins. This means if you are living in a sinful relationship of living together in fornication, then you need to get married or break the relationship so you are not living in an occasion of sin. You at times repeat your sins, but at least try and stay out of any occasions of sin in your environment. If you drink, then refrain from going to drinking establishments. By changing your sinful lifestyle, you truly can repent and strive to show your love for Me in avoiding sins. Work to fix your life back on a path to heaven, as you would fix the chain on a bicycle.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, after the Warning you need to remove all of your TVs, computers, and radios from your homes so you do not look at or listen to the Antichrist. He will have charismatic attraction to his words to want you to worship him. Once he is declared, you need to leave for your refuges because you will need My angel protection to shield you from the evil ones who will try to kill you. Trust in My power that is greater than any evil person or evil spirit.”

Jesus said: “My people, the events of this time are leading up to the time of tribulation. As you see this plane taking off, so the events leading up to the entry of the Antichrist, are also about to take off. For many years I have given you messages of preparation for this time, and soon your preparations will be tested. Have no fear of this time, but when you are warned to leave for My refuges, do not hesitate, or you could be martyred. The evil ones are all ready to implement their plans for takeover, so have everything ready to leave.”

Jesus said: “My people, your Medicare Program for 65 and over is almost bankrupt, yet your Senators want to take $500 billion out of this program and lower the age to 55. This plan will destroy your current health plans and put your country on track to bankruptcy. This national Health Plan will control many facets of your lives and force chipped ID cards to get any services. All of these savings will come from not serving the elderly. This will encourage euthanasia as well as funding for abortion. Call on your Senators to reject this plan that will support the death culture.”

Jesus said: “My people, one of the goals of Masonry is to destroy the Roman Catholic Church and this is why they build their temples next to My churches. This brotherhood of secrecy is how they carry out their plans to undermine and attack My Church. Through the government they will begin stripping any tax privileges and continue attacking My priests with false accusations. Call on My help to preserve My faithful remnant, as My angels will do battle with these evil forces.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have told you when I return that you will see My angels ascending and descending around Me in spirit. All of the power of the evil ones will be taken away as I will cast them into hell. Then I will renew the earth to prepare My faithful to enter My Era of Peace. The reign of the Antichrist will be brief and shortened for the sake of My elect. Prepare your souls in Confession so you will be spiritually ready for this last battle for souls in these end days.”

Jesus said: “My people, as you celebrate the coming feast of My Blessed Mother at Guadalupe, take up your rosaries daily and call on her to place her mantle of protection over her children. You are joined with our two hearts in love and you will need our help in the coming tribulation. My Blessed Mother’s places of apparition will also be places of refuge for her children. Call on us and the angels to do battle against the evil ones. The coming last battle is coming at Armageddon. Trust in My power to protect you and provide for your needs.”

Friday, December 11, 2009

December 12, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, in the workplace today it is a struggle just to be able to keep a job. In the past your job expectancy has been if you do your work properly, that you could expect steady raises over time both for inflation and merit raises. In today’s market in some companies the funds for raises are getting less and everyone is not eligible to get a raise. It is also a constant problem that companies are cutting back on health support as premiums rise faster than inflation. Many are struggling to make ends meet because wages and benefits are limited by market conditions for labor. This is all a part of world competition and the export of manufacturing jobs. America’s incomes have become stagnant on the low income level, but your executives are highly overpaid for what they do. This inequality is a judgment against your employers who are robbing pay from their workers. The rich will pay for this at their judgment. But expect your standard of living to continue decreasing as a plan of the one world people. Pray for those unemployed or under employed who are taking lower pay and less hours. Many are suffering hardships from lost jobs and unemployment benefits running out.”

Jesus said: “My people, at times your heating ducts need to be cleaned of dust and your water drains cleared to increase the flow. Even your heart arteries need unclogging to avoid heart attacks. In the same way your soul can get clogged up with sins and endanger your spiritual life. If you allow your sins to accumulate without frequent Confession, then your soul will soon be lacking in grace to keep it vibrant. You need frequent Confession, daily prayer, and daily Mass if possible to build up your spiritual strength and keep your soul unclogged from your sins. Encourage your family members and friends to do likewise so they can have pure souls. By keeping your soul always prepared, you will have no fear if I should call you home to your judgment. Keep close to Me in My sacraments, and you will receive your reward in heaven.”

Saturday, December 12, 2009: (Our Lady of Guadalupe)

December 13, 2009

Our Lady said: “My dear children, I am sorry for you that my feast day of Guadalupe was overlooked at the Mass. I am the Blessed Mother of the Americas and this is a noted celebration, especially in Mexico. You have seen miracles even from the copy of the tilma that you escorted in your city of Rochester, N.Y. You celebrated St. Juan Diego’s feast a few days ago and even my image is one of pregnancy and appropriate for the Advent Season. My children are being tested by the one world people who want to join Canada, America, and Mexico into one of their fake unions to deny your sovereign nationhood. I am protecting you at my apparition places of refuge where Jesus and the angels will defend you from the evil ones. Be prepared, as my Son, Jesus, has warned you, for events will be moving quickly, and you will need to seek the safety of our refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen earthquakes underwater cause tsunamis. Now I am showing you deep earthquakes that could drain your ponds, water wells, and even change the course of your lakes. A major earthquake on the New Madrid fault could drain even your Great Lakes into the Mississippi River basin, and this would cause a great loss of fresh water. Other earthquakes in the West could change the geography of your Western coastline. You have had a time of relative stability, but once large earthquakes start happening, you could see other major earthquakes occur on the plate interfaces. Be prepared for major damage in the cities near these fault lines. Many of your water, gas, and electric lines will be affected, and it will leave many areas with no power, no heat, and little water. Be ready to leave for your refuges where your necessities will be provided, and you will be protected even from earthquakes.”

Sunday, December 13, 2009: (3rd Sunday of Advent, Gaudete Sunday)

December 14, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, today’s theme is joy in the Spirit, and it is personified in St. John the Baptist as he rejoices in his mission of bringing Baptism to those who want to repent of their sins. This release of the captives of sin is truly a reason for rejoicing. St. John is the herald in the desert preparing the way for My coming. This joy in your heart and soul, when you are set free of your sins, is reason for all of heaven to rejoice as well. You were lost, but now you are found in My grace, when you come to Confession and Baptism. Encourage your friends and relatives to repent and be saved as well. This is the reason for your evangelization efforts to set souls free of their bondage of sin. Keep close to Me in your daily prayer and frequent Confession.”

Monday, December 14, 2009: (St. John of the Cross)

December 15, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, this picture of Me prefigured on the cross is to emphasize that My main reason that I was incarnated as a man, was so I could save the world of its sins and be its Savior on the cross. Even as you are waiting to celebrate My birth on Christmas, so the prophets are telling you that God will send a Redeemer for His people. Not only was I sent to save the Jewish people, but also to save all the Gentiles as well. I give everyone an opportunity to be saved, but each person must accept Me as their Savior and repent of their sins. Without these prerequisites, you cannot enter into heaven. Each person has to choose between Me or the devil’s world. But you also must accept the consequences of your choices. Those, who choose to follow My ways, will be rewarded in heaven. Those, who choose to follow the world and the devil’s ways, will be judged to hell. There is no one else to blame for your chosen destination but yourself. Choose to love Me, and you will enjoy a life beyond your imagination.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you this luminous cross because it is the Cross of Light that will be visible in the sky at all of My refuges during the tribulation. You are having a view of such a cross in the various places that you have traveled. Several people have related to you of similar happenings of luminous crosses on people’s frosted glass in their bathrooms. At Thermal, California you have seen the most beautiful cross that I have told you would mark a place of refuge, and there would be healings there, both physical and spiritual. These signs of luminous crosses could be because the people have had spiritual experiences in their prayer lives. It is definitely miraculous in nature, and could also be signs of holy ground where My angels will protect these locations. Those, who have these crosses, should pray in discernment if there is a mission there or a refuge there. Miraculous healings could be a further verification of a place of refuge for the end times. Rejoice that I am sharing these signs of My love, and this connection with My dying on the cross to save all of mankind from their sins.”

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 16, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, there are many lukewarm Catholics and lukewarm in other denominations that become weak in their faith, and they gradually fall away from Sunday worship of Me. As you see the serpent and the crocodile representing the devil, he is in search of the lukewarm to drown them in the world away from their life with Me. In these cases it is only miracles of conversion, or prayer warriors in their families that can save them before death. It is very dangerous for your spiritual life to be weak in your faith. Daily prayer and Sunday Mass should be the bare minimum to keep you close to Me in grace. Those, who are lax in going to Confession, also are risking their souls to being lost in serious sin. Wake up and renew your faith often, or you may go into a spiritual coma where the devil could take you for his own. Do not rely on others to save you, but save your soul by holding on to Me in My sacraments of grace. My prayer warriors also need to be in persistent prayer for your friends and family, especially any lukewarm souls in the faith. Work every day to protect your soul, and strive to evangelize souls and reconvert those who have fallen away from their faith.”

Jesus said: “My people, this current Health Plan has also seen some difficulties in seeing the truth because everything has been worked out behind closed doors. Where there is such blinding secrecy, the Congress people must have something to hide. They know if the people could read the bad parts of the bill, that there would be a great push to reject it. This is just another move to big government with more control over your Health Insurance. It will cost more than the current cost of health care, and it will hurt older people when the Medicare cuts are implemented. Many lies are being told to your people as they are trying to force this bill through while blinding you with a snow storm of 2,000 pages of unread documents. Encourage your Congress people to reject this secret means of passing legislation which will give more control to your government, and take more money from your taxpayers and their children. See these legislators for what they are-liars, and cheaters of the people.”

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 17, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, at times people get themselves into helpless situations that seem like there is no way out. When they pray their petitions to Me, I hear the cry of the poor. In some instances I have answered their prayer with a miracle, even as in this vision when I pulled the person out of the cistern. I am the Great Healer as well as your Savior. In other instances I have performed spiritual miracles in converting people from their sinful lifestyles. In all of these situations a prayer of thanksgiving would be in order. In the same way when people have helped you, or have worked for you all year long, it is appropriate to thank them with a gift of some kind. You have so many gifts to thank Me for that you could give a gift to the poor as you see Me in them. Christmas is a great time to share gifts as you exchange gifts with one another. Remember that I am your greatest gift to you every day and not just on Christmas.”

Jesus said: “My people, for a man and woman who are courting before marriage, it is very difficult to avoid sins of pleasure including fornication or masturbation. Yet to honor your wife’s virginity, it is much better to reserve the marriage act until after you are married. Even once you are married, you should honor your vows and not have any affairs with others. You also need to honor My laws against birth control devices so that you leave every marriage act open to possible life. Following natural rhythm methods of Family Planning is allowed by the Church. It is not easy to live a chaste life, but you will be rewarded for doing your best to follow My laws against fornication, adultery, masturbation, and birth control. Pray for help in any temptations for these sins and confess any such sins quickly in Confession. It is these sins of the flesh that send most souls into hell. Show your love for Me by avoiding these sins of the flesh.”

Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 18, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, some people pride themselves in being able to trace their family genealogy back a few hundred years. In today’s Gospel you read of St. Matthew’s account (Matt. 1:1-7) that dated back to Abraham for My ancestry. This account listed the parentage forward from Abraham to St. Joseph. In St. Luke’s account (Luke 3:23-38) the ancestry starts with Me and records the parents going backwards all the way back to Adam. The importance of this lineage is to emphasize that salvation history was planned by God and not inspired by man. My true human father is the Holy Spirit who was the Spouse of My Blessed Mother. My Blessed Mother’s lineage also goes back to King David which is why both Joseph and Mary had to register in Bethlehem. This genealogy also explains that I was born as a man to save the Lost Sheep of Israel, but I also came to save all of mankind, even the Gentiles. This is another sign also of how mankind should be thankful for Me in being your Savior, and also for all of creation including life itself. Rejoice that you are all a part of My salvation history.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, you are familiar with the struggle between the prey and the predator in the animal world. There is also a spiritual world where your souls are the prey and the evil demons are the predators searching for the ruin of souls. I am the Good Shepherd and I protect My sheep from the wolves of the demons. You are no match for the evil angels, but I have given you guardian angels to watch over you. Seek My protection in prayer, My sacraments, and your blessed sacramentals.”

Jesus said: “My people, many young children want to go to Santa Claus to ask for some gifts, but sometimes they are questioned if their behavior deserves some gifts. My faithful come to Me in Adoration seeking to have their prayers and petitions heard. In My talking to your heart, I am asking you to also change your behavior so I can direct you to a life without sin. It is difficult to avoid sin completely, but I give you Confession so you can ask My forgiveness.”

Jesus said: “My people, My angels are always joyous in singing My praises and trumpeting My Word among mankind. At Mass My faithful are also joyous in singing songs to Me and hearing My Word in the Scriptures. See that Mass and My sacraments are a preview of what is to come when you are in heaven with My angels and saints. Having Me in your heart at Holy Communion time is your closest taste of heaven on earth.”

Jesus said: “My people, you concern yourself with what to buy for people, when you all have most of what you need already. Be sure to set aside some money for the poor who are in much more need for anything that you could give them. The poor are less demanding for any desired gift. Also the Wise Men brought Me gifts worthy of My Kingship, even though I was just an infant. If you know what kind of gifts to give your children in your weak nature, imagine how great My gifts are for you when you are all My children.”

Jesus said: “My people, your children and their spouses have to go where the jobs are in order to meet their needs to make a living. Since you have such a mobile society, it is not uncommon that families are spread apart by great distances. Holy days are a great tradition to be drawn together to share some time with each other. At times such travel can be difficult with snow and ice during the winter. Be joyful when you can share each other’s company. Even the shepherds and the Wise Men also made a sacrifice in travel so they could see their newborn King. Life is short and you never know when you may see someone for their last Christmas.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am reminding you again to start praying your Novena for your intentions. One intention is the success of your February Betania Conference. Remember that whatever you pray for in the sincerity of your heart, I will hear your prayer and answer it for whatever is best for your soul. Saving souls after all, should be one of your greatest desires to bring souls to Me in love. I am the little King, like the Infant of Prague, and you can pray to Me as an infant or as an adult, and I will hear everyone’s prayers. Honor this tradition of prayer to celebrate My feast of Christmas.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are always in a joy filled spirit around Christmas, but there still are people suffering without jobs, or having trouble surviving your recession. After Christmas you have feast days of martyrs and the Holy Innocents indicating that there will always be suffering going on even during the Christmas Season. Pray to stop abortion, and pray for those who are in financial hard times and having trouble to provide food and shelter for their families. Donations to your local food shelves would be appropriate in this season of sharing gifts.”

Friday, December 18, 2009

December 19, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, when My Blessed Mother was found pregnant by the Holy Spirit, St. Joseph was in a quandary what to do. The angel in a dream explained how My Blessed Mother became pregnant, and St. Joseph was asked to take her into his house as his wife. For St. Joseph the parentage of Me was always a stumbling block, but he accepted his role as step father, and was satisfied to carry out God’s plan in protecting My Blessed Mother from any scandal. My Blessed Mother for her part had to risk any danger of being found pregnant and unmarried when she accepted the Word of St. Gabriel. My earthly conception by the Holy Spirit is another example of the Blessed Trinity’s Presence. Wherever I am present, you also have My Father and the Holy Spirit present as well because We are inseparable. This is true also when you receive Me in Holy Communion in that all three of Us are present in your heart and soul at the same time. Honor Our Presence in everyone because you are all temples of the Holy Spirit.”

Jesus said: “My people, many are concerned with global warming that some think is being caused by burning fossil fuels. Most of your power production is being provided by burning such fuels. Only nuclear plants, wind, and solar power do not burn fossil fuels, but these sources are a small percentage of the overall power production. In addition to air pollution, your fresh water pollution is another area that man needs to clean up for good health. Fresh water is limited and an increasing population is putting more strains on your food and water needed to survive. As you hear more countries trying to curb their energy usage, the whole environment needs to be looked at as a big picture. This should not be just a redistribution of wealth, but a sincere effort by all nations to limit their air and water pollution. The earth has finite limits of resources, and limits to how much pollution can be reversed. Without an equal effort by all nations, then a fair amount of cost would be hard to manage. Work to make the earth cleaner for future generations to inherit.”

Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 20, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, you were reading today of the circumstances that brought about the miraculous births of Samson in the Old Testament and St. John the Baptist in the New Testament. Nothing is impossible for Me, as even My own birth was a miracle of the Holy Spirit. You have seen many natural disasters occurring as a sign of the end times among you. This vision of a men’s lavatory falling apart is a sign of how America will be brought to its knees and fall to others. The fall of America will be a punishment for all of your abortions and sexual sins as you worship worldly things as idols before worshiping Me. The falling away from your faith in Me is what will bring about your fall as a nation. It is only the few who are faithful in prayer that have postponed this fall from happening sooner.”

Jesus said: “My people, the time of your persecution draws near, as you see how evil the world is getting. Christians have been criticized and made fun of in public disgrace, but soon the evil ones will start discriminating all of those who believe in Me and do not believe or worship the Antichrist. Your persecution will become so severe that they will want to put you in prison and torture you for My sake. Even your prayers and reverent devotions will heap coals on their fury to kill you. Once you see martial law, mandatory chips in the body, famine, and division in My Church, then you should call on Me and I will have your guardian angels lead you to the nearest refuge. If you delay at your homes after I have warned you to leave, then you could risk capture and being killed in their death camps. Trust in Me for your protection at My refuges, where you will have bread, water, meat, and shelter.”

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