(Warning-cleanse mortal sin before; heaven or hell-choice, consequences of sins; this event is truly coming) July 18, 2008

September 2, 2009

At St. Theodore’s Adoration I could see a stark vision of a football in the middle of the vision with black and white all around it, indicating the battle of good and evil. Jesus said: “My son, I have given you messages before that the Warning would most likely occur during your football season from September to February. This vision of the football is a sign of this time, and the black and white all around the football represent the battle of good and evil that is getting more noticeable. You will only have weeks of time after the Warning for conversions. Then events will move quickly to place the Antichrist into power. I want My faithful to remember to go to Confession at least monthly so you are in the state of grace when you meet Me at your mini-judgment. I have been emphasizing that you get things ready to load into your backpacks for leaving to go to My refuges. After the Warning, you should have your backpacks filled and ready to leave at a moment’s notice. The Warning will be My mercy for sinners, but also a sign that the major events are about to take place. Trust in Me to have your guardian angel lead you on the right path to protection at My refuges.”
September 11, 2006:
At St. Theodore’s tabernacle I could see a large end of a tunnel that looked like a cave and a woman was standing and waiting for a bus. Jesus said: “My people, the scene waiting next to a cave is all about having patience before you see the Warning and the coming of the Antichrist. For those, who are doubting that this Warning will come to pass, believe it will come, and it is not that far off. Already you are seeing mandatory microchips in your driver’s licenses and passports. Some people are even volunteering to take chips in their bodies. The other signs of wars, famine, earthquakes, and a division in My Church are all poised to be fulfilled. I have given many warning messages to have you prepared both physically and spiritually for the coming end times. You already are seeing many persecutions of Christians even now, and they will continue to worsen. Do not be fearful of this time of tribulation because My angels and I will protect your souls from the evil ones. Pray to worship only Me, and that you will be strong enough to refuse any chips in the body for any reason.”
9-3-09: (Health Care-abortion, euthanasia, computerized records, by the death culture people.)
April 1, 2009:
At Holy Name after Communion I could see flood waters running high under a bridge. Jesus said: “My people, you have seen some serious flooding in the Mid-West of your country from heavy rain and snow melting. Some people are seeing too much water, while others are witnessing droughts as in Texas. This high water level is also a reflection of your high sin level. If evil could be measured in water terms, then you are also witnessing a flood of evil as well. Your abortions and wars continue, as well as your drug traffic and killings associated with drugs. Euthanasia, sexual sins, and embryonic stem cell research continues to raise the evil level in America. The death culture is running rampant with your latest administration, so expect the worst as a consequence of your misdeeds. More natural disasters, and more financial problems will be the harvest when you offend Me with these killings. Not only will your economy falter, but your whole government will be taken over by the one world people as evil will reign for a short time. Pray that this time of evil will be shortened for the sake of My faithful.”
March 21, 2009:
At St. Theodore’s tabernacle I could see a van driving off of a cliff with a very long drop into the ocean. Jesus said: “My people, I have given you several visions of the demise of your country. This van again represents the fall of America with the disastrous end very certain. The death culture people are closing their vise on your freedoms and your money. Because of the evil ways of abortion, euthanasia, and wars, you are seeing destructive natural disasters. The one world people’s planned economic crisis and constant wars are about to destroy your economy and your military. The deficit spending and control of your minds by microchips in the body are the means for your takeover. They will shut off your electricity and make your money worthless so they can control each of you like a robot. Refuse any chips in the body and be prepared to hide in your refuges for protection when martial law is about to be declared. It is not a matter if America will be taken over, but when you will be taken over. Trust in My help and protection to endure this coming tribulation.”

Friday, September 4, 2009

September 4, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, you see these very dark clouds coming over a castle in the vision, and they represent the extreme evil that will come on the earth during the Antichrist’s reign in the tribulation. You will only survive this evil time with My help and My angels leading you to the protection of My refuges. Your invisibility and My angel protection are represented by this castle image. It also means that I am your King and I will lead My people into battle at Armageddon. You should be joyful that in My Presence, you will have all that you need to carry you through this life. Have no fear, and trust where I will lead you for your refuges during the tribulation.”
Jesus said: “My people, a time will come when it will be hard to find fresh drinking water. With all of your fertilizers and pesticides, your wells and streams are becoming more acid and contaminated. Your lakes and rivers also are requiring major purification. Purifying the water, or converting ocean water to pure drinking water will become more expensive. Where rains are not enough to sustain crops and ground water is of questionable quality, you could see the beginning of a world famine. Some hot and dry areas are also at risk for fires threatening homes and crops. There will be plenty of pure water at My refuges where I will provide enough clear water by My miracles. Pray and trust in Me to feed you, give you plenty of water, and give you shelter.”

Saturday, September 5, 2009

September 5, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, you are coming out of a deep recession, but jobs are still being lost with a high unemployment level. Companies may be saving money, but your people are suffering from not having enough money for their necessities. Many jobs have left your country and manufacturing jobs are becoming scarce. This is why I have told you that your standard of living has been decreasing as a result. This control of your economy has been purposely caused by the one world people, because bankruptcy and takeover of America is their goal. Any way that they can precipitate an appearing emergency as with your pandemic Swine Flu, they will use such an excuse to take away your freedoms. Mandatory vaccinations and quarantines as in a proposed bill in Massachusetts should make it obvious that it is control over America that the one world people are planning. They created this disease with a man-made virus, and they are proposing the solution with a martial law that will take away all of your rights. Pray for My protection as soon you will need to go to My refuges to save your lives and protect your souls.”
Jesus said: “My people, at times you let your spiritual life become too routine, and you need to let some fresh air into your lives. Make a point to vary your reading material, or pray some different prayers. You may want to emphasize your fasting for various intentions. By changing your prayer life a little, you can add a little more fervor of love for Me. As you compare various years, you need to improve in your spirituality if you intend to work on your perfection for sainthood. Reach out more to help people in their faith more than just their physical needs. Evangelization is more difficult, but with My help, it will be more rewarding both in this life and the next life.”

(America-bankruptcy & takeover; Swine flu-cause & solution) February 17, 2009

September 5, 2009

At St. Theodore’s Adoration I could see car companies and financial stocks about to declare bankruptcy. Jesus said: “My people, how many times are you going to listen to these deteriorated stock leaders complain that they are too big to fail and need to be bailed out by your taxpayers? It was never the taxpayer’s money that was supposed to support the car makers and the banks who all made their own errors in judgment. Even if there would be some bankruptcies, continued drains of borrowed money will not solve their problems and will only add to a monstrous debt that could bankrupt your country. Those, who made bad choices, should suffer the consequences, and not the frugal taxpayer having their own hard times. Many are doubtful if your stimulus plan and bank mortgage plans are going to solve your recession. The amount of money needed to fix your crisis is too much to try and solve with more taxes or more borrowing. This crisis was purposely created to bankrupt your country, so you will soon reap the consequences of this plan. The solution of martial law, a North American Union, and a new ‘amero’ currency is a solution of the one world people to form a global government. Be prepared to go to My refuges because your imminent takeover is not far off. Global government will not solve your financial problem, but it will make it worse as your rights and your jobs will be taken away and given to other countries. Pray for My protection at My refuges for you will need full trust in My help.”
June 18, 2009:
I could see some men digging a hole and this was to indicate that the recent Swine flu was man-made. Jesus said: “My people, you know that the flu season starts in October and is usually over in February. This latest outbreak of Swine flu has been designated a pandemic, but it is completely out of season. This flu is not just a mutation, but it has all the signs of a laboratory man-made disease. This first wave has been spread very easily, but it has thus far not killed very many people. This H1N1 virus has similarities to the Spanish flu that killed millions of people. The same evil ones, who developed this disease, could just as easily generate a more virulent form that could attack your population in October with more deaths occurring. This is why you need masks and food storage to weather this coming outbreak. Build up your immune system with Hawthorn, herbs, and vitamins. As you see larger numbers dying from this new virus, then you are to call on Me to lead you to My refuges. There you will look upon My luminous cross and drink the healing spring waters which will protect you from all diseases and deadly viruses, or bacteria.”

Sunday, September 6, 2009

September 6, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, what you are seeing in this vision of a green shimmering jewel, represents the soul as it leaves the body at death. After death the soul lingers several days around the body as the spirit adjusts to being separated from the body. This is how you can receive messages from the deceased at their funerals. After the souls’s particular judgment and their stay around the body, they are sent accordingly to heaven, purgatory, or hell. Pray for each soul that dies because they may be suffering in purgatory and need your prayers. If they are not there, then your prayers will go to any family members in purgatory. Reach out to each soul near death to help evangelize their soul, and save them from possibly going to hell.”

Monday, September 7, 2009: (Labor Day)

September 7, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, ever since Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden, man has had to work by the sweat of his brow to provide for food, clothing, and shelter. Working for a living in one sense is a consequence of the sin of Adam and Eve. Most people have a particular trade or skill that they share with the rest of society so they can earn money to live. You would much rather provide for yourselves by working than have to rely on others. With this latest recession, people are still losing their jobs. Companies are making more money at the expense of people being laid off, or transferring jobs overseas. Many manufacturing jobs are not going to return, so there mostly will be new service jobs that will come available after the recession. Many laid off workers are having their meager unemployment checks run out, and they still cannot find work. This is creating a problem for your sluggish economy when people have little money to spend. Pray for the unemployed and for those who are trying to get by on part time jobs that they took to replace their lost better paying jobs. Benefits are also a problem where companies are trying to avoid paying pensions and health care premiums. Employers are now abusing their workers by putting more work on their backs, and even cutting their salaries and hours. Wall Street has forced companies to produce more profits for the rich at the expense of the workers. Pray that there will be more justice and fairness without the greedy few causing more problems for the majority.”
Jesus said: “My people, I am asking you not to be overly self-indulgent in your comforts and pleasures. Some people like their sweets, but sweets should be eaten in moderation so it does not affect their health. More people are having diabetes because of their bad eating habits. Others, who smoke, drink, or take illegal drugs, are also risking bad health when these things are used as an escape. Your first concern in these matters is the health of your body, and the other concern is to avoid sinful abuses of these addictions. Another concern is if you give bad example to your children which could cause sin in their lives. Excessive drinking, illegal drugs, and abuses of the body should be avoided as sins against My Commandments. When sin endangers your soul, it is even more dangerous than abuses of the body. Strive to keep pure souls by not letting anything control you. Keep focused more on pleasing Me than on pleasing your senses.”

(Labor Day message-consequences of Adam’s sin; unemployed need prayers & help; employers, Wall Street greed for money) September 2, 2008

September 7, 2009

At St. John the Evangelist after Communion I could see some bees working hard in a hive saving honey for the winter. Jesus said: “My people, if you look around in nature, just as these bees in the vision, you will see all the animals and insects struggling in their daily call for survival. Man also, since his being cast out of the Garden of Eden, must struggle to work for his daily existence as well. Even among My disciples there was an agreement that he, who did not work and contribute to the community, should not eat. You have just celebrated Labor Day which is an acknowledgment again of the need to find a job to support your families. In your economy’s slowdown some have to endure layoffs and living on unemployment until they can find another job. It is one thing to seek welfare if you are disabled or cannot find a job, but living off the society when you could find work could even come close to a sin of sloth for continuous laziness. In addition to physical work for survival, there is also work needed for your spiritual survival. I call everyone to work with Me in grace so you can have your souls saved by repenting of your sins and accepting Me as your Savior. To show your love for Me I call you to worship Me on Sunday and for your daily prayers. You can also show love for your neighbor by your prayers for them, and doing good deeds for them. Here again there are some who are spiritually lazy and lukewarm who do not accept Me and do not show their love for Me and their neighbor. It is these that need your prayers, or they risk losing their souls to the devil in hell. Just as you try to help people survive by contributing food for the poor, so you also need to evangelize souls so they can be saved in their spiritual lives in their souls.”

Tuesday, September 8, 2009: (Birth of Blessed Virgin Mary)

September 8, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing this vision of a nun to indicate that My Blessed Mother lived a holy life without sin. Even from her conception she was blessed without having original sin on her soul because she was meant to be the pure instrument to carry Me for nine months. This birthday of My Blessed Mother was appointed by My Church based on the feast day of her Immaculate Conception on December 8, now nine months later. The reading for the day in the long form goes through the genealogy of both St. Joseph and Mary which shows My lineage from King David. This is why I was born in Bethlehem when My parents had to register where David was from. This is more evidence that My salvation history for man was planned many years before My birth on earth. Give honor to My Blessed Mother who gave her ‘fiat’ yes to accept having Me as her son. Also, imitate her sinless life.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have seen movies that use hibernation machines to travel long distances in space. This is a fictional movie, but man in his research is truly looking for a real machine for man to hibernate as the bears do. I have given you messages before that I will help those who live in the cold Northern climates with means for hibernation from My angels. By sleeping through the cold winter, you would need less food, water, and fuel to survive the cold. All things are possible with Me, and this is only one more miracle that I could do to help you in the winter time. Trust in My help and My angels to win your battles.” (Message 1-21-04 on hibernation)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009: (St. Peter Claver)

September 9, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, fame and money are fleeting, and they are gone tomorrow. Just as this crown was lowered, so all of your famous people will pass away. So do not seek the worldly things because they are of no lasting value, but seek heavenly things that will last. Look to Me and trust that I will provide for your needs, both earthly and heavenly. I give you the talents and opportunities to provide a living for yourself and your family. So do not worry about what you will need because I know your needs before you ask Me for them. Do not seek beyond your necessities because desires for wealth and excessive comforts and pleasures will lead you away from Me. Be content with your lot, and focus more on saving your soul and the souls around you.”
Jesus said: “My people, whenever you walk in natural settings without man’s development, you experience a serenity of nature in harmony. When you are immersed in My creation on your walk, you experience My peace in your soul. Not only do you desire exercise on your walk, but you also see the birds, deer, squirrels, and flowers along the way in their very habitat. You also see the need to save some wild lands so these animals can have their home to live as you do. When you walk among nature, you feel so great to be alive and experience My creation. Give thanks and praise to Me for giving you everything that you need, but trust that you will not have any fear of being denied your necessities. Life can have its ups and downs, and you will find times when you are frustrated or disappointed with things or people. But be calm and do not let any of life’s trials take away your peace, or allow you to be depressed over your difficulties. When you trust in Me daily, you will have confidence that I will solve your problems in time.”

Nature walks give peace to the soul; peace in the soul by trust in God) July 27, 2006

September 9, 2009

I could see some beautiful landscapes in some National Parks. Jesus said: “My people, when people go on summer vacations to park lands or campgrounds, there is a beautiful comprehension of the vastness of the beauty of nature. No matter how many roads, bridges, and homes that man makes, there is a special feeling that you have when you are close to nature in the wilderness. Seeing all of the mountains, streams, flowers, and wild animals helps man to see how he is just a part of this beautiful earth. It is man’s soul that sets him apart from all other animals. Being made in My Image is a special gift to man. I ask you to love Me and thank Me for your life in this beautiful home you call earth.”

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