Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, you have heard My cure of the demon possessed persons that were healed when I called the demons to leave them. The many demons drowned a large herd of swine and that is why the town people asked Me to leave. They did not realize the miracle healing, but they only concerned themselves with the lost swine. You have seen major water damage over the years from broken levees. Now you are about to see more water damage as a punishment for allowing so much evil to occur. It is by free will that you choose these evil acts, but there are also consequences for your actions. The evil of abortions and sexual sins have so cried out for My justice that you will see more destruction and loss of life. Pray for these sinners and to stay My hand of punishment. I call on My people to love Me and worship Me, and not to abuse My gifts and disobey My Commandments. Choose life over death and you will have your reward. Choose evil and you will see your punishment fit the crime.”

Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, there are some people that think the end of the Mayan Calendar could be the end of the world or the end of an age. I have not given you such a message about the end of time, because only the Father knows the time of the last day. You will know that this time is getting close by reading closely the signs of the end times and whether they are happening already. Many experts have tried to interpret these Mayan prophecies, but it is hard to draw a firm conclusion. It is sufficient to know that a date has been chosen, but it is not for you to know this date. Instead, continue your mission to prepare peoples’ souls for this end time so they all will be ready to face Me at their judgment. The best preparation is to pray every day and love Me and your neighbor by having good deeds in your hands. Do like Abraham in the reading and obey My commands, and you will have your reward in heaven.”

Friday, July 3, 2009: (St. Thomas, our 44th wedding anniversary)

July 3, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, I realize many are dressed in light attire for swimming and the hot weather, but there are too many dressed immodestly and flaunting it in public. Such immodest dress is making an unnecessary temptation for the men. This lifestyle of crude dress, overeating, gambling, and adult language comedy is not conducive to a holy life which requires a life of prayer, modesty, and humility. As you celebrate the feast of St. Thomas and his faith in My Resurrection, you should be more focused on pleasing Me and your soul than satisfying the senses of the body. You saw in the previous readings how I destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for their flagrant sexual sins. America and other nations are also calling for My justice in your sinful lifestyles without any seeking of forgiveness of your sins. Put aside your desires of the flesh and obey My Commandments of love of God and love of neighbor. This striving to be faithful will gain you more merits in heaven than following your own ways of the world. Listen to St. Thomas in ‘My Lord, and My God,’ and be grateful for My gift of Myself to all of you in My Eucharist.”

Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you many messages to be prepared to go to My refuges when I warn you, before martial law is declared. This old sundial is a sign that this time of martial law is growing close. Your friends have told you of some plan to have some martial law drills in preparation for the declaration of martial law. The one world people will use any means to gain control of America. They will create a major incident to trigger a call for emergency powers to initiate a martial law declaration. This will be their cover to eliminate millions of religious and patriotic people who will be against their new world order. Those, who call on My help, will be protected at My refuges by My angels. Those, who wait too long in their homes, could be captured and martyred for their belief in Me. Go quickly when you are notified, because the one world people have been planning for this takeover right along. This will begin America’s participation in the North American Union which will soon make it mandatory for chips in the body to be put in place. Refuse to take any chips in the body and leave for My refuges when the evil ones try to force chips on the people.”

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 5, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, throughout history My prophets and messengers have had a hard life of persecution. Some have been martyred or tortured because the people did not want to hear their message. If the people accepted the message, it would mean that they would have to reform their sinful lives. This change of lifestyle from the comforts of the body to the rigors of a saintly life, is not what most of the people wanted to follow. This is why many prophets were persecuted and even killed because the people did not want to hear such messages. This is also why some messengers were reluctant to take on such a calling from Me. I thank all of those who have accepted such a mission to preach My Word, even when it is not popular or difficult to accept. I also want you to pray for My prophets and messengers for all the trials that they must suffer on My behalf. Even I was rejected by My home town and the Jewish people. I only ask that you be open to their words and discern by your faith and Church teachings whether they are teaching properly. Look at the fruits of their works to test the truth of their words.”

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, Jacob made an altar in Bethel because he felt the Lord’s presence there and made it His abode. He also saw a ladder where God’s messengers were going up and down. I have left My abode with My faithful in My Eucharist in all of your tabernacles in your churches. Even as you see many churches being closed for lack of funds and priests, I am still present in the remaining churches. I have told you before, that every church that is closed, is another loss of graces from My sacraments. Strive to keep your churches open for as long as you can. Each church is consecrated ground, just as My refuges are. I will always put My protection around your holy ground places so you know that I am always with you, especially in My consecrated Hosts. Even if all the churches are closed, I will bring daily Communion from heaven as I brought manna from heaven in the Exodus to all of My refuges. You have a modern day Exodus where your spiritual Bread is of more value to your soul that just plain bread for the body.”
Jesus said: “My people, this wheel of a ship represents how I am directing the events of what will change your lives. I allow the free will of man to direct his destiny, but I still control things within certain limits so all of creation is not ruined by man’s abuses. The large screws of the ship are turning faster to give the needed speed to move the ship. Steam to run these screws is generated by burning oil to heat water in large boilers. The constant spinning of these propellers represents the turning of many events in your life. This flashback to the Warning shows how all of your life’s actions will be reviewed and you all will see your temporary judgment in an instant outside of time. Your life review will be outside of time in the real now, and you will see that My judgment is fair and loving. This is why you should strive to have many good deeds in your hands to offset your sins. You will rejoice when I will bring My peace into your soul after My victory over the evil ones.”

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 7, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, in today’s first reading Jacob was called ‘Israel’ after he wrestled with an angel in the form of a man. This is the name that the Jewish nation has claimed until today, giving a historical claim to the Promised Land of their forefathers. This carrying of the Ark of the Covenant of the Ten Commandments came later in history, but it was how the Israelites treasured God’s Presence among them. Even in My Church you treasure My Real Presence in My consecrated Hosts. At times you make outdoor processions as well when you carry My monstrance among the people. This Divine Presence of My Body and Blood is at every Mass and you need to give praise and worship to your Lord, who loves you so much. Be thankful that I left Myself with you in My Blessed Sacrament for all of you to adore and take Me into your heart at Communion time. You also wrestle with every day’s trials, but with Me at your side, there is nothing to fear.”
Jesus said: “My people, some people think that it is very hard to become a saint, but there are many unknown saints in heaven that have struggled to get there through My graces. Without My sacraments and My grace, it is truly almost impossible, but with My help and the grace from My sacraments, you can receive a crown of sainthood. By focusing on pleasing Me in following My ways, you can be able to achieve the mission that I have planned for your life. If you allow your will and your earthly desires to get in the way of My plan, then it will be very difficult for Me to use you in My plan of salvation for your life. By consecrating everything over to Me in all of your actions, then you will be free to follow My Word and plan for your life. You need to have your heart open to do My Will, and you will be on the right road to sainthood. Only saints can enter heaven, so you may need some time in purgatory to purge any lingering earthly desires, so nothing will block your desire to worship and praise Me constantly in heaven. You will rejoice on the day that I welcome you into heaven as one of My saints.”

Sainthood: (need God’s graces & sacraments, give free will to God) February 5, 2009: (7-7-09)

July 7, 2009

At St. Lawrence Church after Communion I was led into a school of life where each grade represented another decade of life in both the physical and spiritual life. Jesus said: “My people, life is like this school house where you are constantly learning things of the world, and growing in your faith experience with Me. You are not born with a full knowledge of anything. Everything you do has to be a learned experience, and some skills need constant practice. The same happens in your faith walk as well. This is why I am constantly asking you to check each year if you are growing in your faith, or falling back into your old sinful habits. To be a saint you must grow in your faith each year, ever striving for perfection in sainthood. So as you graduate from one decade to another, you have different experiences which you can share with younger people in helping them to improve their faith. Do not be critical of anyone in their faith progress because some are slower, or have not received the same training as you have. Learn to truly love Me and others, and that will take a lifetime to perfect yourself.”

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 8, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, you know that I work in mysterious ways that you cannot understand. You know that I can take a bad situation and turn it into something good later on. Look at this story of Joseph (Jacob’s son) who could interpret dreams. I took two problems of the coming famine and the selling of Joseph by his brothers, and I turned it into a saving result for many people. Joseph used his gift of dream interpretation to tell the Pharaoh’s dream of seven fat cows and seven lean cows meant that there would be seven years of plenty and then seven years of famine. When this came about the Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of distributing the food rations. (Gen 41:1-57) This big picture of events is how I intervened in the life of man as you saw in the vision. In daily events you only see parts of the story, so your conclusions do not include all of the facts of future events. Pray for discernment and patience because your prayers are not always answered in the way that you would like. I direct things for the best benefit of souls, but I do not violate your free will. In making judgments about how I can bring punishment for sins, there is always a balance between My love for man and My justice. If man continues to kill My innocent babies in the womb, there will be a punishment for his behavior. I love all of you, but there are consequences for your sins that everyone will have to be judged on. When you seek My forgiveness of your sins, I will forgive you and there will be less payment. Woe to those, who do not seek My forgiveness, for their punishment will not be lessened. Trust in My ways that are true, rather than in man’s ways that are not always true.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is the goal of the one world people to set up a world government which will be given over to the Antichrist for his reign during the tribulation. All those people, who advocate a one world government, are knowingly or being misled into helping the Antichrist take control. This vision of the chip is the mark of the beast that will be used to control people’s minds by inserting it into people’s bodies. This will be monitored by cell phone towers and satellites to put voices into people to follow the Antichrist. This is why it is important to refuse any chip in the body, even if the evil ones threaten to kill you. When you see that it is mandatory to have chips in the body, this will be one more reason to call on Me to have your guardian angel lead you to My refuges for protection. The other reasons to go will be false terrorist acts to trigger martial law, a created bankruptcy of America to cause martial law, a created pandemic virus to cause martial law, and any formation of a North American Union. The evil ones will use any means possible to gain control, so be alert to created famines, and a division in My Church as well. Once you leave for My refuges, My angels will make you invisible to these evil ones who are trying to kill you. Call on My grace to go quickly to My refuges once you are warned, or your could risk capture and martyrdom. This time of martial law grows close as various military groups are already planning for a takeover of America.”

Mark of the Beast: (mind control in chip; mandatory-refuge time) September 24, 2007: (7-8-09)

July 8, 2009

At St. Theodore’s tabernacle I could see someone open an old cash register with the old wooden slots to hold the bills. Jesus said: “My people, this old cash register is to show you the evolution of your money. Originally, your money was gold and silver which had an intrinsic value of its own. You then went to gold and silver paper certificates. This became a Federal note or promise to pay without any real value tied to it. You then developed checks, charge cards, and now smart cards. The chips in the body will be next as you are now controlled by your money instead of you controlling the money. This is how the central bankers have come to own your government through its debts and over budget spending. You have gone from bartering with real money to owed money with no backing and a freedom for the bankers to print as much money as they want and similar uncontrolled credit. It is no wonder that you have inflation with the dollar losing value as your debts exceed your assets. Now you know how much you are already controlled by the central bankers and how they control your government by the purse strings. Refuse to take any chips in your body that could control your mind, even if the authorities take all of your money or threaten to kill you. This will be the mark of the beast mentioned in the Scriptures. When they make it mandatory for chips in the body, it will be time to go to the refuges. This transition to total control of your buying and selling is very near, so be prepared to leave at any time.”

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