Friday, May 1, 2009: (St. Joseph, the worker)

May 1, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you many messages concerning chem trails where your government is purposely putting viruses in them to lower your people’s immune systems and cause upper respiratory infections. This is all part of the death culture people who are trying to reduce the population so the one world people have less people to control. Many of these scare diseases are man-made and this latest swine flu is another excuse for involuntary quarantines for wherever the one world people want to control. This name of swine flu has even confused people that they did not want to eat pork, so now the media is using H1N1 as a new name. I have told you in the past (2-8-08, 2-18-08, 4-25-08) to avoid taking flu shots because they will be giving you live viruses that could spread disease instead of preventing it. There have been reports in your literature that one drug company has in fact put live Avian flu virus in a bird flu vaccine. I am warning you again that this new vaccine for swine flu will be made by similar companies which could spread the disease more than prevent it. The death culture people are more intent on reducing the population than preventing any epidemic. I know these are difficult warnings, but there are evidences to defy nature and cause more deaths in the population. AIDS and ebola are other examples of this same man-made manipulation by the one world people. As these diseases mutate, it will become necessary for My faithful to go to My refuges where you will be healed of these diseases by looking on My luminous cross and drinking the healing spring water. Having masks, taking Hawthorn herbs, and vitamins will also build up your immune system to fight these viruses.”
Jesus said: “My people, as more facts about swine flu come out in your news, you are seeing that this strain is not as deadly as your media was describing. It appears swine flu is more communicable, but less deadly because humans can develop antibodies to fight it off. Bird flu is more deadly, but it is less communicable. Only a small number of deaths have actually been confirmed from swine flu by your scientists. There could be a lot of swine flu passed in the population, but it would take some major mutations to become very deadly. Be prepared for this possibility with masks and building up your immune system with Hawthorn, herbs, and vitamins.”

Saturday, May 2, 2009: (St. Anthanasius)

May 2, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, as you read the accounts in the Acts of the Apostles, you see how the apostles were invited to go to different areas to spread the Gospel Good News of My Resurrection. You are still in the Easter Season and you remember well My last words to My apostles to go out to all the nations and share My message of faith. Many of you believe, but it is still good to have your faith renewed at talks and retreats. Some of My faithful are called as missionaries to go out and share your faith with others. Sometimes you may go back to the same places as St. Paul did to keep reminding people of their faith commitment to Me. The apostles prayed over people and there were healings as recorded in the Scriptures. Some of My messengers will also have healing gifts for those who believe that I can heal them. Every faithful person is called by their Baptism to share their faith with family and others, but keep up your daily prayer life to stay close to your Lord. Without a good foundation and attention to your spiritual life in practicing what you preach, your faith could grow cold. Call on Me to help you in everything that you do at the beginning of every day.”
Jesus said: “My people, the evil ones have been planning for this moment of the tribulation when they will be allowed a brief time of a reign of evil. You can look around and see the work of the devil in getting man to accept abortion on demand, gay marriage, living in prostitution, and constant wars. The evil central bankers are led by Satan and they are working quickly to form unions in North America, South America, Africa and Asia. Once these unions are formed, they will give their control over to the Antichrist to lead the world from the European Union. His power will be great and he will demand chips in the body, and that everyone has to give praise and glory to him only. Once you see the coming into power by the Antichrist, he will take control of all communications, but you know that I will be coming soon to defeat him. This will be an evil that you have never seen, and you will need to call on Me to let your guardian angel lead you to the nearest refuge of protection. Some will be martyred for their faith, but the rest of My faithful will be protected by My angels who will make you invisible to the men in black looking for you. Trust that I will be victorious over all of these evil ones, as I will renew the earth, and bring about My Era of Peace.”

Sunday, May 3, 2009

May 3, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, today’s message of the Good Shepherd is all about evangelization to the faith. In the vision I truly reach out to everyone as I am the Savior of all mankind. Only through Me can anyone be saved because I paid the ransom for everyone’s soul by My death on the cross. I call you sheep because you are weak to sin and you hear My voice as the sheep know the voice of their shepherd. You are baptized into the faith as an infant and parents are called to teach the faith to their children. You are responsible for these souls as you guide them and pray for them, even as adults. Your godparents spoke for you at first, but then later you have to make your own personal commitment to loving Me and working through trying to perfect your spiritual life. I desire that you be perfect as My heavenly Father is perfect. With My help and the power of the Holy Spirit and God the Father, you can reach your goal with Me in heaven. Along with evangelizing your family, I also call My faithful to bring as many souls as you can to Me, so they can be saved from the eternal fires of hell. Give praise and glory to Me for being your Savior and your Good Shepherd.”

Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, I have come to save the lost people of Israel and I taught the Jewish people. I also told you in Sunday’s Gospel (Jn 10:11-18) ‘I have other sheep that do not belong to this fold.’ I came to save all of mankind and not just the Jewish people. In today’s first reading that talks about the Holy Spirit entering the Gentiles to be saved, this highlights St. Peter and St. Paul’s mission to the Gentiles. I welcome all peoples to be saved, but I emphasized to My disciples that I was the only Gate to heaven. Everyone must come through Me because it was I who paid for everyone’s soul by My death on the cross. I was the Divine Sacrifice that could only be accepted by My Father in heaven. But I do have many sheep folds and I prepare many mansions in heaven as well. Do not think that My Roman Catholic faithful are the only ones in heaven, but you have the fullness of the faith. Everyone, who repents of their sins and accepts Me as Master of their lives and Savior of their souls, will be open to enter heaven. You need to make reparation for your sins and help others with your good deeds as you prepare yourself for your judgment. Always be open to doing My Will and keeping your soul pure, for you know not the hour that I will take you home to Me.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is hard to understand a handicapped person’s disability unless you have been disabled for a short time. Sometime in your life you may have sprained or broken your leg or foot. Maybe you have had hip replacement or any other operation that required crutches or a wheelchair. Living through life with a handicap may limit your work options and you may be dependent more on others to get around. Some of My victim souls suffer greatly from their handicaps, but they can offer up their pain or inconvenience to help someone else in their spiritual life. All victim souls and handicapped people have a more difficult cross to carry. I call out to these souls to join their suffering with Me on My cross. This can be redemptive suffering which can be used to save other souls from hell, and store up treasure in heaven for the victim soul. No matter what physical difficulties you may have to suffer in this life, give it all over to Me so I can use you to accomplish the mission that I have planned for your life.”

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 5, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, I want you to recall the prayer of a priest who witnessed to you that the water he poured into the cup at the Consecration was meant to baptize an unbaptized soul that was dying that day. You received a confirmation from another visionary that My Blessed Mother and I used this priest’s prayer to save an unbaptized person right before they were killed in a car accident. In this same way I want you to baptize spiritually all of those souls who have a Baptism of desire, especially those who are near death. I have encouraged you to save souls in every way that you can bring souls to Me. I do not force My love or gift of faith on anyone, but if they truly desire Baptism and find it difficult to carry this out physically, your prayers can bring them to Me. Pray the prayer: ‘I baptize all souls who desire Baptism in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.’ Many children of lukewarm parents do not receive Baptism by no fault of their own. These are the souls that need this opportunity of grace to have original sin forgiven in their souls. Some have secretly baptized such children because they were afraid of their relatives being lost to hell. This does not violate the free will of the parents, but it gives an opportunity of grace to those who desire it. Keep praying for such parents with hardened hearts that do not want to baptize their children. This is a rejection of My salvation that I offer to every soul. Hopefully through prayer such children will find their way to Me in formal Baptism. You have many souls at stake of being lost if no one prays for them, so reach out every day to do what you can to bring souls to Me. You know, that for every soul that is converted to the faith, all of heaven rejoices for that soul that I can love and that soul can love Me.”

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 6, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, many people are clearing their lands and plots to plant their flowers and vegetables. You have been waiting until there is less chance of frost. The act of planting seeds to grow things can also be applied to your spiritual life as well. As you share your faith with others, you are like the Parable of the Sower where the seed represents the Word of God. You remember the various places where the seed fell. On the paths and rocks the seed failed to take root, even as some receive My Word with joy at first, but they do not make My ways a part of their life. Some seed falls among weeds and thorns and when it springs up, it is choked, even as some people are taken up more with the cares of the world. Then some seed falls upon good soil and there is an abundance of grain in thirty, sixty, and one hundredfold. This is when a soul truly repents of their sins, accepts Me as Master and Savior, and follows My Commandments. Those, who follow Me and live their faith in their works and actions, will truly receive eternal life in heaven. It is a joy when you spread My Word and convert souls to the faith.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are various powers controlling the American government that are directing large numbers of black operations or secret operations for certain interest groups. The HAARP Machine and chem trails have devious uses for private needs that are not all known by the public. Controls that check all communications is another violation of people’s privacy. Chips in various products are violating privacy when they are taken home. Searching private records and gathering earth coordinates of every home is another planned operation. Perpetrated wars by design to make money is another abuse of power. Many of these operations would be denied in public, but they are still carried out under the direction of the one world people. The devil and the Antichrist will have a brief reign of evil in using all of these abuses. No matter how controlled these forces will be, My power will overcome their plans when I bring My Great Chastisement and My angels to chain these evil ones in the pits of hell. Trust in My coming victory that will defeat the demons and bring about My Era of Peace.”

Thursday, May 7, 2009: (Mass intention for Josyp Terelya)

May 7, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, Josyp was a kind and generous man, but he was very steadfast in his faith to Me, even when he suffered many years in prison for Me. He is an example and an inspiration to all of My faithful. I treasure all of you, but souls like Josyp are a joy to My Heart and that of My Blessed Mother. This vision of coming to heaven to give your petition to Josyp is also an example to others that you can present your petitions to Josyp as an intercessor to Me. At times when you pray for people, you act as intercessors for them. Your prayers receive even more attention when they are received through the saints of heaven who act as spiritual intercessors for your petitions. Give thanks and praise to Me that you have been graced with such a man of faith as Josyp.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, I have asked you to evangelize souls in the Easter spirit to save them from hell. I have also shown you that you gain your strength from receiving Me in Holy Communion, and adoring Me in Adoration. Those, who come to Me in adoring My Blessed Sacrament, understand My Real Presence in My consecrated Host. This devotion is also helpful in gaining vocations to the priesthood. Areas, where you have many Adoration chapels, also have more vocations because you are creating a more fertile environment for vocations. Pray for vocations to the priesthood, and do all that you can to promote Adoration in your diocese.”
Jesus said: “My people, I told the Jewish leaders of My day that I am the Cornerstone of My Church that was rejected by the builders. They did not want to recognize Me as the Son of God or the Messiah that was foretold because the Kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom and not a physical one. My power is all over the world, but I am allowing a time of testing between good and evil so everyone can choose to follow Me by their own choosing and by their own free will. For those, who believe in Me, know that I am the center of My Church and My Real Presence in My tabernacles makes your churches holy.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing the early flowers in full bloom, and the roses will come out later. This single rose is a representation for life and the struggle to preserve life from being killed by abortion. Spring and Easter are focused on new life with no thought of any taking of life. Those, who promote the death culture of killing, have their hearts far from Me, and they are stopping the plan I had for the lives they are killing. Promoting abortion or any other kind of killing is sinful and against My Fifth Commandment of Thou shalt not kill. Unless they repent of this sin, these death culture people could be lost in hell. Pray for all souls to be saved, but continue to defend life in all stages of life at the beginning, at the end, or any other time.”
Jesus said: “My people, as you see people dying of natural causes, there needs to be new life to replace them or your society will be dying as well. When your people refuse to have children for whatever reason, your society will pass away without new life. Some people propose abortion and fewer children in the name of population control. These countries will fade away and another will take their place. Rejoice in new births because life finds a way to carry on despite the death culture teachers.”
Jesus said: “My people, just as it is important to have new life to carry on the human race, so it is just as important for each soul to be reborn in the Spirit. This spiritual life is also in danger of being snuffed out by the evil of worldly people. It is one thing to be alive in the body, but life in the spirit requires grace from My sacraments so you can have a pure soul. Those souls in mortal sin are as dead in the spirit or soul of that person. My Resurrection and death have freed you from your sins, and you need to repent and accept Me as Master of your life so you can have life in the full of both body and soul.”
Jesus said: “My people, as the grass and crops start to flourish, so you are also seeing the weeds make their appearance. There are two spiritual messages connected with the weeds that represent an evil influence. Just as you take out the weeds from your garden, this is similar to going to Confession where you can cleanse your sins in making a pure soul with My grace. The other account of the wheat and the tares is associated with the last judgment when I will separate the evil ones from My faithful souls. My faithful ones are represented in the wheat that I gather into My barn of heaven. The tares or evil ones are burned in the fires of hell. Choose to follow Me to heaven instead of following the devil to hell.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have been talking about celebrating new life and what better way to honor life than to honor the mothers who have their children and bring them up in the faith. You have your mothers to thank for your very existence and they suffer much every day in bringing up their children. It is a labor of love that is not always fully appreciated. This coming Mother’s Day is also a celebration of My Blessed Mother as the spiritual mother of all of mankind in her month of May. As you honor your earthly mother, think also to honor your spiritual mother in the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

Friday, May 8, 2009

May 8, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, you have had your spring tornado season and occasional severe rainstorm with flooding in various parts of your country. Soon you will be entering into the hurricane season during the summer and early fall. This vision of a hurricane at sea and a massive tidal wave is a sign of possible surges from a hurricane that could cause major damage. More of your states are allowing same sex marriages and abortion laws are strengthening. This slackening of your morals is not going unnoticed by heaven. As man defies My laws, you can expect to be harassed with further natural disasters and more financial problems. The Israelites also had to suffer hard times when they worshiped other gods, and so it will happen to your country for killing My babies and your defying My marriage laws between only a man and a woman.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have several underwater places around the world that could have earthquakes start a severe tsunami. As a result of the many deaths from the Indonesia earthquake, there are now more early warning systems for the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Similar systems should be in the Atlantic Ocean as well if they are not prepared to handle such emergencies. Many people did not realize that so many people could be killed from a tsunami triggered by a large underwater earthquake. With earthquakes increasing over the years, preparing for such large tsunamis should be a precaution for all nations on the ocean fronts. Pray that such early warnings may prevent many deaths when another major event occurs.”

Saturday, May 9, 2009

May 9, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, there are some of you who enjoy going to your local parks to view the spring flowers and take pictures of them. This is a wonderful way to appreciate My creations in nature. In the North you have endured the barrenness of winter, so it is a joy to see all of the colorful spring flowers and flowering trees. When you are viewing such beauty, you can say a prayer in thanking Me and giving Me praise to have an opportunity to have life and enjoy these beautiful flowers. There is another beauty when you see babies and the innocent young children. You bring up your children in the faith with Baptism, Confession, and Confirmation. Then by the grace of God you could see them married or become a priest or a nun. This cycle of life has its own beauty over the years and again you need to thank Me for the blessing of children and grandchildren. The beauty of a good spiritual life in harmony with My laws keeps you focused on Me and how I want My children to live and desire to love Me and come to heaven. It is when you let your will and worldly concerns block our relationship that you lose this harmony in sin. I still give you Confession to repent of your sins and return to My good graces. Instead of being gloomy and depressed about your daily problems, you need to trust more in Me and look around at all the beauty of My creation in nature and in all human beings.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have seen your Congress and President spend trillions of dollars for various bank bailouts, stimulus plans, and increased budget spending. Soon further bailouts will be requested for your government mortgage companies and the ongoing billions to pay for your wars. Add this to your current promises in Medicare and Social Security, and you can see your obligations are way beyond your ability to finance with taxpayer dollars. Your representatives have voted for large budgets, but now it is time to appropriate the actual funds or find the means to borrow the actual money needed to pay your deficits. This means selling Treasury bonds, or printing more currency to fund these debts. This financing will put a strain against your artificially low interest rates which will rise as the dollar’s value is further diluted. This stress of financing large sums of money along with your recession and high employment, are a recipe for financial disaster and bankruptcy for your government. All of the good news supposedly from your Wall Street people are quite premature and unrealistic for the current situation. Be prepared to go to your refuges when bankruptcy and martial law will test your people.”

Sunday, May 10, 2009: (Mother’s Day)

May 10, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, as you read the Acts of the Apostles, you are seeing how faith in Me was blossoming in conversions, even as you see the flowers blossoming in the spring time. As you look around at the empty seats in your church, you can see that the declining numbers of faithful are the reason some churches have closed. It is difficult for the parishioners of a closed church to travel a long distance to another church with a shared priest, when other churches may be closer. Closing churches may be dictated by the finances and the priest shortages, but it is a traumatic experience to adjust to leaving a parish that you have gone to for many years. Pray for these people who have to endure such a hardship. Today is an honoring of My Mother as your Blessed Mother who takes care of you spiritually as her mantle of protection is over all of her children. Give thanks to her and honor her for all that she does for you. Those, who pray her rosary and wear the brown scapular, are promised protection as you recall your own mother on this Mother’s Day.”

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