Thursday, September 11, 2008: (Tony Greco Funeral Mass)

September 11, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I have shown you this circular motion of the bicycle wheels, just as I have associated the Warning with many visions of circular motion of various objects. The circular motion is a representation of your life review which you will receive at your death, or if you have a near death experience, or the Warning experience. In this case it is the life review of the death of Anthony Greco who was born on the feast day of St. Anthony on June 13th. After his life review, Anthony then received his judgment of where he is to go at first. I ask you to pray for all the deceased in case they may still be in purgatory and need your prayers to come to heaven. Also getting the deceased a Mass offered for them would be helpful for their souls.”
Tony was standing by the casket and he asked me to pray for him as he said good-bye to me.
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, you have laws that protect the babies from partial birth abortion, but it is not being enforced. You have court decisions favoring abortion and homosexual marriages, and these you honor even when the people voted for laws against homosexual marriages. You even are seeing hate laws to give privileges to homosexuals to protect them from even saying they are committing sins against My Commandments. Your court decisions favoring abortion and allowing homosexual marriages are an abomination to Me, and man will pay dearly for these sins against life.”
Jesus said: “My people, I should know that God the Father created the earth, man, and all that is on the earth. Even with the latest particle collider, you will never be able to prove the big bang theory. Where did the matter that made up the stars come from? This same illogic is present with your Darwin Theory that has never been proven either. The Bible holds My inspired Word and Creation should be taught in your schools. It is the atheists that fight the most against Creation because they have no belief in God.”
Jesus said: “My people, when abortion and other life issues are brought up, your politicians give you a lot of talk, but it is how they voted that matters most. Those, who say they are personally opposed to abortion, but still vote for abortion legislation, are the worst hypocrites of all. I commend the bishops who do not want to give Holy Communion to candidates that favor abortion. If these candidates are against life, then it shows you how warped their morals are in making decisions. Continue to vote for those against abortion in deciding your vote, and especially do not vote for those who vote in favor of abortion legislation.”
Jesus said: “My people, all of your banks, investment mortgage houses, auto companies, airlines, and any other businesses threatened with bankruptcy are all demanding to be bailed out by the U.S. Treasury which gets its money from the taxpayer. Your leaders in your government are really bailing out the rich while the man working receives nothing but higher taxes. This injustice I will deal with in the end, but for now your deficits will soon make your whole nation insolvent. This is the plan of the one world people to bankrupt your country so the central bankers can take it over.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have told you before how I detest the killing and destruction of war, especially your pre-emptive attack on Iraq which is a war with no real justification. Instead of stopping this unjust war, your leaders have dragged this out for many years while destroying both your economy and your military. No matter who wins your election, the same money people will dictate more wars and more killing, even when it is unnecessary and does not really threaten your country. Pray for peace and inform your leaders of your desire to stop these useless wars that are running up your deficits and killing innocent people.”
Jesus said: “My people, as you watch the billions of dollars of destruction continue, you can see many losses for insurance companies and home owners that are not being reimbursed for their losses. These mounting losses will add to the financial problems of your slow down and add more lost jobs to your economy. Many of your trials you have brought on yourselves by your greed and your sins against My Commandments. Your country is very vulnerable, and be prepared for the day when the one world people will establish martial law for their takeover. This will be the time to leave for your refuges with My help.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are in a constant battle for souls with My faithful and My angels against the evil one world people and the demons. Trust that My power is greater, and I will protect your souls from the demons, even if they martyr some of you for your faith. When you see the evil ones taking over, you know it is time to call on Me and My angels to lead you to the safety of My refuges. You know in the end that I will be the victor, so have patience to endure this brief test of your faith in the coming tribulation.”

Friday, September 12, 2008: (Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

September 12, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, St. Paul in the first reading speaks about his efforts to evangelize the people as a missionary. He also is focused on training as a runner so he, himself, could be saved so that he practices what he is preaching as an example to others. This vision of keeping clean with a shower represents how everyone also needs to have their souls cleansed of sin in Confession. It is one thing to bring My Good News of the Gospel to save souls, but it is another thing to follow what you are preaching. In the same way, how can you criticize someone of a little defect when you, yourself, cannot see your own worse sins? Do not be judging people of their sins, because I am the only One to judge sinners. You can advise people of their sinful behavior and make suggestions to change their bad behavior. This is why you need to have your own spiritual life in order. It is also why I said to remove the large beam in your own eye before trying to find a speck in your brother’s eye. It may be easy to notice other people’s bad behavior, but make sure you look to correcting your own bad behavior first.”
Jesus said: “My people, the one world people are initializing preparations for the next war in the Middle East. You are defending Israel, your European allies, and trying to protect the shipping lanes for the world’s oil that flows from the Arab countries. The one world people are only interested in making wars for money and to weaken America for their world takeover. After seeing all of your recent wars spending trillions of dollars and thousands of lives of your troops, your people still do not see that these wars are not about bravery or winning a war against terror. Instead you have been misled by these evil central bankers to make them more money, and give your weakened country over to their North American Union. Follow the money and who is really controlling your government, and you will see the evil plot for power behind the scenes. I ask you to pray for your country to stop your wars, and take back your country from the central bankers who are trying to bankrupt your country. Your media keeps you blinded by not telling you the whole truth of why things are happening, and who is behind them. Trust in My protection during the coming takeover and tribulation.”

Saturday, September 13, 2008: (St. John Chysostom)

September 13, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, many of My holy saints were drawn to the simple life of the monastic life. Throughout the years monasteries have been a haven of protection from the secular world, and even in the coming tribulation, they will be places of protection guarded by My angels. My Early Church had many martyrs because of that time of persecution of Christians. Many had to hide in the catacombs to keep from being killed by the Romans. Even in the coming tribulation you will see an even worse time of persecution at the hands of the Antichrist and demon led people. Hiding in caves like the catacombs will again be a means for My faithful to seek My protection from the evil ones, who will try to kill you because of your faith in Me. Love one another, even your enemies that are trying to kill you. Saving your soul and the souls of others should be your most important task in this life.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing further devastation in America from yet another storm this year. You have had occasional bad years for hurricanes and tropical storms. But this year has a connection with your elections and all of your financial problems. I told you when the current President George Bush was narrowly elected, that you had a window of opportunity to change your abortion decision with a Republican Congress. A partial birth abortion law was passed and upheld in your Supreme Court of some newly seated judges. But abortion is still allowed in America and even this law on partial birth abortion has not been enforced. In some states homosexual marriages are allowed which is a worsening of your morality, and your wars go on endlessly. Is it any wonder that you are now suffering from natural disasters and financial distress while you continue your sins against My Commandments? Your country is paying the price for your sins, and you will have more to suffer when your country is taken away from you. Remember what happened to Israel when they turned away from Me, and worshiped other gods. Their cities were destroyed, and they had to live in exile. You are about to face an evil time that you have yet to see when a demon controlled Antichrist will be allowed a brief reign on this earth. Fear not because at the height of his power, I will bring My victory over Satan, the Antichrist, and all the demons and evil people with My Comet of Chastisement. My angels will cast this evil lot into hell and I will renew the earth for My faithful to live in My Era of Peace. I will protect My faithful remnant at My refuges during the tribulation. I will heal your illnesses, and I will provide for all of your needs.”

Sunday, September 14, 2008: (Exaltation of the Cross)

September 14, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, this day you celebrate My triumph and victory over sin and death. I was sent to offer My life up for the salvation of all sinners, and offer you the opportunity to come to heaven and have eternal life with Me. I ask you to take up your cross as I did and carry it throughout your journey through life. When you take up your cross, you are making a commitment to following My Commandments and asking Me for the forgiveness of your sins. Life has its trials and difficulties, but by asking for My help and the grace of My sacraments, you will have My strength to make it through them. You have read how Moses lifted up the bronze serpent so those bitten could be healed of their snake bites. So I am lifted up in triumph before you so your souls and bodies can be healed through Me. You have been fortunate to have a relic of My true cross to venerate and bless those who desire My healing graces. There is power, as you know, in this cross in fighting off the demons because they fear My power over them. Give glory and praise to Me for all who are converted to Me, and for all healing both physical and spiritual. Do not be afraid to display My cross in your work and defend your faith against all the evil ones who mock Me. My power is greater than the demons, so when you are under attack, command that the demons be bound to the foot of My cross in the name of ‘Jesus’.”

Monday, September 15, 2008: (Our Lady of Sorrows)

September 15, 2008

Jesus said: “My son, I have given you a heavy mission to bring My Word of the coming tribulation. You have bravely accepted to carry out all that I have asked you to do in recording daily messages, books, internet site, speaking engagements, and now two DVD projects. Many people wonder how you carry on with your work, but you know that I give you the graces and My peace to succeed in your tasks that I have given you. When you speak out for My saving souls and spread My Word, you know that the evil one will attack you more. So continue in all of your prayers, Masses, Confessions, and Adoration to have the spiritual strength to endure your temptations, and accomplish your mission. Give Me thanks that My angels and I have protected you from harm and spiritual attacks. You have done everything to be obedient to your superiors and to My Church which is most important. I thank you for all of your efforts in bringing My Word to My people, and you should call on your prayer group to pray for your mission as well. If more people would say yes to My call in helping souls, more souls could be saved.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing the plan to bankrupt your country played out in the last month or so. This vision of a wall with a mirror on both sides means that the one world people are manipulating your financial companies to achieve an end that is not obvious. Your latest crisis has been created the same way speculators pushed up your oil and gas prices, only this is in reverse. Monied people purposely are shorting these stocks to drive them toward bankruptcy. In some cases your Treasury Department is bailing out bad loans at the risk of losses to the taxpayer and your government deficits. If enough companies and banks go bankrupt, or are bailed out with deficit money by your government, then a crisis for your government will be created that will be solved by a takeover and the new ‘amero’ currency being issued. Once your country goes bankrupt or martial law is established, it will be time to call on Me and your angel to go to the nearest refuge. All the signs are leading up to a North American Union being formed, a new currency, and eventually mandatory chips in the body being forced on you. By going to My refuges, you can avoid these chips and have My protection. Refuse to take any chips in your body because they could then control your free will to make you into their robots. See all of these events that I have told you about are all falling into place whether you believed or not. Pray for My help during this coming crisis of evil in this tribulation time.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008: (St. Cornelius & St. Cyprian)

September 16, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I formed My Church around St. Peter and the succeeding popes. The devil has raised up many heresies and those who persecuted My followers. In the reading you see My Church has many parts and I desire unity among all of My believers. You have seen many martyred for their faith, a division between the Eastern and Western Church, a division in England by the king, and the Reformation into many Protestant factions. Now in this vision you will see a further division in My Church between a schismatic church and My faithful remnant. It is this faithful remnant that will keep all the truths that I gave My apostles. When you see this division, this will be another sign to go to My refuges for underground Masses and your protection. You are entering a time of tribulation when the Antichrist will reign briefly and an evil that you have never seen. Then I will defeat them all.”
Jesus said: “My people, the man in the street in America is finding it harder to make ends meet for his family. During this economic slow down it is harder to find jobs because of the layoffs, and jobs in manufacturing sent overseas. A person without a college education will need two jobs, or have his wife work just to provide the essential needs. A college education with a good job may be enough. Still planning for a home and a car takes care in not buying more than you can afford. The biggest problem is to be patient in paying off your bills and helping your family to get a proper education. All of these earthly things may seem overwhelming at first, but with prayer and confident trust in Me, I will find a way to support your family in its needs. It is those who are overspending and not believing in My help that will have a harder life in bankruptcy. Trust in My help in your everyday needs, and also trust in Me to protect you at My refuges during the tribulation. With full trust in Me and prudent use of your resources, you should have no worries of how you will eat, or where you are to stay.”

Wednesday, September 17, 2008: (Funeral Mass for Cliff Harris)

September 17, 2008

Cliff said: “I want to thank everyone for coming to my wake and my funeral Mass, especially the Third Order Carmelites, of whom I was a member. I also want to thank Greg and his family, along with all those who took care of me and this funeral. Thank you also for all of my good friends for coming as well. You are seeing me in heaven with my wife, Mary, as we are joined again with Jesus and Mary. Her vision and her cute laugh was a sign to you that I was granted the grace by Jesus to come directly to heaven. My last days of suffering were my purgatory on earth for my sins. We will be praying for my family and friends, so call on us in your needs for our intercession. We are awaiting the day to greet all of you in this reward of Our Lord for our faithfulness.”
Jesus said: “My people, your mission should be how to grow the number of people coming to Sunday Mass, and inspire them with My love so the ones coming do not fall away. When you look at the make up of those coming to Mass, the majority appear to be older people. You are losing some people to deaths from old age, but you need to draw more young people in to replace their numbers. There should be more effort given to the young people in your families of your parish so that they would stay in your area. Jobs have caused a mobility to other areas, but parents need to encourage their children to keep strong in their faith so they can spread the numbers of Catholics. When the parents are strong in their faith, it will be a good example to encourage the children to stay in their faith. But if the parents are weak in their faith, or only one parent is faithful, then it is harder for those children to remain in their faith. The worldly distractions and decreasing numbers of priests are making it harder to find a Mass, and keep your children coming to Sunday Mass. Pray for an increase in new members and to keep your children coming to Sunday Mass.”

Thursday, September 18, 2008

September 18, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I know there have been many renovations to older churches, and newer churches also where My Blessed Sacrament is hard to find. In some churches there are no statues, nor a large crucifix behind the altar. It is not that this is sinful, but the original placements gave much more reverence to Me. You should have My Blessed Sacrament in the middle of the church, at least in a prominent place where you can see Me, because I am the guest of honor, and I make your church holy. Statues of Myself and the saints inspire the faithful to call on Me and them to intercede for your petitions. I died for all of you on the cross, and having My crucifix prominent also shows how much I love you to give My life up for you. It is a reminder to all of My faithful how necessary it is to pick up your own cross and carry your burdens for My honor and glory, and out of love for Me to share your sufferings with Me on the cross. Confessionals in the church are also a reminder to you that you
should seek the forgiveness of your sins from Me in Confession at least once a month. Keeping your soul in the state of grace and free of mortal sin is necessary to receive Me in Holy Communion, and it will make you ready to meet Me at your judgment on the day of your death. Keep these core elements of your faith always fresh in your mind as you come into church.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, you can see the beauty of creation in the many varieties of just this one type of flower called dahlias. There are also many other kinds of flowers with a seeming endless number of varieties. Remember when I said how I dress the flowers of the field, and not to have any worries how I would take care of your basic necessities. Continue to trust in Me and know that you are dependent on Me for everything.”
Jesus said: “My people, in this last week you have seen considerable volatility in your markets, and the caused bankruptcy of many of your mortgage and investment companies dealing with home loans and their derivatives. Your Treasury Department has bailed out trillions of dollars of debt and has purchased or controlled these companies for fear of the effect on your financial system. The problem is that your government is financed by the taxpayer and the government is mortgaging your country to save the greedy mistakes of managers of loan instruments. Pray for a resolution of these problems.”
Jesus said: “My people, this has been a created crisis of the one world people in an attempt to bankrupt your country. I told you in an earlier message that the agents of the one world people are purposely shorting your financial stocks into bankruptcy because of their lack of capital. Now your national and state governments are asking for more control of this short selling, as some are even calling them predators. Your latest government solution is to bail out all of the bad loans which will cause greater national deficits and a possible bankrupting of your country.”
Jesus said: “My people, the original cause of your crisis was caused by the loan brokers who pushed people into too expensive a house and loan, knowing that they could not pay it back. This is called predatory lending with an attempt to steal the down payment and then resell a precarious loan to innocent investors. This greed for commissions with no concern of whether a loan would fail is why you have the original subprime problem. It was the derivatives of these loans that put over leveraging of these investments at risk. Once the loans failed, there was a ripple of failures in the entire market, especially when homes lost a third of their value. The unwinding of all of these debts could amount to trillions of dollars of debt that the people have not had a vote for taking on to save all of the bad mistakes of your leaders of your financial companies. This is all part of a plan to bankrupt your government and cause a takeover by the one world people in making you a part of their North American Union. Be prepared when martial law is declared to be led to My protection at My refuges.”
Jesus said: “My people, after seeing your government bail out the mortgage sector, now you are seeing many other distressed industries, as your cars and airlines, lining up to try and get bailed out as well. Has anyone thought of how much debt your government can take on before it becomes bankrupt? You cannot just print worthless money to spend your way out of every crisis. There will be a day of reckoning which your central banks are only too willing to claim that your country is bankrupt. On that day there will be a major crisis with riots and looting all over your country. This will precipitate a police state under martial law, and you will lose everything. My refuges will be your safe havens, so prepare your backpacks for leaving. This takeover will be coming soon as well as My Warning.”
Jesus said: “My people, soon all of your main highways will demand chips in your transponders in order to enter and pay to use these roads. This is why when you go to your refuges, My angels will be leading you over the safer back roads to avoid these troops ready to detain religious people and patriots. As martial law is declared, these troops will send you to the death camps if they can capture you. Call on My angels and Me to lead you safely to My refuges when we will make you invisible on the road to your destination.”
Jesus said: “My people, in a few weeks you will be celebrating the feast day of My three archangels: St. Michael, St. Raphael, and St. Gabriel. Also you will be celebrating your Guardian Angel feast day a few days later. Prayer and the angels are going to be your weapons against the Antichrist, the demons, and the one world people. Trust in My power because My victory is coming at the height of their power. Pray for My guidance through this tribulation which will be an evil that you have yet to see.”

Friday, September 19, 2008

September 19, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, Hurricane Ike is gone, but the work to rebuild is just underway. Your government and the various charity organizations need to bring food and shelter for the people who have lost their homes. You saw a slow recovery from Katrina, and now you will see if your help organizations have improved their response time. It is fortunate that your people listened and evacuated safely before this storm arrived. Your country is experiencing many trials with your weather and your financial crisis, but your neighbor needs help now in their very necessities. Be prepared to help these victims in anyway that you can both with your prayers and your financial donations to this effort. These people need your support now to get back on their feet. They have lost homes, electricity, and even their jobs in destroyed work places. Even though America has suffered greatly from these storms, it is time for your people to get down on their knees and repent of their sins. You need more people in front of My Blessed Sacrament praying and more rosaries being said to make up for the many sins of the world.”

Saturday, September 20, 2008

September 20, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, you have heard the Parable of the Sower of seed which represents Me spreading My Word among all of My people. It is not just enough for you to hear My Word or to only call Me, Lord, Lord. Those souls on the path, on the rocks, or among the thorns are those who hear My Word, but they do not put My Word into their hearts and act on it. These are the lukewarm who are not sincere in their love for Me, and they fall away and risk the loss of eternal life. Those instead, who hear My Word and act on it, will follow My Commandments and bear good fruit in their deeds a hundredfold. I invite all of My faithful to take up your crosses and follow Me. It is your ‘yes’ that you give Me that is your commitment to loving Me and your neighbor as yourself. If you truly are Christians, you will deny yourself and do everything out of love for Me. You should spread My Word by evangelizing souls around you so more souls will be saved from hell to enjoy eternal life with Me in heaven. All that is earthly will pass away, but all that is of heaven will have life with Me forever in heaven.”
Jesus said: “My people, these demons in the vision are trying to inspire a division in My Church. Whenever you hear of any heretical statement, no matter from what source, you are not obligated to believe it or to follow it. These schismatic elements will be promoting New Age teachings which you should not follow. They will also be saying that masturbation, fornication, and homosexual acts are no longer sins. You heard in a brief reading about how My faithful will receive a cross implanted on their foreheads. You will know that when you do not see a cross on someone during the tribulation, that they should be avoided and not accepted into your prayer groups. Trust in Me and My angels, for we will protect you from these evil ones in My Church. Those people without crosses or demons presenting themselves as the faithful will be turned away at the refuges, as My angels will not allow such people into the refuge. I will separate the goats from the lambs, and the evil ones will be cast into hell, while My true faithful will have their reward in My Era of Peace and finally in heaven.”

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