Saturday, May 10, 2008

May 10, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, in today’s readings you are viewing the lives of two great pillars of My Church in St. Paul and St. John the apostle, and evangelist. St. Paul’s work as a missionary among the Gentiles has been read in the Acts of the Apostles, and his many epistles were written to help encourage My Early Church in his teachings. He was writing to support the people, even from his chains in Rome. St. John is My beloved apostle to whom I gave My Blessed Mother to take care of her. He also represented all of My faithful, and My Blessed Mother is now your heavenly mother, so you are all her children. She is also honored on this Mother’s Day. St. John wrote this last Gospel of today, his letters, and the Book of Revelation which prophesied how the end is to come about. St. John wrote his Gospel last and it very much emphasized My Divinity as well as My humanity. These two great men were blessed to give you these divinely inspired writings so you had My words of how to live your lives in the Spirit. You are about to celebrate Pentecost, and you can thank the Holy Spirit for helping you to write these words, and to share your faith with each other.”
Jesus said: “My people, Pentecost is a great celebration because once the apostles received the gifts of the Holy Spirit, they were able to speak in foreign tongues so they could literally speak to all nations about My Good News. They also were no longer afraid of the Jews, but they were ready to carry out their individual missions. The Holy Spirit infused them with knowledge and understanding of all that I had taught them. Now, since I resurrected, they were eager to share the Good News that I brought salvation to all of mankind. I paid the price of everyone’s sins, and now a person only has to repent and accept Me into their lives in order to be saved. This was the beginning of My Church being formed, once the Holy Spirit was given to all of My disciples. The Holy Spirit is still supporting My Church with His gifts to you, so rejoice in this renewal of your faith. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of love in everyone. He is the One who gives life to your own spirit as Our presence is always with you, or you would cease to exist. Give praise and glory to the Holy Spirit for all of His gifts that are active in you.”

Sunday, May 11, 2008: (Pentecost Sunday, Mother’s Day)

May 11, 2008

The Holy Spirit said: “I am God the Holy Spirit, the God of love and life. This is My feast day and I am warmed to see so many dressed in red. The red today is giving honor to Me in the priest’s vestments, and not the usual red for martyrs. Rejoice because Pentecost is the culmination of the novena from Ascension Thursday. This is also the culmination of the Easter Season as the Easter Candle will be off the altar other than for funerals. Now you are entering the long ordinary time of the many Sundays after My feast day. Even as you see life coming back into nature in the spring, so spiritual life should be renewed in every soul on this celebration of My many gifts that I share with all of My faithful. In the vision you are seeing an emphasis on My being the Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is coincidental that My feast day comes on Mother’s Day, but you should also honor your own physical mothers as well as your heavenly mother in the Blessed Mother. Mary is special for all of her children on earth as she guards you with her mantle and encourages you to pray her rosary. Enjoy celebrating Mother’s Day and remember to call on Me to help you in speaking out to evangelize souls all over the world.”

Monday, May 12, 2008: (Dennis Delaney’s Funeral Mass)

May 12, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, it is always a sad time when I take someone home at a young age. Rejoice that I am taking your loved one to heaven with Me. Dennis is sorry that he had to leave so suddenly, but he sends his love to his dear wife, Debbie, the children, and the rest of his family and friends. He will be praying for you and guiding you from heaven. So he truly will not be out of your sight. You can pray to him to help you in your daily troubles. Trust in Me that you did not lose a loved one, but you have gained a prayer warrior.”
Jesus said: “My people, before your election there will be several provocative incidents that could lead to another war starting. Such a war in the Persian Gulf could cause a loss of oil tankers which could heavily upset the flow of oil to countries around the world. This will not only raise the oil prices, but the supply of oil could be threatened. Pray that such a war does not start in this area where two conflicts are already in progress. Such a war would also test your military which is already overextended. The one world people will continue to draw you into more useless conflicts so they can drain your military and your finances.”

Tuesday, May 13, 2008: (Our Lady of Fatima)

May 13, 2008

Our Lady of Fatima said: “My dear children, back in 1917 it was difficult in Portugal to talk publicly about religion, let alone apparitions from me. I appeared to the innocent children because they were open to heaven’s messages of prayer and warnings. I encouraged the people of that time to repent and pray my rosary. If there were enough prayer, Russia could be converted and she would not spread her errors, which was communism then. Many prayed for Russia and there has been an easing against religion, but communism is still a scourge of the world with its atheistic teachings. I still encourage the people of today to pray my rosary, especially in the family. The rosary is your weapon against evil, and your prayers are needed now more than ever for the conversion of sinners and the lukewarm from your materialistic society. Your people are forgetting their religious traditions and that is why fewer are coming to Sunday Mass. If you had the faith of a mustard seed, you could pray your rosaries enough to defeat abortion in your country. Pray for your children and your grandchildren that none of them would be lost to the evil one. You are all my children, and I reach out my mantle of protection around you.”
Jesus said: “My people, when a man and a woman get married, it is a joining of two lives in self-giving love as a commitment to each other. The flowers represent the life of this true love. They are vibrant at first but they tend to fade with time. Love between two spouses needs to be kept alive with a daily commitment and a communication of that love. Otherwise, there could be a fading of love as with the flowers. You need to water and strengthen your love by joining Me in your marriage. Love for Me and your spouse is a daily need in prayer to show your love for Me and each other. Flowers tend to be seasonal mostly in the spring, but your love for Me and your spouse needs to be strong in all seasons. If all marriages were as vibrant over the years as they were on their wedding day, then there would be very few divorces. Do not lose this spark of love for Me and your spouse, and you will have many years of happiness here on earth and in the life to come.”

Wednesday, May 14, 2008: (St. Matthias)

May 14, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, all of you are sinners because you inherited your weakness to sin from Adam. But I have paid the price for your sins by My death on the cross. All that I ask of My faithful is that you acknowledge your sinfulness, and come to Me for the forgiveness of your sins in Confession. It is an act of humility to admit that you have sinned and need to come to Confession. You should come to Confession at least monthly, whether you have committed any mortal sins or not. You definitely need to confess your mortal sins before you can be worthy to receive Me in Holy Communion. I ask you to show Me your love by following My Commandments, but if you falter, I have given you My sacrament of Penance or Reconciliation to purify your soul. By keeping your soul pure, you will also be ready for your judgment on any day that I come to take you home. I keep encouraging people to come to Confession because the devil is constantly giving you excuses not to come. So do not be spiritually lazy or lukewarm in seeking My forgiveness, but be strong in coming to Me faithfully every month.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing an unusual year of many natural disasters both in your country and around the world. Your attention has been focused on the thousands killed by the cyclone in Myanmar, and the thousands killed by a 7.9 earthquake in China. In your own country you have witnessed more tornadoes and deaths than has been seen in decades. Earlier in the year you witnessed some massive rains that caused severe flooding. You also have seen fires in the West and in Florida. Earthquakes have been strong along the West Coast and in the middle of your country. Now you are seeing severe earthquakes in Japan and heavy volcanic activity in Chile and Indonesia. Many people and economies are being shaken by these disasters all over the world. Because of your fast news reports, you know instantly about any disasters that are occurring anywhere on the earth. In addition to these natural disasters, you are also seeing man-made disasters in wars, terrorism, and the use of weapons of mass destruction that add to the killing of people. Even your government is adding to your woes with enhanced storms by the HAARP machine, and diseases from the chem trails. By these weather disasters you could see them utilized by the one world people for declaring martial law for their takeover of your country. This is their plan to control you, and they will use any means to bring control into the hands of the Antichrist. Fear not all of these events because I will send My angels to protect My little ones at My refuges.”

Thursday, May 15, 2008: (St. Isidore, the farmer)

May 15, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, in addition to your higher gasoline prices, you are seeing higher costs for energy in heating and cooling your houses. One way to save money has been to conserve your fuel uses by minimizing your traveling, heating to a lower temperature, and not cooling as much in the summer. In conserving fuels, you are actually cutting down on your pollution as well. America has been consuming 25% of the world’s energy supplies and you should look to reduce your energy needs instead of increasing the drain on your fossil fuels. The vision of bringing in fresh air can also be applied to bringing in a fresh spiritual air of the Holy Spirit into your spiritual lives. You are focused on your daily financial problems, but you also need to be looking to help others that are having even worse problems just trying to survive. Reach out to do what you can do to help those suffering from earthquakes and cyclones. Even in your own country, your people are stressed with foreclosures and trouble affording food. Your economic slowdown has stressed more people on food stamps, and the neighborhood food shelves are nearly bare because of demand and lower donations. There are plenty of places that could use your time and money to help people to find enough to eat.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said:
“My people, it is dangerous for your president and your candidates for president to talk against other countries, as Iran, that could stir up hatred for America for defending Israel. You have already seen a pre-emptive war started against Iraq, and you do not want to see another such mistake with Iran. It is one thing to try diplomacy, but it is foolish to continue issuing threats of war. The one world people want more wars, so you must work against these wars that are only destroying your military and your economy.”
Jesus said: “My people, many people have died recently from the cyclone in Myanmar and the earthquake in China. The workers are now trying to recover the bodies so they could have a proper burial for the families. Life is precious and death is not just another statistic, but these souls need respect and need to be prayed for. This is also true for those who have died in your many tornadoes. Pray for My protection in any future disasters for the victims who are losing their homes.”
Jesus said: “My people, there have been many obstacles to getting help and food to the victims of these latest disasters. In some of these countries abortion has been rampant and this is related to the red rose on the table. All life needs to be protected, even the unborn. If life is so precious, then holding up aid for political purposes shows you how these governments have a different agenda for their people.”
Jesus said: “My people, the people of California have voted against gay marriage, but the people on the State Supreme Court have stated their singular vote for gay marriage and against the people’s will. This tactic of making law by liberal judges is the same way that your country had abortion forced on you without a vote from the people. This is the second state to adopt such abominations of allowing this marriage of same sexes. I have told you before that San Francisco would be punished by a massive earthquake that would let that city be thrown into the ocean for its homosexual lifestyles. Now all of California is testing My wrath against such abominable relationships that violate My establishment of marriage only between a man and a woman.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have tried to protect land preserves and parks from further building development. Even man’s building is taking away precious farmland that is needed to grow your crops. Many efforts to protect your environment have been small or just lip service to your real intentions. Financial gain and business profits appear to be more important than controlling your pollution. Pray that your people will truly try to preserve your environment for the right reasons and not just political reasons.”
Jesus said: “My people, the one world people are in control of your election process, so it is no surprise that the presidential candidates are still supporting the death culture. Some are still advocating support for endless wars that only result in killing more innocent lives. Others continue to support abortion saying it is their right to kill their own unborn infants in the womb. You must fight against this death culture and fight against the one world people who are sending your country down the road to total destruction. If America does not repent of its sins and change its sinful ways, then you will see My punishment in more natural disasters on a scale that you have never seen before.”
Jesus said: “My people, pray for the conversion of poor sinners, especially after the Warning. You will need My angels of protection to fight the battle against the evil ones in the coming tribulation. My angels will make you invisible from the evil ones at My refuges. Call on My help and trust in My protection when you face this battle of evil that you have never seen before.”

Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, America is being pummeled by many and severe tornadoes in this spring season. By the end of this year you will be setting many records for the numbers of tornadoes and deaths, even with all of your warning systems. The deaths are related to how severe the tornado is and whether it strikes more populated areas. In recent days the deaths can increase the longer a storm stays on the ground as well. Now your announcers are warning people to head underground and not to stay in your cars. Be prepared for more violent storms with well protected underground bunkers and with more warning sirens so all areas can be warned. America is receiving more natural disasters because you are still committing your sins of abortion and legalizing homosexual marriages, as well as committing your other sins of the flesh. Your country needs to repent of its sins and sinful lifestyles, or you will see worse disasters.”
Jesus said: “My people, your military has had access to all of the latest and most expensive weapons on earth, yet road side bombs, suicide bombs, and rocket propelled grenades have been the weapons of the insurgents. It is a constant battle of attrition and guerilla tactics that have continued this conflict in Iraq for over five years. Your troops have been spread so thin all over the world that your forces have been forced to repeat their tours of duty over and over. This constant fighting has taken its toll in wounded and troops killed in addition to stress on all of your vehicles in that area. The vision of the jet fighter being overrun by vegetation means that your military is being degraded with every year that this war goes on. Your leaders should seriously question if the cost of destroying your military and your economy is worth what you are gaining by staying in Iraq. Your citizens are tired of this war with no seeming benefit, and America had better take back control of your country before the one world people take you over, and force you into their North American Union. Come to Me in prayer for My protection because only by a supernatural intervention can these evil ones be overcome by My hand.”

Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 17, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you several messages about the recent natural disasters and of more to come. There are also some little rays of hope when you see holy pictures and statues of Me and My saints miraculously saved in these storms. There were several postings in the news over the years when damage was all around, and a statue of Me or a saint was left untouched. There are little gifts and signs that I am still in control, and I can protect things of spiritual value. Even many homes with statues, blessed medals, scapulars, or Enthronements to the Sacred Heart have been spared destruction amidst tornadoes, floods, and fires. When you call on My protection, I will be there for you in the worst of storms. Remember how I calmed the Sea of Galilee, so I can spare My faithful some damage to their home. Other miraculous signs have been the weeping of statues with either oil or blood. Such weeping is from the sadness in heaven over the many sins and killings of mankind. Damage to things is one thing, but lost souls are the biggest concern in heaven. Pray for the victims of these disasters, but even pray more for their souls, especially those who may be called home in death. Keep your soul pure by frequent Confession because you could be called home anytime form a natural disaster.”
Jesus said: “My people, your children for the most part in America lead a sheltered life compared to what other children of the world must suffer. Your children live in modern homes, go to school, and can live the American dream of owning your own home, while having enough to eat is last on their minds. Other children have to beg for money and are fortunate to have enough to eat to survive. You complain about the high prices of food, but you have more than enough to eat every day of your lives. Those, who have more wealth than you need, should be willing to share your excess with those in foreign countries that are poor and starving. Be thankful for what you have by helping the poor in your local food shelves, and those suffering from the latest natural disasters.”

Sunday, May 18, 2008: (Trinity Sunday)

May 18, 2008

God the Father said: “I AM is sending My blessings down upon all the people of this Mass who are honoring Me this day. I have given you My Son so that He could die for your sins as a worthy sacrifice. You celebrated Pentecost Last Sunday in honor of the Holy Spirit, so now you are celebrating the feast of all Three Person of the Blessed Trinity. I do not have any dedicated feast, so today is My special day to bless you. You remember Me most when you pray the ‘Our Father’ of My Son, and when you make the ‘Sign of the Cross’. Even when you receive Holy Communion, you are receiving all Three of Us because We are inseparable as One. Pray to Us every day so We can help you and guide you in all of your actions. By following My Son and obeying the Ten Commandments, you will not be condemned, but you will be welcomed into heaven as your reward. Remember what I said on Mount Tabor: ‘This is My beloved Son, listen to him.” (Mark 9:6)
Jesus said: “My people, the old traditional Mass is hard to understand in the Latin, but the singing and reverence for My Blessed Sacrament have their own sense of the ‘sacred’ that is missing in the English Mass. Seeing the angels in the vision is always going on at every Mass, but I allowed you to see how much the angels give Me honor and glory in My Real Presence. If all the people at Mass believed deeply in My Real Presence in the consecrated Host, there would be more reverence for My Blessed Sacrament. I also showed you the angels kneeling before Me in Adoration without the Mass. You are all giving praise to the Holy Trinity as you come to adore the consecrated Host in the monstrance. I thank all of My believers who make an extra trip to visit Me when there is no obligation.”

Monday, May 19, 2008

May 19, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, in the vision you are seeing the trend in your business world where small businesses are closing because they cannot compete with wholesale houses. In manufacturing many workers are being laid off because cheaper labor with no benefits can be found in other countries. Companies are not competing in a fair market because foreign countries subsidize their industries or protect their home industries more than America does. This leaves the American worker with only lower paying jobs as the average wage is decreasing in real value discounting inflation. America may have the largest market, but you sell more than you make. Your standard of living is decreasing compared to the rest of the world for many reasons. Your country is exporting cheaper goods than you are importing, especially imports of expensive oil. Pray for your families as your children are going to be fortunate to make more real value money than their parents. You are beginning to see the decline in America’s wealth and power as other countries are growing faster.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing in the vision a picture of terrorists that could be hired by your country to stage missile attacks against your civilian airplanes. The scene is on water where they could make their attack at night near an airport on the shore, and then speed away undetected. This is a real threat against your airlines, and it has prompted some work to put jamming devices on your civilian aircraft. If multiple attacks were carried out simultaneously, many could be killed on the planes and those killed where the plane crashed. This kind of terror attack could throw your country into dishevel again as 9-11 did before, and it is another means to initiate a martial law emergency. Be prepared if such a planned event occurs because you may have to leave for your refuges sooner than you were planning to leave. Do not hesitate once martial law is declared, because the evil ones will come to your houses to try and force their chips in the body on you. Refuse to take any chips in the body, and call on My assistance and your guardian angel to make you invisible to the evil ones so your life can be spared. Have no fear and trust in My protection.”

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