Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 12, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, you already are seeing some changing weather patterns that have been bringing some stronger winds, major snow storms, and freezing rain incidents. The hot and cold shifts are more frequent, and they have been associated with higher winds and more ice storms. This same unusual hot and cold with more wind will continue through the year. Some areas will have floods, while droughts will worsen in other areas. There will be some serious natural disasters with these changing weather patterns. Be prepared to suffer some financial hardships from these events with some loss of life. I will be at your side when you call on Me for help in these trials.”

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 12, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, over the years you have read the lives of many saints who were martyred and gave up their lives instead of renouncing their faith in God. In today’s first reading you had Shadrach, Mishach, and Abdenago that were faithful to the God of Israel. They openly refused to bow down and worship the gold idol of the king, even though they were threatened to be thrown into the white, hot furnace. When they were thrown into the furnace, an angel came and protected them. (Daniel 3:1-97) My faithful also are persecuted today, but not always with the threat of death. It is important in your own society that you have courage to stand up against the immoralities of your day in abortion, fornication, pornography, and many more abusive sins as living together, and homosexual acts. In the vision of refining silver it also means that you must be purified by testing to clean up your life from any sinful habits. Once you are made strong by My grace of forgiveness, then you will have the courage to defend your faith, even if you may have to die for it. Be grateful to Me for your gift of faith, and guard it with your life so you can be with Me in heaven.”

Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 13, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, in the coming tribulation I have told you that My angels will lead you to refuges of protection from the evil ones who will be trying to kill you because of your faith in Me. I am showing you in this vision that many monasteries will be safe havens for My faithful, even as they have protected travelers seeking shelter for many years. Those, who come to the monasteries, will have to abide by their ways of reverence and prayer. At times there are resident priests at the monasteries that could provide Mass for My faithful as well as food. I have told you in the previous messages how you will be helping each other, and you will be praying more. I will multiply water, food, and means of shelter so that all of your physical needs will be met. I will send My angels to protect the monasteries, even as the angels will be protecting other refuges. Those monks and some priests will be asked to offer hospitality to many faithful who will be led to their doors. You saw the joyful welcome that you received in the vision, so be grateful and thankful for the help that you will be receiving at these monasteries.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, this latest incident with your former governor has a similar parallel to King David when he committed adultery with Bathsheba. This is the comparison in the vision with a castle and a modern nice home of today. I have given several messages on the evils of prostitution, fornication, and adultery that are breaking up many marriages. Even King David was chastised by the prophet Nathan, and your governor was forced to resign. When you see the divorce rate so high and many living together without marriage, you can see this event is just another sign of how immoral your society has become. Everyone has some sin, so you cannot throw the first stone, but I encourage My people to follow My Commandments, and spouses need to be faithful to each other.”
Jesus said: “My people, your primary season has become so close, that each side has resorted to some comments to put down each other from a personal nature. Instead of focusing on the issues of debate, your media has highlighted every flaw in anyone’s speech. You remember how the Pharisees and Sadducees tried to trip Me up in My words so they could accuse Me of a crime. Today, when I proclaimed that before Abraham came to be ‘I AM’, they now accused Me of being a blasphemer. But I did not lie since I truly am the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.”
Jesus said: “My people, this flour being made in an old water mill is a sign of how your prices today are increasing in both your foodstuffs and your commodities. Your currency is decreasing in value because of the Federal Reserve putting more money in circulation, and lowering the interest rates. Your deficit of trade, your national deficits, and the latest credit crisis has lowered the value of the dollar against the currencies of other countries, and this has raised the prices of your commodities. Many of your financial problems are a result of greed and extortion by your mortgage lenders, and those buying houses for cheaper interest initially. These financial woes are partly a consequence of your sins as a nation that is trying to live beyond its means. Pray for the people who are suffering from this downturn in your economy.”
Jesus said: “My people, some of your people are trying to erect a wall along your border with Mexico to stop the illegal immigration that is allowing drug thieves and terrorists to freely cross your borders. One group is trying to enforce the law for entry, while some employers want to exploit the cheap labor of immigrants. There is still a larger overview of those desiring to form a North American Union, as your president, who is not enforcing the borders because he wants no borders. This is becoming a real threat to your rights and liberties which the one world people want to take away to make you their slaves. Do not fear these evil ones because I will protect you at My refuges.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are about to read My Passion and Death in the readings for Palm Sunday, or Passion Sunday. This coming Holy Week is the most moving when you see how I was betrayed and had to suffer for My people. As you look upon My large crucifix on the altar, now you see why My suffering and death must be your focus for your life. Looking on My crucifix shows you how much I love all of you because I died for all of your sins.”
Jesus said: “My people, this custom or tradition of visiting other churches on Holy Thursday should be maintained, even if it takes a little of your time to pray at these churches. One of the sad situations, that you are facing, is the fact that you are visiting fewer churches because they are being closed for one reason or another. In some areas fewer are attending Mass, and the number of priests are also decreasing. You have seen how many in Europe no longer go to church, and their churches are becoming museums. America needs to repent and get back to your belief in your faith, or you will soon grow cold to Me as those are in Europe.”
Jesus said: “My people, you only have a few weeks of Lent left and you should take full advantage of this time to grow in your spiritual life. Daily prayer and monthly Confession should be a part of your remaining Lenten time as well as your fasting. By restricting your body’s desires for food and other penances, you can have the soul in more control over your body. Keep focused on Me as your model for life and concentrate more on those things that will bring you closer to heaven than appeasing the body with earthly desires.”

Friday, March 14, 2008

March 14, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I asked the people in today’s Gospel to believe that I am God’s Son because of the miracle works that I performed, and that I was sent by My Father. I want to emphasize how I prayed to heal the whole person, both body and soul. The healing of the soul from its sin is actually more of a blessing than any physical healing. I am God and all healing is possible, but it should be in accordance with My Will. Let this be a reminder to you when you are praying for petitions of healing for someone. Pray first that the soul be healed of sin, and then if it be in My Will, pray for the healing of that person’s illness. When you are evangelizing souls for My greater glory, you are really praying for a healing of that soul’s spiritual sickness of sin. Once a soul asks for forgiveness in sincere contrition and is forgiven, then you will see a great change of grace come over that person’s face, even if they are not healed physically. It is important to be free of sickness so you can perform your mission, but it is more important to have your soul saved in order to enter heaven. So just as I did, always pray to heal the whole person, both body and soul.”
Jesus said: “My people, this shadow of My cross, that falls all over you, represents how you share all of your suffering with My suffering on the cross. I ask you to take up your daily cross and offer up all of your pains, disappointments, and trials to Me. I know all that you are going through, and your desire to suffer with Me will gain you treasure in heaven. I am always at your side to give you strength and courage to fulfill your mission, even when it may seem impossible to you. Remember that with Me all things are possible. Remember to pray your Stations of the Cross this day on Friday to commemorate the day of My death on Good Friday. I love all of you so very much and I reach out with My mercy to save all souls who listen to My Word and take it to heart. It is true as your priest has said that it is more important to focus on My death and Resurrection in Holy Week than on any other earthly concerns about bunnies, eggs, candy, or new clothing. Rejoice in this most important of all times in the Church Year when you commemorate My death and Resurrection. See how much I love all of you that I suffered a cruel death to pay the price for all of mankind’s sins. I am the worthy Lamb of God offered up as the ultimate sacrifice more meaningful than all of your burnt offerings. Come and join in My Eucharist so you can receive your spiritual food that will bring you to life everlasting. When you follow Me, you are continuing to walk in the shadow of My cross.”

Saturday, March 15, 2008: (St. Joseph)

March 15, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, today you celebrate the feast of My foster father, St. Joseph. He was a holy and gracious man, and he was charged with the responsibility for providing for the Holy Family by his carpenter trade. He taught Me his trade while I was growing up, and also with My Blessed Mother they taught Me all the customs, traditions, and the Scriptures of the Jewish faith. This is a message to all fathers and mothers that you are all responsible for the spiritual well-being for the souls of your children. You must bring them up in the faith and see to it that they receive religious instruction so they will be made aware of My love and the need to struggle for perfection to enter heaven. Even after your children leave your house, you are still responsible to remind them of their spiritual commitment to Me. I know your children have free will, and it could happen that they may wander away from the Church. Still give them good example and encourage them in a loving way to return to the faith that they were taught. If they refuse, then it is still your obligation to pray for their souls, even to either of your deaths. This is the persistence of faith that I call all parents to watch over their children.”
Jesus said: “My people, the reading of My Passion starts with the Last Supper and the betrayal by Judas. While he was gone I shared the first Mass with My apostles and I instituted My Eucharist for all time. It was after I died on the cross that now you can celebrate My Real Presence in the consecrated bread and wine. This vision of the bread focuses you on My Blessed Sacrament, which is My gift of Myself that I have left with you when I left the earth in My physical body. Now, when you want to be close to Me, you can visit Me at any tabernacle in any church. In My Passion you read of how Judas and St. Peter denied Me, but they each had different reactions to their denials. Judas was so grief stricken that he thought he was unworthy of My forgiveness, so he went out and hanged himself. St. Peter was also remorseful for his three denials, but he was trusting that I would forgive him, even when I asked him three times if he loved Me. My people, in your sins you are denying Me as well, but you trust in Me to also forgive you in Confession. Give praise and glory to your Lord for giving you My sacraments of Holy Communion and Penance.”

Sunday, March 16, 2008: (Palm Sunday, Passion Sunday)

March 16, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, you have read the pain and suffering that I endured on the cross, even though you shared a little suffering in standing to read My Passion. When you got home, you realized that your crucifix was left behind where you traveled. Some of your special spiritual weapons are too valuable to chance losing, and the evil one knows how to distract you to forget them. Be more careful with your relics, and keep your holy water and holy oil always available for blessing people. My cross is how I suffered for your sins, and this view of My cross on your altar is important for the people to keep focused on Me all year long. Remember every day to pick up your cross and carry it with Me, so you can share your sufferings with Me on My cross. You will need to carry your cross until the day that you die, just as I had to die on Calvary. Dying and suffering are not easy to endure, but you are assured, that with trust in Me, you will see your resurrection just as I resurrected.”

Monday, March 17, 2008

March 17, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of the opening in the clouds is to remind you that My death on the cross opened the gates of heaven to those worthy to enter. Since Adams’s sin until My death, the gates of heaven were closed to everyone. Now, because of My mercy and sacrifice, all purified souls are washed with My Blood and are now acceptable to enter heaven. Still coming to heaven for My faithful is not always right away. Some have suffered their purgatory on earth and can enter after their death. Most of My faithful people require purification in purgatory, but some other people are being lost to hell forever. It is My faithful’s responsibility to try and bring as many souls as possible to Me so they can be saved from hell. This choice of loving Me or not is a life decision that every soul makes, and you will be judged accordingly. Choose life therefore, so you can be on the right path to the gates of heaven that I have opened to receive those that follow My Will.”
Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a rock crumbling away is a picture of America’s financial system. In the beginning the cracks appear to be fixable by your Federal Reserve assisting the ailing mortgage lenders. Soon you will realize how greed and over leveraging has put many financial institutions into low cash worth. The extremely high wages and commissions of the lenders CEOs and employees have eroded their net worth until few buyers are willing to risk in their stock. This lack of confidence in these investments will make it impossible to bail out smaller companies. Those, who have the mortgages, will need to be allowed to refinance lower loans for their house’s current value at their current interest, or the foreclosures will leave the mortgage lenders with unsaleable homes. All the government support for the mortgage lenders will have to help their loan markdowns for individuals. If stability cannot be found, a true crash will occur. The one world people could utilize this apparent financial breakdown to their own advantage in taking over your country to cause everyone to have a chip put in their body. If riots and looting begins, My people will need to go to their refuges for protection from the chips and those looking for food. Pray for My protection in these turbulent times and trust in Me to provide for your needs.”

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March 18, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a boat leaving the dock for the open seas represents how I send you out into life with My graces of My Eucharist from the Last Supper, so you will have the courage to endure the trials of life. It is not easy for a family to keep good paying jobs so you can pay for your bills of taxes, housing, education, food, and travel. All of these expenses test you at times when sudden expensive bills come up. Keep your spiritual peace because you have confidence and trust in Me more than in your money or your possessions. Those, who do not trust in Me, are always worried for what they are to eat, wear, and where to live. If you are My disciples, you should not worry about such things, even as you see that I take care of feeding the birds of the air, and dressing the lilies of the field. You are much more valuable than these, so take courage that I am at your side to bring you through the worst of disasters, and eventually to the refuges during the tribulation.”
Jesus said: “My people, your people have been taken up with your economy in the credit crisis, a recession, and inflated commodities. What has been forgotten is the billions of dollars that you continue to spend on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan along with your soldiers being killed and wounded. This war was started under false pretenses and should have been phased out instead of continuing for five years. Your previous long wars were stopped by limiting the funds in Congress. Since the one world people and your president continue to keep the war going, this seems to be the only way to bring your troops home, which is to cut off the money. The war is putting your budget into huge deficits and the one world people are getting their way of destroying your economy and your military for their takeover. America needs to wake up and take your country back by getting out of this war, stopping the deficits, and refusing to accept the NAFTA and North American Union, or you will have no country at all. Repent of your sins, and put Me back into your lives. Love of Me and your neighbor as yourself should be your goal and not supporting the death culture.”

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 19, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I have talked to you at length of how I want you to offer up all of your suffering and join it with Mine on the cross. I have also asked you to pick up your daily cross and carry it with Me. If you ask for My graces, I will even assist you with your daily burden, just as Simon helped Me to carry My cross. There is one more request. I know that you all are weak to sin and are sinners, but you must realize that every sin that you commit becomes an added weight to My cross that I must carry. Learn that My suffering is to pay the price for each of your sins. So I ask you to minimize your sins so I will be able to suffer less for them. In a spiritual way I am still suffering for all of the sins that you are committing. Your sins not only offend Me, but they weaken your love relationship with Me. Even still, My mercy awaits you when you seek My forgiveness in Confession. When you see how difficult it is for you to carry your own cross, then see how loving you can be to Me by avoiding your sin, and lighten the load of suffering that I have to do for you.”
Jesus said: “My people, I gave you messages about natural disasters and now you are seeing the floods that I mentioned a week ago with some loss of life as well. This vision of parts of homes being carried away by a flooding river is exactly what you are witnessing currently in the middle of your country. Fast melting snow and heavy rain downpours are causing flooding in areas that were already saturated with water from previous storms. Be prepared for more floods by seeking higher ground away from rivers and coast lands. Those, who are asked to evacuate, should leave quickly and not risk losing their lives by staying behind. These rainstorms are following tornadoes, and fires that occurred earlier. Between natural disasters, recession, inflated goods, and your mortgage crisis, this year will test you like no previous year. Pray that those, who need help, will be able to find it.”

Thursday, March 20, 2008: (Holy Thursday)

March 20, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, when I went to wash the feet of St. Peter, at first he refused. Then I said to him that unless I wash his feet, he could have no part in My inheritance. This changed St. Peter’s mind, and he wanted Me to wash his head and hands as well. This washing of My apostles’ feet was an example to them how they needed to be My servants in helping others. This washing of the feet was also symbolic of purifying the body of its sinful soul on the inside that will heal your spiritual life. But of your own free will you must seek My forgiveness so you can be freed of your bonds of sin, and receive My abundant graces. I took on all of mankind’s sin and I was offered up as a sin offering to My heavenly Father. I am the most worthy sacrifice that He accepted in payment for the price of your sins. This is how mankind was restored with his inheritance in My Kingdom. Even the good thief asked Me to remember him when I came into My Kingdom. I promised him that day that he would be with Me in paradise. (Luke 23:43) All of you can be with Me in heaven as well, if you repent of your sins and accept Me as Master of your lives.”

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