Tuesday, January 1, 2008: (Solemnity of Mary)

January 1, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, these open gates to the Light of heaven is a remembrance that this is one of My reasons for becoming a man. I brought salvation to mankind to save him from his sins, but I also opened the gates to heaven that had been closed since Adam’s sin. This is a blessing that now worthy souls could celebrate being with their loving God in all of My splendor. The clouds in the vision, that covered up the Light of heaven from time to time, represent the sins of man that continue to occur when man turns his back on Me in worshiping earthly gods and possessions. Being with Me in heaven should be every soul’s goal, but at times you allow the distractions of the world to take your focus off of the One you should love more. I allow you to renew the graces in your soul through Confession. Then My Light and warmth of My love can light your path to follow Me in stronger faith. Be grateful and thank Me for saving you from your sins by My death on the cross, as well as opening the gates of heaven for you to enter and share in the love of My Wedding Banquet.”
Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a man being drawn into a black hole represents the power of evil on man at the time of the tribulation. I have told you that then you will see an evil that you have yet to see, and all the demons in hell will be unleashed on the earth. During this time you will need Me and My angels to protect you from the evil ones, and you will find more protection at My refuges. My refuges will be your best safe haven where My angels will do battle for you against the demons. This is all the more reason to have your souls purified, and your bodies protected with blessed sacramentals as rosaries, scapulars, Benedictine blessed crucifixes, blessed salt, holy water, and medals and prayers of exorcism. My Warning will come first to wake people up to the kind of evil that they will be facing. You will be warned not to take any chips in your body or any mark of the beast. Also do not look at the Antichrist’s eyes that could control you. Keep prepared for this evil battle, but know that My power will win out in the end as Satan will be crushed in defeat. Trust in Me and love Me, and you will have no fears and no worries.”

Wednesday, January 2, 2008: (St. Basil & St. Gregory)

January 2, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, in this vision you are seeing these monks living a monastic life of silence that is not attached to any of the distractions of the world. These distractions interfere with your prayer life, and you have rightly prayed in the past to pray to have any demons of distractions to leave you. This silence of the monastic life is a good example to all of you to try and allocate some time for silent meditation and even contemplative prayer. I have asked you to spend five to ten minutes in silence at your Adoration time, but more time would be better during the day. During this silence, practice focusing on the love of your Lord for you, and show your love and thanks to Me. Use this time to remind yourself that every day should be consecrated to Me in all of your actions. Ask Me to help you in all of your projects. You will see that these moments of silence will give you a chance to recollect where you are in your spiritual life, so you can improve on your path to sainthood. Also, help focus your love on your neighbor in how best to help them physically and in their spiritual lives. You will see that these silent moments will be your little refuge or oasis for Me away from the world’s concerns.”

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

January 2, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, the vision of the eagle on this pile of gold objects represents the United States.  The gold objects had a hold on the eagle and this has two meanings.  The first meaning is that Americans have pride in their possessions and wealth, which gives them a false sense of security because this can be taken away quickly.  The second meaning is that the rich, or the one world people have a hold on your money, your government, and your means of buying and selling.  These one world people are soon going to control your buying and selling with the chips in your smart cards that will become the mark of the beast.  These evil ones want to make you their slaves, and even control your minds with chips in the body.  You need to free yourself from all of the attachments to wealth and possessions.  You also need to avoid using microchips as much as you can, especially do not take any chips in the body, and avoid using any smart card devices.  Eventually, it will be necessary to seek out My refuges so you can be protected by My angels from all of these evil ones who will try to kill you for your faith.  Trust in My power before I will vanquish all of those seeking their gold to be rich in the flesh, instead of being rich in the spirit.”

Thursday, January 3, 2008: (Most Holy Name of Jesus)

January 3, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, this key in the vision represents how using My Name will unlock many graces for you.  Today’s feast honors My very Name that was given to My Blessed Mother at the Annunciation when the Archangel St. Gabriel gave these words: (Luke 1:31) ‘Behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and shalt bring forth a son; and thou shalt call his name Jesus.’  According to your Catholic Encyclopedia My Name means ‘Jehovah is salvation’.  Even My Name speaks of My mission that I came to die for all of mankind to save you from your sins.  There is power in a person’s name which is why when you pray to a saint for intercessory prayer, you call them by their very name.  I have also mentioned that when you are praying for souls or for healings, it is always better to mention the specific name of the person as the intention.  Your given name stays with you for all eternity.  It is part of your identity even as a spirit.  My Name, being the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, is even more powerful as God.  You can call on My Name to ward off attacks of the demons.  You can also call on My Name for healing, much like St. Peter did in healing the lame beggar. (Acts 3:6) ‘In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, arise and walk.’  Every time that you call upon My Name, I will be right beside you to listen to your prayer or your petition.  So rejoice in the Name, ‘Jesus’, for I truly love you to use My Name in praise and Adoration, but do not use My Name in vain swearing.  Pray for those who abuse My Name as well.”
Prayer Group:
God the Father said: “I AM comes to your Eternal Father prayer group to bless you with My graces for the coming year.  You are about to see some strong change in worldly events when you will need this blessing to keep you protected from the evil ones.  Today’s reading of St. John the Baptist baptizing  My Son is appropriate because I and the Holy Spirit came down upon Jesus as He was baptized.  This feast day of My Son, Jesus’ Name, is also special to remember how I sent My Son to die for your sins, and offer a worthy sacrifice to atone for all the sins of mankind.”
Jesus said: “My people, My Name, Jesus, was given to Me as I was circumcised on the eighth day after My birth.  This vision of the Temple Wall is the very place years ago where I was presented by My Blessed Mother and St. Joseph.  This was the same time that Simeon and Anna came forward to honor My mission as they gave glory to God.  Rejoice in receiving My Infancy into your hearts as you have just celebrated My birth and circumcision.”
Jesus said: “My people, I prophesied to the Pharisees and Sadducees that they could destroy this temple of My Body, and I will raise it up again in three days.  At that time I also prophesied how Jerusalem and their beautiful Temple would be destroyed.  Anything, as these skyscrapers of your age in the vision, can be destroyed that is made by man.  But what I make and establish as My Church will not be destroyed.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are a land of the free and the brave today, but it is a long time yet until your president is elected.  A lot of turmoil will occur before this event that could change the landscape of your country’s government as you know it today.  The one world people have their own agenda which is different from the desires of your people.  They have controlled every president and candidates for president so they are always in control of your purse strings.  Do not be surprised at the coming events because the evil ones will have their reign for a short time, but I will be the victor in the end.”
Jesus said: “My people, the faith in certain areas is waning as you are seeing in the vision that more churches will be closed.  You are seeing a decline in priests, a decline in church attendance, and selling of churches because of the suits against your homosexual priests.  As the evil time begins, your churches will be closed because they do not go along with the new world order.  Your church congregations will need to go underground to worship Me in Masses and prayers.  Be prepared for this coming time of persecution of My Church.  I will always be with you, even if you do not have any priests.  My angels will bring My consecrated Hosts to you when you cannot have a Mass.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are warm and comfortable in your heated homes of today, but you need to be prepared to pack your sacramentals and your backpacks for when you will have to go to My refuges for your protection.  Leaving all of your possessions behind may seem like a difficult thing to do under today’s situation with no physical threats.  But when your life and soul are in jeopardy from the evil ones, you will gladly leave to be in My safe havens.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are always anxious to ask for more messages about the coming year, but I will only give you the sign of Jonah which is a message of repentance or face My justice.  This will be like a year which is like no other.  The events of this year will be dramatic and you need to be more spiritually prepared than you are today.  I will give you more details of the coming events as time draws near to them.  I can only repeat My requests for your prayers which are needed now more than ever before.  Evil is being granted its brief reign, so you will see this evil growing worse before I will come in victory.  I will not leave you orphans, but you must be strong in your faith at this time.”

Friday, January 4, 2008: (St. Elizabeth Ann Seton)

January 4, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I am warning you that in the end days there will be many false christs and deceivers trying to mislead My faithful, even in your churches.  Beware of those who teach false doctrine or New Age principles that only talk about man with no mention of God.  There will also be increasing persecutions from outside of My Church that will be threatening your freedom of religion.  Many of your rights, that you have grown up with, are going to be challenged as the one world people try to implement their new world order.  I have told you that you will need to be strong in your faith, but you also will need to be discerning that false teachings do not slip into your churches.  If someone teaches falsely, then challenge their interpretation.  Otherwise, if it persists, then leave that church.  Know that eventually, you will need to have your meetings in your homes, and then it will be time to leave for My refuges.  This division in My Church will be one of your signs to leave for My refuges.”
Jesus said: “My son, this focus on My crucifix in the vision means that you will be needing more prayer protection when you travel and give your talks.  You have seen several car accidents of your own and in your family that occurred from errant drivers.  This means continue to sprinkle holy water or blessed salt in your vehicle, and pray your prayers of exorcism and your rosaries for a safe trip.  Even have people pray for successful trips.  Pray for the people who are having you speak and to direct the right people to your talks.  This may appear as over cautious, but the spiritual attacks on you will be getting worse as the time of tribulation worsens.  The more spiritual protection that you can pray for, the more angels that will be there to protect you.  Your ultimate mission is to save souls and help the people to prepare for this evil age.  Pray also a prayer of thanksgiving after you arrive home safely.”

Saturday, January 5, 2008: (St. John Neumann)

January 5, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, the day that you let Me into your house and your hearts is the day that My blessings will be upon all the members of your household.  I have mentioned before that one faithful soul can be the prayer warrior for their family and extended family.  Opening the door for Me is not just in words, but it means that you will make room for Me in your life and your actions.  It means that you will make time for Me in prayer and good deeds for your neighbors.  It means that you are willing to give up any attachments to possessions or money, and let Me lead you on the path to heaven.  When you allow Me to lead you, I will be able to mold you and help you accomplish your mission on earth.  If you close the door to My grace, it is hard for Me to help you.  Even when you are in mortal sin, it is hard for your guardian angel to help you as well.  So open your heart to My love, and be willing to consecrate everything over to Me.  By loving Me with all of your heart, mind, and soul, and confessing your sins, you can be assured  of receiving eternal life in heaven.”

Sunday, January 6, 2008: (Epiphany)

January 6, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, many of the Jews had different expectations for how the Messiah would appear.  Some could not accept that I would have such humble beginnings as being born in a stable.  But still the shepherds and the kings of the Orient were led by the miracle Star to where I was born.  You adore Me as the Infant King, and the kings from the Orient brought Me kingly gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  The kings were warned not to tell King Herod where I was because they knew that the king would try to kill Me.  Give praise and glory to your King, and I will share My kingly spiritual gifts with all of you.  I share My very Self with you in Holy Communion.  The readings also focus on the Light from My Star which will light a path for each of you through the darkness of this life to heaven.  Just as the Magi followed My Star, I want you all to follow Me as a Light to protect you from the darkness of your sins.  I love all of you so much, even as you love your Infant King.  Rejoice in My love, and share My gifts of love and faith with everyone that comes into your life.  Bring your gift to My altar after you have cleansed your souls and have made amends with your neighbor.”
Jesus said: “My people, many have wondered where they would be called to go for a refuge.  I have told you before that you will be led by your guardian angel to a place of My Blessed Mother’s apparitions, a place of holy ground, or even a cave in hilly areas.  The vision is a hilly area where you could find caves that could even be carved out by My angels.  I have asked you to take some warm clothes and a sleeping blanket because it is cool in a cave, but it is not freezing.  The little food, that you bring, I will multiply.  Water, manna, and meat will be provided, so have no worries about how you will survive.  My angels will protect you from the evil ones and there will be springs of healing water to heal any diseases of the evil ones.  Elijah hid in Mt. Carmel for protection from being killed, much like My faithful will need this same protection.  Give praise and thanks to your God for having mercy on you in giving you My angelic protection.”

Monday, January 7, 2008: (St. Raymond)

January 7, 2008

Jesus said:  “My people, you have been celebrating Christmas and My Epiphany, and you know that I came on the earth to die for your sins and provide for your salvation.  Since I have made the sacrifice of My life for your sins, it is only through Me that you can come to eternal life in heaven.  If you are to enter heaven, then you must be purified of your sins in Confession, and by My power I will help you to become saints.  Most of My faithful will need to be further purified in purgatory until their thoughts of worldly things are cleansed and they are worthy saints to enter heaven.  Only the pure of heart and soul can enter heaven, but I will show you this path if you follow My ways instead of the world’s ways.  Keep close to Me in your daily prayers and your daily consecration so you can remain fully committed to your Lord in perfect faith.  Following My Will in the Divine Will is how I want you to live the best that you can.  I have provided the sacrament of Reconciliation so when you would fall into sin, then you could be forgiven and restored to My heavenly graces.  Love Me and your neighbor, and you will have eternal life.”
Jesus said: “My people, the faithful, who have a deep love for this church, need to be united in a spiritual commitment to not only build up My Church among My people, but also to build up this physical church in its needed repairs.  Many people are stressed with their own physical needs, but they need to see a spiritual need in preserving this church.  If you are able to afford more worldly things, then you can afford to make a substantial contribution to this need.  A spiritual organization needs to be formed that can reach out to a wider area for donations.  This group can plan a stepwise repair of the most needed repairs at first with an extended plan for what else is needed along the way.  Ask for My grace and that of My Blessed Mother to touch the hearts of those who are needed to make the necessary donations.  Trust and believe in our help and we will see to the completion of this work.”

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January 8, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, just as you have seen the multiplication of the loaves and the fish, so there is a connection to the Mass where each time I provide a new miracle of multiplying My Real Presence to all who partake of My Body and Blood under the appearances of bread and wine.  Rejoice, My people, as I multiply My graces and blessings among you, as well as My physical gifts even in more abundance than you need.  You saw how they collected twelve baskets of fragments after I had multiplied the five barley loaves and two fish for the five thousand.  In the same way that I provided an abundance of food for these people, I provide an abundance of My gifts for everyone who asks Me.  In the same way that I am generous with all of My gifts for you, so I want My faithful to be generous with everyone that you meet.  Be generous with your graces and blessings with your neighbor, and also be generous with your time, your money, and your possessions.  You are only a steward of what I have given you, so be willing to share everything without being stingy with your possessions and graces.  I love you so much and you should love Me and your neighbor.  Giving of gifts is an expression of that love.”
Later, at the Assumption Church Chapel, Windsor, Ontario, Canada during Adoration I could see the white house of Bellvue and then a large gold house as well.  Jesus said: “My people, this is a word of confirmation of a chapel in the basement of this white house where Mass could be held in secret.  Not only would this be a place for wayward priests, but it would be a place for My faithful and traditional priests as well.  The tribulation time is almost upon you, and you will need to have underground Masses hidden from any evil authorities.  This will be a refuge and My Blessed Mother and I will touch the current owner to allow the use of this home for those who need it.  My angels will protect all of those who come here, and they will provide the food, water, and meat for your needs.  If there is not enough time to prepare the restoration, then My angels will also restore it to its former beauty.  Rejoice that I am providing for many refuges for My people, and I will be performing miracles beyond your understanding.  Pray and trust in Me, and I will bring you from your refuges into My Era of Peace.”

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January 9, 2008

At Holy Name after Communion I could see the scene of Jesus walking on the water and then the windy sea subsided.  Jesus said:  “My people, in this Gospel reading from Mark (Mark 6:45-52) the disciples were astonished to see Me walking on the water.  When I got into the boat, the wind ceased and again they were amazed that I could control the wind and the sea.  I had told My apostles that I was God’s Son, and they had seen other miracles that I performed.  Yet they did not have the Holy Spirit in them until later, and at this time they did not comprehend that I could perform miracles because I was God’s Son.  Even today I am performing miracles of healing for those who have faith that I can heal them.  There are still many without faith in Me that cannot believe in miracles, but still they happen.  In the coming days of the tribulation believe in Me that I will perform many miracles to protect My faithful from the evil ones, and I will provide for all of your needs.  Like the apostles that were fearful that I was a ghost on the water, some people of today are fearful of the evil ones who are trying to kill them.  Some truly will die as martyrs, but they will be instant saints in heaven.  My faithful should have no fear of these evil ones because My power is greater than theirs, and My angels will protect you by making you invisible.  I will multiply your food, fuel, and graces in giving you My Hosts.  When you see My miracles as they will be happening, understand My power as God, and be not unbelieving, but believe in the glory of My power by giving praise and thanks to your God.”
Jesus said: “My people, I want you to have a large crucifix on your altars to show the people how much I suffered for you on My cross.  I not only took on your human limitations in My Incarnation, but I suffered death on the cross as a worthy sacrifice for all the sins of everyone that was created and will be created.  This understanding of My suffering is not conveyed by a plain cross without a corpus, or a Resurrected body on the cross.  This is why My crucifix is most desirable.  The love I have for all of you is expressed in My giving up My life for your sins.  In order to gain heaven, you need to follow My narrow road of suffering and sharing, and not the broad road of comforts and selfishness.  The soul, which desires to be with Me in heaven, is willing to suffer and be purified.  The body desires comforts and avoids pain and sharing.  Yet in order to be a saint, you will need to cleanse your souls of any desires of the world and its love of comforts and satisfying your senses.  Come to Me in love of Me and love of your neighbor, and all of your desires to follow Me will be fulfilled.  Working in this life to please Me and save souls should be your primary goals.  I desire all of you to love one another, and love for Me should come first.  Focus on Me, and your reward in heaven will be great.”
Meditation in silence: ‘Jesus limited Himself in His human body for us.  Jesus now limits Himself in the Hosts all over the world in each tabernacle.’

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