Tuesday, October 9, 2007: (St. Denis)

October 9, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, the message to Nineveh was to change their sinful ways, or in forty days they would be destroyed. This threat even inspired the king to declare a time of fasting and prayer, as well as a change in their evil lifestyles to try and hold back My wrath. I accepted their sincerity to repent, fast, and change their evil ways, and therefore I did not carry out the destruction of Nineveh. This same wake up call should go out to all of the nations of today because of the evil that you are committing. I have sent you in America many messages to stop your abortions, your living together, and your homosexual acts. Yet, you refuse to repent, fast, or change your sinful ways. Nineveh was spared My wrath, but America and many other nations are tasting My justice in your natural disasters and wars that you desire. The rosary in the vision is your means to come closer to Me, and balance off some of the evil in the world. I am relying on My faithful to fast and pray for your country, or else you will meet the same trial that Sodom and Gomorrah met. Repent now because now is the acceptable time.”
Jesus said: “My people, when people think of retirement, or a nice vacation, they think of enjoying themselves on an island beach somewhere. No matter where you live, you will always have to bear your cross of everyday living. This means that you still have to struggle to make a living in order to have food and pay your bills. It is a luxury if you can afford such an island paradise, but all of these earthly things are temporary, and they are passing away. Better to plan for the day when you could be in heaven forever instead of an island paradise. Striving for heaven means that you need to keep your soul pure by frequent Confession and your daily prayers. By keeping holy and striving for perfection, your soul will truly be prepared to come to My Wedding Banquet.”


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