Wednesday, October 3, 2007

October 3, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, these symbols of all the nations in front of a banking institution is all about the central bankers in their plans for financial control of America and other nations.  The Federal Reserve’s move to lower interest rates, the unstable loan market, and your huge debts and liabilities have caused a lowering of the value of America’s currency.  This has caused a rise in your stock markets and a rise in the prices of the commodities of oil and gold.  When 911 occurred, these markets dropped and the rich profited from this collapse because they knew it was coming.  Now again another catastrophic event will be caused, and the rich will profit again from another market collapse.  These evil ones will use this event to precipitate a national emergency with many deaths, and martial law will be declared.  Be aware of these events because this will be the event to go to the refuges when martial law is declared.  This takeover of America will be the beginning of a world takeover by the one world people when soon they will put the Antichrist in power.  Trust in My love and mercy because My angels will protect My faithful at My refuges.  Have no fear of these evil ones because I will provide for your needs, and their reign will be brief before I will cast this evil lot into hell.  Trust in My spiritual and physical protection by your belief in My power which is greater than the devil and his demons.”
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel I am calling everyone to drop what they are doing in order to follow Me.  This means that I want you to put Me first in your life so that in everything you do, you should do it for Me.  I am calling everyone to make a daily consecration of everything over to Me.  All of you have a particular vocation either to the priesthood, the married life, or the single life.  In family life your mission is to care for the physical and spiritual well being of your spouse and your children.  You can answer your call to Me in your daily actions at the same time that you are fulfilling your mission in helping your family.  When you work to live a holy life, you are fulfilling My call to follow Me.  Some want to make excuses not to follow My ways because it is difficult to change their lifestyles, or I may ask you to come out of your comfort zone to help someone in charity.  It is these earthly excuses that you make which sometimes prevent you from loving Me and your neighbor more from the heart.  If you really love everyone, you would not hesitate to offer your money and time to help someone in need.  Your first thought should be to share whatever you have with others without being selfish with your gifts.  Whenever I call you to follow Me, be willing to come forward without any reservations or excuses.”


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