Tuesday, October 2, 2007

October 2, 2007

Jesus said: “My people,  you have seen an unusual growth from this olive tree, and some healings from the oil with these leaves.  There is holy water feeding this tree which allows it to grow at an unusual rate.  This holy water will in time be made available for healings during the tribulation time.  This is a place of holy ground and it is special in My eyes, especially for healings for those who come with faith that they will be healed.  Give praise and glory to Me for all healings that occur here.”
(Guardian Angel Day) Mark said: “I am Mark, your guardian angel, and I stand before God.  In this vision you are seeing so many heads of state in all of their power and fame.  Jesus told you that none of these people would have any authority on earth unless it was given them from above.  But instead of acknowledging God’s gift to them of their office, they are arrogant in their use of power.  Your mission has been to prepare people to be ready to go to the refuges of protection when you see martial law is declared, and when the evil ones will try to force mandatory chips in the body on everyone.  Jesus has told you that at the time of tribulation, people are to call on Him and He will have us guardian angels lead the people to the nearest place of refuge.  This feast of the guardian angels is to remind you of our part in protecting you on your way to a refuge of protection.  We truly are your guardians and it is important for us to warn you when to leave so that you are not captured when the evil ones try to put chips into your bodies.  Trust in all of your guardian angels for they will be helping you through the coming tribulation.  Trust in Jesus’ power  because He will overpower all of the evil ones.  Have no fear, but trust in God’s power and graces.”


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