Saturday, September 29, 2007

September 29, 2007

St. Therese said: “My son, you are seeing a beautiful picture of the cross of my Jesus on the window of this house.  In the vision you are seeing many roses which is a sign of my presence.  Then you saw my very image holding a cross with my roses.  I love all of you so much and the saints of heaven and I are watching over you.  Remember to pray to us as intercessors for your petitions.  You know how I have tried to help you in the past.  The angels also are all around you and they are protecting you from the evil ones.  Call on Jesus and He will send many angels to protect you in your trials.  Just as you see me carrying the cross of Jesus, so you should be willing to carry your own cross.  Continue to show your great love for my Savior, Jesus, and He will walk with you in all of your suffering.”
(Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael) St. Michael, the archangel, said: “I am Michael who stands before God.  In the vision you are seeing many angels in the church.  They are always praising God in the tabernacle or in Adoration.  After the reception of Holy Communion the angels are all around every soul who received Communion, and they are praising God in your souls.  The other part of this vision is showing you the coming great battle of Armageddon on earth between the angels of heaven and the demons from hell.  When you are beset by temptations or evil attacks of the demons, you can call on Jesus’ Name and pray my prayer of exorcism, and these demons will leave you.  Call on our help at any time, and we will support you against any evil.  Even when you meet people in mortal sin or possessed people, we angels are more powerful than these demons, and these people and demons will have no power over you.  Even by praying as a group, you can pray prayers of deliverance for binding any evil spirits to the foot of Jesus’ cross, and never to return to that soul.  Pray every day for angel protection in all that you do, and we will be there for your help against any evil around you.”
Jesus said: “My people, I am grateful to this prayer group for all of their prayers, sufferings, and offering of Masses for poor sinners and the souls in purgatory.  They are storing up great treasures in heaven for all of their good works.  This is a great commitment of love and time to serve those who need your prayers in order to enter heaven.  These poor souls need prayers from everyone, so encourage everyone to pray for these intentions.”


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